Uta Prince Brand-New Award
UtaPri Awards
Kanji うたの☆プリンス・ブランニューアワード
Nickname Uta☆Pri Awards (うた☆プリアワード)

The Uta no Prince☆Brand-New Award (うたの☆プリンス・ブランニューアワード), often shortened to the Uta☆Pri Awards (うた☆プリアワード), is the award that all new idols seek to achieve.

It is considered to the be the pinnacle of new idols in Japan. It is said that claiming this title will open up the path for rookies to becoming a true idol. The Uta Pri Awards is a rare title and only appears when brilliant new idols debut.


Winners of the Uta☆Pri Awards are given one wish (if it is an idol group, all members must have the same wish), and the granter must adhere to the wish as long as it is within his/her power.

ST☆RISH, who won the event, eventually used the wish to allow HE★VENS to remain as a group when they were faced with the disbandment Raging Otori and Shining Saotome agreed upon.




  • The way in which the winner of the UtaPri Award is holds a strong resemblance to that of the Kohaku Uta Gassen, in which the votes are calculated by an overall headcount of the a panel of judges, the venue audience's votes, cellphone votes, viewer votes, and online votes.
  • ST☆RISH, or rather Masato and Ren, inquired whether QUARTET NIGHT won the award. However Ranmaru's face turned sour, implying that they were either not nominated or lost the competition. In turn, Masato remarked that they would avenge them (which they did by winning).
  • Before the revelation of the competing groups, HE★VENS was expected to win the award hands down, according to Tokiya and Ren.

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