うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ 劇団シャイニング
Kanji 劇団シャイニング「天下無敵の忍び道」
Romaji Gekidan Shining: Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-dou
Translation Shining Theatrical Troupe: "The Way of the Invincible Shinobi
Type Shining Theatrical Troupe
Characters Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma)
Aijima Cecil (Toriumi Kousuke)
Hijirikawa Masato (Suzumura Kenichi)
Kurusu Syo (Shimono Hiro)

The third track from Tenka Muteki no Shinobi-dou CD.  It is an audio drama featuring Ittoki Otoya, Aijima Cecil, Hijirikawa Masato, and Kurusu Syo, who are voiced by Terashima Takuma, Toriumi Kousuke, Suzumura Kenichi, and Shimono Hiro respectively.

Cast and CharactersEdit

   - A Shining-type ninja. Has a mysterious trick.

   - A Shining-type ninja. Also has a mysterious trick.

   - A Saotome-type ninja. The most honour pupil of the Saotome-type.

   - A Saotome-type ninja. He’s good at hand-to-hand combat.[1][2]


The play opens with Masakage announcing to the audience that the time is under the Civil war in Japan (Sengoku Period), and how the war is hell. He tells them that behind the battles of the warriors, there are people who make their moves within the night and introduces them as ninjas who specialises in ninja tricks. He announces that a battle is about to begin behind the warriors and how the ninjas will move history as a shadow.

Syonosuke continues the narration by introducing a powerful ninja clan called the Shining ninjas, who were given an assignment; which was to assassinate the princess of the warriors. He also introduces another powerful ninja clan called the Saotome ninjas, who at the same time, were also given an assignment; which was to protect the princess from the Shining ninjas. He announces to the audience that the battle is starting and how it will cost their lives, then wonders where this fight will lead to.

The main story begins with the Shining ninjas, Otoyaemon and Cecil-maru intruding the princess’s castle at night. Otoyaemon comments on how great the view is with the night breeze and the moonlight shining down onto the castle town as well as the castle itself. Cecil-maru agrees with him, then says it would be better if they were not doing this mission and Otoyaemon sighs that it is cruel to kill the princess, but Cecil-maru reminds him that as ninjas; they should have no feelings about their assignment. Otoyaemon tells him that he understands and says they should do this task properly and quickly, but starts to get worried for they have to watch out for their opponents, the Saotome ninjas who had been ordered to protect the princess. Cecil-maru tells him he has heard there is a ninja from the Saotome clan who has a technique called full throttle battle which is extremely powerful, and they should look out for him, but Otoyaemon assures him that if they ever come face-to-face with that ninja, he has his trick. They arrived outside the princess’s room and were surprised to find that it was unguarded. Otoyaemon remarks that they made it to her room too easy, so Cecil-maru decides to finish the job by killing the princess from outside her room. They opened her door and saw her futon, Otoyaemon commenting that the princess seems to be sleeping peacefully. As Cecil-maru prepares his shurikens, he tells the princess that they have only been ordered to kill her even though they do not have a grudge against her. He asks her to go without pain and to give them her life before throwing his shurikens at her. Otoyaemon thought that they had succeeded in killing the princess, but Cecil-maru noticed that the touch of the shurikens was not right, for he thought that the princess would scream, but strangely she did not, so they decided to check the princess to see whether she was really dead and entered her room. They threw off the covers and Otoyaemon exclaims that it isn’t the princess; it was a log instead.

A ninja suddenly appeared from behind and reveals that the princess is with him, telling the Shining ninjas that it is not easy to get her life. Otoyaemon asks him if he is a Saotome ninja and he replies with a yes, then introduces himself as ‘Masakage’, saying that he has been the best pupil of the Saotome clan. Masakage tells the princess that she will be having a rough time for a while and told her no matter what will happen, he will protect her all the way. Otoyaemon declares that the Shining ninjas do not give up so easily and challenges him into a battle, but Masakage declines saying he doesn’t like fighting and that the princess’s life is more important before setting off a smoke bomb, which traps the Shining ninjas. Otoyaemon curses at him for tricking them until Cecil-maru alerts him that Masakage has already vanished with the princess. Otoyaemon tells Cecil-maru to not let them escape and they run after them. Elsewhere, Masakage stops running with the princess saying they are safe to have come this far for now. He asks her if she is alright and tells her that she is trembling, then assures her that the Saotome ninjas have trained so hard in order to not let the Shining ninjas lay a finger on her just as they arrive. Having had overheard his conversation with the princess, Cecil-maru tells him that he cannot escape so easily and Otoyaemon demands to Masakage to give them the princess, but were interrupted by the abrupt arrival of another ninja, who blocks their advances towards Masakage and the princess, telling them that he will not let them go any further. The ninja introduces himself as ‘Syonosuke’, the Saotome ninja with the full throttle battle technique, then turns to Masakage telling him that he will stop the Shining ninjas from here and orders him to take the princess and run. Masakage thanks Syonosuke for his interference before escaping with the princess again. Cecil-maru attempts to pursue them, but Syonosuke blocks his path telling him that he will not let them pass, before attacking them with his technique by punching the ground, making the castle shake. The impact was strong enough to knock the Shining ninjas down. Surprised by this sudden attack, they comment that he is quite something being petite offending Syonosuke, who hates being called ‘short’.

Cecil-maru asks Otoyaemon what they should do now, saying that Syonosuke seems too powerful to stop and they won’t be able to complete their assignment like this, but Otoyaemon assures him that they will be fine and challenges Syonosuke into a battle. When Syonosuke scoffs by asking him if he can really defeat him by himself, Otoyaemon replies that he’s not on his own and reveals his trick; by chanting a spell which multiplies him into copies of himself, surprising Syonosuke. He turns to Cecil-maru and urges him to continue pursuing Masakage and the princess while he handles Syonosuke. Cecil-maru thanks Otoyaemon and wishes him luck before running off and after he is gone, Syonosuke comments he heard about a ninja from the Shining clan who can duplicate himself, and that the ninja must be Otoyaemon. When Otoyaemon tells him it is alright to surrender now, Syonosuke laughs it off saying how uninteresting this is and they battle. He gets chased up into a corner by the clones until he found Otoyaemon and killed him. Syonosuke wondered if he got the right one until the ‘real’ Otoyaemon snuck up from behind and reveals to him that he has killed one of his clones before slashing him with his shuriken. Believing that he had won, Otoyaemon celebrates his victory with his duplicates then told them to get back together to become one with him. The clones at that point started arguing over who was the ‘real’ Otoyaemon until they heard laughter from above. It is Syonosuke, who is laughing at him for fighting with himself (duplicates), then mocks him by asking why he calls himself a Shining ninja if he cannot control his own technique. Otoyaemon is surprised to find Syonosuke and when his clones inquire whether they had really killed him, Syonosuke tells him to look closely at what he slashed. Otoyaemon does and he exclaims that the body just turned into a log and Syonosuke reveals he can use substitution magic which he almost forgot about. He challenges Otoyaemon into another battle and attacks him with his technique adding in shock waves at the highest. The attack is so powerful that it knocks Otoyaemon down and after being attacked, he realises that all his duplicates are gone with Syonosuke explaining that they have been vanquished with his shock waves. Otoyaemon thanked him, but Syonosuke declines his thanks and tells him they are back to square one, and that from here onwards, they are going to fight one-to-one. Otoyaemon accepts this and they continue their battle using their swords.

Cecil-maru continues the narration by announcing to the audience that the battle between Otoyaemon and Syonosuke has been prolonged. They fight as though there is no end. He also informs the audience that at the same time; Masakage, who has taken the princess on the run, has been chased and cornered on the castle roof by Cecil-maru.

Masakage comments on how surprising it is that Cecil-maru has chased him this far and Cecil-maru tells him he cannot run anymore and there is no escape and to give up. Masakage replies that he will not give up nor give him the princess, but Cecil-maru says that he doesn’t have to hand her over saying that his shurikens can reach her instead. He tells the princess she can pity herself to know that she had been born during the war period before throwing his shurikens at her, but Masakage managed to block the attacks by using his technique; knocking on the wall. Cecil-maru throws his shurikens at the princess again in different directions, but they are blocked by Masakage’s technique. Cecil-maru then uses his trick; by chanting a spell which created a fog, making Masakage unable to attack him. Masakage then says he heard that there is a ninja from the Shining clan who uses sorcery, and Cecil-maru confirms this, then reveals that the magic he is using is foreign sorcery which cannot be beatened using ninja techniques. He tells Masakage that he is a dead man then casts his spell, sending strong pain all over his body. After Cecil-maru attacks him for the second time, Masakage tells the princess to leave everything to him and to escape, but she suddenly steps in front of him, and gets struck by Cecil-maru’s sorcery. Shocked, Cecil-maru exclaims that he cannot believe the princess just protected a ninja and Masakage asked her why she shielded him, telling her that her sacrifice is against the rules of the ninjas; who are destined to die for their masters. The princess explains she couldn’t stand watching him continuously get hurt for her, so she protected him and Masakage realises how badly injured she is which prompts him to challenge Cecil-maru, telling him that he will not let him hurt the princess again, despite not being so good at attacking. Cecil-maru attacks him with his sorcery again and asks if he has already finished him, but Masakage tells him that he did not. Cecil-maru questions him why he is standing back when the battle is already seeing it’s result, then remembers that ninjas are supposed to be cold-hearted and unfeeling, even though it is against his will, so he casts his spell onto Masakage once more, causing him to lose conscious. Now that Masakage is immobile, Cecil-maru uses this as a chance to kill the princess. As he approaches her, he assures her that it would only be painful for a short while, but she will be in heaven afterwards. He raised his shuriken, but his hand was suddenly unable to move, and he wondered why, reminding himself that it is his assignment and he should fulfill it. He then saw that the princess was looking at him with her eyes that seemed so pure to him and he begs her to stop.

Otoyaemon and Syonosuke shortly arrived on the castle roof still fighting. Syonosuke tells Otoyaemon that he is good and vice-versa. He also compliments him that he is the first one to catch up in the battle and praises him, but Otoyaemon suddenly tells him that at this pace, morning will soon arrive and they cannot continue this fighting like this for long. He summons his duplicates again who surround Syonosuke, and together, they created many fireballs and hurled them at him. Otoyaemon warns him that one touch of the fireball will blow him up and asks him if he can get away with this many fireballs being thrown at him, but Syonosuke defends himself by slicing them up with his sword. Otoyaemon’s fireballs were flying everywhere and several head towards Cecil-maru and the princess. Cecil-maru protects the princess from the fireballs by slicing them up with his shuriken, but more are coming towards him and he does not have time to cut them. Masakage at the same time, has regained his conscious and uses his technique to block a fireball that was about to kill Cecil-maru. Surprised, Cecil-maru asked Masakage why he protected him since they are supposed to be enemies and he replies that it was because he protected the princess, and therefore, returned the favour. More fireballs start coming in their direction and Masakage tries to take the princess and run, but due to his injury from Cecil-maru’s sorcery, his legs weren’t working properly. The fireballs start heading towards Cecil-maru, but Otoyaemon saves him by slicing up all his fireballs with his sword. He asks him if he is alright and Cecil-maru assures him that he is fine much to his relief. Otoyaemon then turns to his duplicates and asks them to become one with him again, but they start quarreling over who is the ‘real’ Otoyaemon for the second time, much to his annoyance. When he tries to explain to them that he is the ‘real’ one, Cecil-maru tells Otoyaemon that he knows that he is the ‘real’ one and the duplicates reluctantly agree to become one with Otoyaemon.

Otoyaemon sighs that he is already tired having had duplicated himself twice today, but Cecil-maru reminds him that their job isn’t finished yet. He turns to Masakage and tells him that an assignment is an assignment; the Shining ninjas have to kill the princess. Masakage cuts him off saying he already understands and tells them that this is indeed their fate with Otoyaemon agreeing. Cecil-maru tells Masakage that even though he is weak and injured, they still have to fulfill this task. As they prepare to battle, Syonosuke appears not wanting to be left out and apologises to Masakage that he did not do well saying that he must’ve had a hard time, but Masakage assures him that he is fine. Syonosuke learns that the princess got injured and apologises to her for not meeting her expectations, then says that he will not let the Shining ninjas hurt her again. He turns to Otoyaemon and tells him that he cannot attack him with his fireballs nor beat him with his duplicates again, then turns to Cecil-maru. Masakage warns him of Cecil-maru’s sorcery, but he brushes it off which offends Cecil-maru. Otoyaemon, who is also offended says that he doesn’t just use duplication and fireballs, and Syonosuke replies saying that he too doesn’t just use his full throttle battle technique. The ninjas drew out their swords and were about to battle, but were interrupted when they saw the signal smoke coming from the Shining ninjas’s castle. Cecil-maru asks Otoyaemon what they should do now and he replies that when the smoke comes up, they have no choice but to go back. Masakage asks if they are running away right now and Syonosuke calls them cowards saying it is not fair. Cecil-maru explains that the world of ninjas has always been unfair and Otoyaemon bids them goodbye. The Shining ninjas retreated to their castle much to the Saotome ninjas’s dismay, but the princess’s life was spared.

Otoyaemon concludes the play by announcing to the audience that the battle between the Shining ninjas and the Saotome ninjas has ended for now, but everything that has happened is just the beginning. He tells the audience that in the near future; there will be an even more ferocious battle between the two clans and the full scale war will begin, but, that will be the next story. He wonders what fate awaits Masakage, Syonosuke, Otoyaemon, Cecil-maru and the princess.


  1. Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Shining Theatrical Troupe (Japanese)
  2. Story & Character Translation by Mizuno Aoi


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