うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Debut ユニットドラマCD
Kanji うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Debut ユニットドラマCDカミュ&セシル
Romaji Uta no☆Purinsu-sama♪ Debut YUNITTO DORAMA CD Camus & Cecil
Translation Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut Unit Drama CD Camus & Cecil
Type Unit Drama CD
Artist Camus (Maeno Tomoaki)
Aijima Cecil (Toriumi Kousuke)
Lyrics RUCCA (Track 1)
Composition Nakayama Masato (Track 1)
Arrangement Nakayama Masato (Track 1)

The first CD from the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut Unit Drama CD series, featuring Camus and Aijima Cecil, who are voiced by Maeno Tomoaki and Toriumi Kousuke respectively. It contains three audio drama tracks and one duet song. The CD was released on October 26, 2011.

Track ListEdit

 01. NorthWind and SunShine [3:42]

 02. 王子と伯爵 [11:53]
    Romaji: Ouji to Hakushaku
    Translation: The Prince and Earl
    Characters: Camus, Aijima Cecil

 03. ぬるめのミルクと甘いコーヒー [7:55]
    Romaji: Nurume no Milk to Amai Coffee
    Translation: Lukewarm Milk and Sweet Coffee
    Characters: Camus, Aijima Cecil

 04. 2人縄跳びと絆創膏 [10:11]
    Romaji: 2-Nin Nawatobi to Bansoukou
    Translation: 2 Jump ropes and a Plaster
    Characters: Camus, Aijima Cecil

 05. NorthWind and SunShine (off vocal) [3:42]


    Guitar: Kanow Nozomu (加納 望)
    All Other Instruments & Programming by Nakayama Masato
    Directed by Nakayama Masato
    Recorded at ARIA studio
    Sound Produced by Elements Garden
    Production Management:
        Suita Asami (吹田 亜沙美) (ARIA entertainment)
    Total Sound Produced: Agematsu Noriyasu

    Jacket Illustrations by Chinatsu Kurahana
    Package & Card Design: OverDriveDesign

    Published by Broccoli
    Distributed by King Records Co., Ltd.



Cover and BookletEdit



  • 13th (Oricon Weekly Rankings)
  • 3rd (Oricon Daily Rankings)
  • 8th (October 2011 Oricon Anime Chart)
  • 4 (Number of Appearances on Oricon)
  • 11th (Billboard JAPAN Top Albums)
  • 8th (SoundScan)

Ranking Source[4]


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