Chapter 1Edit

Ringo is first introduced as the Homeroom Teacher for Class A; he tells the students to 'Feel free and call him Ringo-Sensei'. In the manga, the students are found blushing in awe of Ringo. Natsuki thinks that Ringo doesn't even look male and Ittoki is in a happy-shock that Ringo was their teacher, with Nanami getting dizzy when he is first introduced as their teacher. Ringo then goes on and gives a brief explanation about Saotome Academy, for what it does, the teachers, students, etc. Ringo then announces their graduation audition to challenge each other, then tells everyone to introduce themselves. After the intros, Ringo takes out a 'red string of fate', where the idols and song writers become paired up.

Chapter 2Edit

Tsukimiya tells the students about their first singing test, saying," The students who want to be song writers submit a song and those who want to be idols record it on the day of the test," "The students who fail will be retested, so practice carefully!"

Chapter 7Edit

It is announced by Ringo that the winners for the applications to study and observe near Hayato are Haruka Nanami, Ittoki Otoya, Hijirikawa Masato, and Shinomiya Natsuki.

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