Season One

Episode One


Natsuki notices Haruka appears similar to his dog.

In episode one, Natsuki is first seen reading a cook book, his attention being drawn to Haruka as she thanks Otoya for helping her on the day of the entrance exam. Entranced by how cute she looks, Natsuki is suddenly reminded of his dog, Elizabeth, and he charges towards Haruka, lunging at her to tackle her in a hug. Masato, in seeing this, quickly yanks Haruka out of the way and shoves Otoya in her place. This causes Natsuki to hug Otoya instead. Otoya yells at him to get off which he does, causing Otoya to lose his balance and fall. Tomochika demands to know why Natsuki did that, saying that somebody could have gotten hurt. Natsuki confesses that Haruka looks like his dog Elizabeth, stating that he “lost it for a moment there.” He then introduces himself to Haruka stating that he loves small and cute things. Otoya asks Natsuki if he can call him “Na-chan,” and Natsuki says that it’s cute, and that he likes it. Otoya then asks Masato if he can call him “Masato-kun,” and Natsuki states that it’s “super duper cute!”  He is then seen in the school canteen eating lunch with Otoya.

Episode Two

In episode two, Natsuki is seen in class putting up his hand for the idol course.  He is then seen with Masato as they watch Haruka study composition. They see her take down two books from the bookshelf and Natsuki comments, “She’s surprisingly positive, isn’t she? That puts my mind at ease.” Later, he’s seen in his dorm that he shares with his childhood friend and roommate, Syo, asking to place a frog costume head-piece on Syo’s head. He tells his roommate that since he’s already cute and petite, that the head-piece would make him even cuter. Syo grips Natsuki’s shirt and tells him that he doesn’t want to hear that keyword (referring to the word “cute”) come out of his mouth.  Natsuki tackles Syo and holds him up as Otoya enters their room.

Needing help with writing lyrics, and after seeking and failing to obtain help from his roommate, Tokiya Ichinose, Otoya seeks help from Natsuki. Natsuki tells him, “The stars transmit pretty words into your head, so all you have to do is remember them.”  Otoya thinks Natsuki's method is pointless.  Syo interrupts, saying to not ask a “genius like Natsuki.” This draws Natsuki’s attention to his roommate, who is seen with the frog head-piece on. Ecstatic by his cuteness, Natsuki takes pictures of Syo on his green flip-phone, saying that he’s cute, pretty, and adorable as he does.

Episode Three

In episode three, Natsuki is seen walking in the classroom with Masato, witnessing Otoya and Tomochika vigorously erasing the rumors written on the chalkboard about Haruka.  After Ringo-sensei walks in, telling the students to sit down, Natsuki sits down along with the rest of the class. Later on, wanting to bake a cake for Haruka, Otoya goes to Natsuki for help. Natsuki then shows Otoya and Syo (whom Natsuki brought along) how he creates his cakes. Syo, still annoyed that Natsuki dragged him along to help, tells Otoya that he is going to witness what hell looks like. Then, Natsuki mixes in eggs, wheat flour, butter, sugar, chocolate, tabasco sauce, chili sauce, fermented soy beans, and fermented squid into a blender. He then pours them into cupcake holders, stating that he’d normally cook them in an oven, before he instead uses a blowtorch to bake them. Syo and Otoya are shown hugging onto each other tightly at the sight of Nastuki's cakes.  Wanting Syo to try them first, the petite blond shoves Otoya in front of him and makes a run towards the door. Natsuki feeds his cupcake to an unwilling Otoya, causing his face to turn blue and for him to mentally say sorry to Nanami, for he wouldn’t have any cake for her before passing out. Syo is seen running out the door into the night, stating that he won’t forget Otoya for his sacrifice in eating Natsuki’s baked good. But Natsuki jumps out the window of the building, telling Syo to “open wide,” for Natsuki had another cupcake to feed him. Just like Otoya, Syo’s face turned an unhealthy color due to the taste.  He is later shown offering Haruka one of his cupcakes with Otoya and Syo desperately pulling him back.  When Haruka puts on a successful performance on the piano in class, thanks to Masato's encouragement, Natsuki is seen smiling with Otoya and Tomachika, happy that Haruka has managed to prove to their classmates that they have misjudged her skills.

Episode Four

In episode four, Natsuki is practicing a dance routine with Otoya and Masato.  After the dance, Natsuki asks Haruka (who was watching) for her opinion.  She states that it will be great for them, saying that they got her “toes tapping.” Masato, on the other hand, states that their moves are straying from the beat.  Natsuki suggests that him and Otoya follow the tempo.  Natsuki, Otoya and Haruka overhear Ren passing by with hi fangirls, making them excited.  After hearing a romantic phrase from Ren, Natsuki compliments him saying that 'the Goddess of Love must be fond of him', only to be shot down by Masato who sees this as nonsence and orders them to continue with their practice.  When Hyuga-sensei threatens to expel Ren, Natsuki appears shocked along with the others.  Later, when they are in the study hall, Natsuki brings cookies, some being in the form of cats, pigs, and zebras.  Syo asks Natsuki where he got them from, in which he replies, 'I made them!'  Syo panics and tells him that he doesn't trust anything he bakes.  Natsuki then defends his baking, with a black auro around him, stating that homemade cookies are safer than anything.  He offers a cookie to Haruka with Syo warning her that if she eats one, she'll die, but quickly brushes it off not wanting to make Natsuki angry.  Near the end of the episode, Natsuki, along with many others, help Haruka find the tattered pieces of Ren’s lyrics assignment.  He also listens Ren’s song, just like the rest of the school, and follows the others into the recording studio where Ren is and starts dancing along to the music.

Episode Five

In episode five, Natsuki overhears Tomochika, Haruka and Otoya talking about the auditions for an upcoming movie based on a hit TV series, 'Prince of Fights', which stars S-class's homeroom teacher, Hyuga-sensei.  He tells the three that he has to pass this information to Syo, for he’s an avid fan of Hyuga-sensei.  Later on, Syo oversees Natsuki as him, Haruka and Tomochika talk about the audition.  Haruka seeing Syo’s attention drawn elsewhere, turn to see where he’s looking, and find Natsuki.  Haruka calls him over, and Natsuki (from afar) calls out to Syo telling him that he has great news, but Syo grabs Haruka and quickly yanks her out of sight from Natsuki.  After Syo tells Haruka of how he idols Hyuga-sensei and Haruka idoling HAYATO, Syo is captured by Natsuki in a net that dangled from a tree. Natsuki then informs Haruka that Syo was never good with heights. Later on, after Syo is taken down from the trap, it is revealed that Natsuki’s roommate has acrophobia.  When everyone agrees to help Syo to be cured from his acrophobia, Syo agrees to do his best.  For his first training, Natsuki places Syo on a plank which is placed on the edge of one of the school towers.  As Syo panics, Natsuki tells him that exposure therapy is the most effective while the others express their concerns.  Syo then yells at Natsuki to not push him, but Natsuki does and as Syo plummets down, he starts to regret it.  After various remedies to Syo’s fear of heights, when Masato suggests that they give up, Natsuki says 'We're not done yet!  Up till now we've been too kind to him.'  He then reveals that he has a friend that creates rockets, and continues to say that if they take Syo up 10,000 meters (32,808.4 feet), his acrophobia will be gone.  Natsuki then states that he knows Syo from being in the same violin competitions when they were younger. Later on, after realizing that Saotome was eavesdropping on the crisis, Syo is then lulled to sleep by hypnosis.  

Young Syo and Young Natsuki

A young Natsuki chases Syo.

Saotome tells Syo that he is three and on a ferris wheel, but Syo was not scared of heights then.  Saotome then tells Syo that he is four and is still on a ferris wheel, but Syo is still not scared of heights then.  When Saotome tells Syo that he is now five, Syo starts screaming and shouting 'I'm scared! Get me down!' When asked what happened, Syo screams, 'How many times do I have to tell you to stop chasing me?!?'  It is obviously implying to Natsuki. In Syo's flashback, a young Natsuki is chasing a five-year-old Syo up a tall tower, trying to catch him in a net. He corners Syo at the very top and advances towards him, which scares Syo causing him to fall out of the window, but he manages to grab the ledge.  When Syo loses his grip, Natsuki saves him by grabbing his hand and pulls him back into the tower. Waking up from the hypnosis, Syo angrily yells at Natsuki saying that he's the culprit and grabs him by the shirt collar. 'Come to think of it,' says Natsuki, 'I remember something like that happened.' but gets scared seeing Syo's monster coloured face.   Later on, realizing that the audition is for the main character’s younger sister, Syo decides not to go because of the role. But, wanting to help his friend be alongside Hyuga, Natsuki dresses Syo in a pink dress and has him wear a long, blond wig and pink bow. Natsuki then proceeds to take photos of Syo with his phone.  Hyuga spots Syo in the dress and easily mistakes him for a girl telling him that he is just what he had in mind for the role of the younger sister.  Syo is shocked and Tomochika tells Natsuki that he traumatized Syo again.

Episode Six

In episode six, Haruka is on her way to HAYATO's concert when she gets lost.  She spots Natsuki sitting on a park bench by himself, writing.  Haruka expresses her relief to Natsuki, along with her curiosity on why he was here. Looking up, it is revealed that his glasses are off, and Natsuki proceeds to glare at her before continuing to write. Haruka attempts to talk to him, but he cuts her off by telling her to move out of the way because she was causing a shadow on his notebook. Realizing this, Haruka jumps out of the way and he continues scribbling in his notebook. She makes another attempt to ask him, but he cuts her off again saying 'Take a hike. I'm composing'. Just then, two teenage boys walk by, talking about a cute girl, and the brunette guy tosses a crumpled wrapper carelessly. The wrapper lands on Natsuki’s head, then falls onto his composition, before landing on the bench he is seated on. Natsuki’s hand begins shaking and he clenches his fist so tightly that it causes his pen to snap in half. He then runs towards the two teenagers, angrily punching the wall next to the brunette’s head, leaving a dent. He grabs the brunette by the shirt and says 'Garbage goes in garbage cans.' as he dangles the wrapper in front of the brunette and threatens to throw him away with it as he shoves the wrapper into the brunette’s mouth.

Just before Natsuki could beat up the brunette, Syo suddenly appears out of nowhere, shouting, “There!  There he is!” as he charges up to Natsuki and shoves Natsuki’s glasses onto his face.  With his glasses back on, Natsuki is oblivious to what he had been doing, sees Haruka and asks what she's doing here, much to her surprise.  He then realizes that the brunette has a Piyo-chan keychain and comments on how cute it is, and reveals to the two teenagers that he’s an avid Piyo-chan fan and shows them the back of his shirt.  Because Natsuki and Syo are also going to the same place as Haruka, they allow her to tag along with them.  While at a cafe, Natsuki comments on how cute his sundae is, and Syo informs Haruka that if Natsuki’s glasses are taken off, he becomes a completely different person; who goes by the name of Satsuki.  Syo tells Haruka that he doesn’t know how Satsuki was born, but explains that if you piss him off, it's all over for you and that Satsuki has caused 50,000 people to wind up in hospital just because they've ticked him off, and that if Natsuki isn't brought back, all hell breaks loose.  But, he compliments Satsuki, saying that he’s a genius, especially with composing.  Haruka is fascinated and tells Syo that she wants to talk to him, especially about composing, but Syo quickly brushes away the idea, saying that Satsuki doesn’t talk to anybody and that Natsuki doesn’t remember a thing about him.

Natsuki cuts in, telling Haruka that she constantly reminds him of his beloved dog, Elizabeth. He continues, stating that whenever he and Haruka are together, he feels like he’s basking in the sun. Haruka replies that she likes sitting in the sun, making him happy.  Natsuki pours himself some tea then tells Haruka that he feels like she understands him. But, before taking a sip, the steam from his tea fogs up his glasses, rendering him unable to see. He begins to take off his glasses to clean them, but Syo panics and quickly tells him not to, saying that he’d cool off his beverage for him.  Syo cools down the tea, causing the fog to disappear from Natsuki’s glasses.  Natsuki suddenly sneezes, causing his glasses to fall onto the table.  Satsuki makes an appearance, telling Syo and Haruka that they’re annoying. He continues, saying, “Unlike Natsuki, I’m not so softhearted.” Having had overheard their conversation as Natsuki, he then tells them, “Don’t you dare whisper right in front of me!”  He slams his fist against a nearby tree behind him as a threat, causing the tree trunk to snap in half and fall onto nearby tables and chairs.  In the middle of his threat, Syo appears behind him and quickly puts Natsuki’s glasses back on, causing Satsuki to disappear and for Natsuki to come back and be confused by what just happened.  When he asks Haruka why she looks so pale, Haruka quickly brushes it off saying that she's perfectly fine with Syo falsely laughing it off to assure Natsuki that he too is fine.

Later that day, Natsuki and Syo accompany Haruka to Hayato’s concert, Natsuki stating that there’s a Piyo-chan Character Show right after and that Syo was attending, so Natsuki accompanied him. Syo quickly shoots down that reason, saying that anywhere Natsuki went was dangerous, so he had to keep an eye on him.  While waiting for the concert, when Syo complains that it would've been better if it were a Hyuga-sensei concert and Natsuki tell him that it is important to watch a professional up closely as they are both aiming to be idols which Syo angrily tells him that he knows.  During the concert, Natsuki along with Syo notice that Haruka isn't excited at all and she tells them that the HAYATO performing right now isn't the HAYATO she knew before, which was when she first saw him.  After HAYATO accidentely dropped his microphone, someone bumped into Natsuki, causing his glasses to fall off.  His glasses are accidentally stepped on, causing one of the lenses to break.  It begins to rain, growing into a thunderstorm.  Satsuki, now making an appearance, rips off his Piyo-chan hat in rage, screaming as thunder and lightning rolls behind him.  He then begins to demand why HAYATO writes insincere songs.  He goes on stage, easily fighting off the security guards as he does, and tells HAYATO, “You’re in the spotlight, but your true feelings hide in pitch black shadows. It pisses me off.” He then introduces himself as Natsuki's dark side, and tells HAYATO that he doesn’t lie to himself, then demands that he listens to his song, to demonstrate emotion.  Not wanting to cause trouble with Satsuki, HAYATO tells the band to let Satsuki perform.


Satsuki, Natsuki's alter eager flirts with Haruka.

Otoya comes running into Masato and Ren's room telling them that they're not going to believe this.  He turns on Ren's TV and they watch Satsuki (under the assumption that he’s still Natsuki) on screen, performing his song 'Orion de SHOUT OUT' (SHOUT OUT at Orion).  Haruka manages to find his glasses but one of the lens shatters, causing Syo to panic.  She then tells Syo that she is going to try something, and as she runs off, Syo protests saying that the lens are broken.  She slowly walks onto the stage, not wanting to disrupt Satsuki.  As the song fades out, he turns around to find Haruka, who was about to put Natsuki's glasses back on him, startling her.  Satsuki suddenly grabs Haruka's right wrist, pulling her closer until she’s nearly chest to chest with him, her right arm (her right hand holding the glasses) in the air, and he slips his right arm around her waist to keep her close.  He then tells her, 'Let’s do something fun.' while smirking and raising an eyebrow.  Satsuki leans in to kiss her, but Haruka shows no sign of fear.  He asks her why she isn’t scared, and she replies saying that he and Natsuki are the same person, and that she knows Natsuki wouldn’t do anything cruel, which halts him.Syo suddenly appears behind Satsuki and quickly puts on Natsuki’s Piyo-chan hat, which has glasses on it, reverting Satsuki back into Natsuki. This hints that any form of glasses can be put on to stop Satsuki.  Natsuki appears confused when he sees Haruka but appears delighted when he sees Syo.  Due to his confusion and being unable to recall the previous events, Natsuki asks Syo what’s wrong, and Syo shows an annoyed expression at his oblivious friend.

Episode Eight

<p class="MsoNormal">In episode eight, everyone is whisked away to Shining Saotome’s private island as a way to find their graduation audition partner. While resting on a beach chair, Natsuki comments that the island is a paradise on Earth. Syo, who is sitting next to him, asks if Natsuki had found his partner yet, but Natsuki brushes the topic aside by asking Syo if he found his. Flustered, Syo is lost as words, and Natsuki comments, “Huh? Is it a girl?” Syo then reminds him that he asked him first. Natsuki then tells Syo that he’s been charmed by someone recently and that the person might just accept all of him.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Natsuki is seen listening to Tokiya’s singing.  And, after Ringo says that Tokiya did a good job, Natsuki is seen smiling in glee.  Later on, Syo tells Haruka that they should partner up, and Natsuki cuts in saying he feels the same way.  He starts calling Haruka 'Haru-chan' (previously he called her 'Nanami-san'), much to Syo's disbelief and asks her to be his partner. He continues, saying that Haruka is gentle and warm as a spring sunbeam, and that the songs that he wants to sing will soften and warm people’s hearts.  He says that the person who will walk through the world of music is Haruka and hugs her, resting his forehead on her shoulder.  He tells her that there’s only one person that understands his music, and that it’s only her.  Syo shoves him away, saying that he’s stressing Haruka and Natsuki apologizes, then tells Haruka that he’s serious with his offer.  Syo quickly tries to keep Haruka away from Natsuki, and is about to say that she and him are partners before Natsuki cuts him off, saying, 'Syo-chan, you’re a cutie and I love you, but...' causing Syo to blush.  He tackles Syo, playfully strangling him and says, 'There’s no way I’m gonna let you have Haru-chan!'  As Syo yells that he will also not let Natsuki have her, Haruka uses this as a chance to escape.


Natsuki explaining why he took an interest in Haruka.

Later on, back in their dorm room, Syo demands when Natsuki became interested in Haruka  Natsuki states that he believes that started when he first saw her because she reminded him of Elizabeth. Syo then states that it wasn’t what he’s talking about. In reply, Natsuki tells him it’s because she’s so natural and that there’s something special about her. “Even though she couldn’t read music, just as a birdie sings, she just naturally started playing,” he tells Syo. He then describes her tunes as warm and lovely, and that this is the first time he felt like this. He tells Syo that he wouldn’t let a chance like this go away. This causes Syo to announce that they’re enemies, making a line with tape across the room. He informs Natsuki that, until Haruka makes her decision, he can’t cross the line. That night, Natsuki is not seen in the dorm, but by the lake, up against the tree. Some time after, during class, Ringo calls Nanami over to the piano, and she passes by Natsuki, who smiles at her. Haruka quickly rushes towards the piano, hanging her head which causes Natsuki to look hurt.

Episode Ten

<p class="MsoNormal">In episode ten, Syo tells Natsuki that Haruka picked him, showing his roommate the letter addressed to him. He tells Natsuki that he will see him later, but Natsuki says that they’re heading to the same place – the third lesson room. When Syo shows confusion on why everyone was there, Natsuki suggests that Haruka asked them all to meet in the room. Ittoki asks openly, “Why did Nanami call the six of us here?” Natsuki then states that they all have something in common, referring to them choosing Haruka as their graduation audition partner. Haruka walks in, stating that she finished the group number, and hands it out to everyone. Natsuki states that he’s surprised about the song, and that he needs time to think about singing it, considering that it’s not for him only. But, after going through the song back in his and Syo’s dorm, he agrees, stating that it’s great and, though he saw it only once, he can’t get it out of his mind. He then tells her that he would work with her as a vocalist, along with Syo. They, along with the others, search for the Headmaster at the heliport. After convincing him to listen, they, with Ren and Tokiya joining them, sing their song for him. Enthralled with the song, Shining Saotome tells them that the song shall be called “Magi Love 1000%” (Serious Love 1000%). And with that, everyone rejoices.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Natsuki is first seen agreeing with Haruka on adding more bass in a specific part. Then, later on, after having Tokiya show up and all of them going through rehearsal, all of them sat alongside the lake. Natsuki states that during rehearsal, hearing all their voices together warmed his heart. Syo states that they’d ace the graduation audition. Natsuki agrees, saying that they’d get the debut easily. The following night, after Tokiya not showing up to rehearsal, Syo asks Natsuki what he’s thinking about, offering the topic of Tokiya. Natsuki shoots that down, stating he’s thinking about Haruka and her knowing something the group didn’t know. He quickly doubts himself, saying that it might be his imagination.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, after hearing that Tokiya is the superstar HAYATO, Natsuki and the others are in rehearsal, sharing different opinions on the facts. Natsuki openly questions why Tokiya even bothered enrolling to Saotome Academy when he already had his debut. After Syo blew up, asking if Tokiya was trying to make a fool of them all, Haruka comes in Tokiya’s defense, stating that he didn’t mean to do that. Natsuki then asks if Nanami knew this before they all did. Instead of answering, Haruka answered that she was sorry. Later, in his and Syo’s dorm, Natsuki asked Syo, while wiping his violin bow, if he can trust Tokiya. He continues, saying that it would be a shame for them to end like this, disorientated and mad. He then points out that Haruka could have chosen only him for her graduation audition parter, and Syo continues, stating that she chose all of them. That night, Natsuki and the others meet up with Haruka and Tokiya, demanding answers from Tokiya. After begging for forgiveness, Natsuki and the others forgave Tokiya. With that, the Headmaster showed to the whole school and all of Japan the new idols, naming them ST☆RISH. Confused, the group goes to the Headmaster, who clarifies that, yes, they’re getting a debut. But, Haruka can’t write their debut song.

Episode Thirteen


Natsuki's appearance during St☆rish's debut concert.

In episode thirteen, at the font in front of the academy, everyone is discouraged and refuses to debut without Haruka, including Natsuki. But, she tells them to continue on with their debut, stating that they can’t let this chance pass by. She tells them that she’ll try harder for them so the Headmaster can give her his approval. The next day, in the thirty-fifth lesson room, the members are infuriated with the Headmaster’s decision. Natsuki points out that there isn’t a point boycotting it. Syo demands if he can debut without Haruka, but Natsuki states that he didn’t mean that, but something does feel wrong. Masato agrees, saying that trying to negotiate again or boycott wouldn’t solve anything. Then, Tomochika storms in, stating that Haruka is gone. Finding out where Haruka is, the members go to Haruka's grandmother’s house, singing one of the songs she wrote, “Mirai Chizu” (Map of the Future) in front of Haruka and her grandmother. Natsuki, along with the others, state that they need her and that she belongs with their group. Haruka begs them to sing songs only she writes, and the group wholeheartedly agreed, Otoya stating that she’s only for the group – nobody else. The Headmaster proceeds to appear out of nowhere, as he usually does, and tells the group that Haruka will be their composer, and that it was a test for her. Sometime later, the band has their debut concert, Haruka high-fiving them before they head onto stage.</p>

Season 2

Episode One

In episode one, Nastuki is first shown sleeping beneath a sakura tree and waking up to see Haruka talking to Syo.  Seeing Haruka, she immediately reminds him of a fairy he saw in his childhood books.  Again, entranced by her cuteness, he charges towards her shouting 'FAIRY!'  He knocks Syo into the bushes and hugs Haruka telling that he missed her so much.  Syo angrily pushes Natsuki off Haruka and tells him that he's bothering her.  He is later seen with the other ST☆RISH members in the main hall where he expresses his excitement and how overjoyed he is about sleeping under the same roof as Haruka.

Haruka then turns up and tells ST☆RISH that she wrote songs for each one of them.  Natsuki stares at her sheet of music with amazement and praises her.  When QUARTET NIGHT, a senior band is introduced as ST☆RISH mentors, Natsuki along with ST☆RISH watch QUARTET NIGHT's performance in awe.  He and Syo are assigned to Mikaze Ai.

Episode Two

In episode two, Natsuki is seen with ST☆RISH wandering about the school grounds after practicing their dancing.  He optimistically tells the group that it feels nice to do some dancing first thing in the morning with Syo and Otoya complaining about it.  Along with ST☆RISH they hear Cecil singing and spot Haruka following the song.  When the song is over, Natsuki comments that it was such 'a warm voice'.  When Cecil kisses Haruka's hand, Natuski and ST☆RISH display looks of jealousy and shock.  Cecil then attemps to kiss Haruka and he along with ST☆RISH charge towards Cecil and pull him away from Haruka.  Despite ST☆RISH's grudge against Cecil's advances on Haruka, Natsuki is the only one who warmly welcomes Cecil into the Master Course.  Before he could introduce himself, Cecil tells Natsuki that he already knows a lot about him which amazes him.  When Cecil makes another attempt to kiss Haruka, Natsuki is shown lunging to stop Cecil again with ST☆RISH.

During the idol training, while Haruka reads out the cards, Natsuki and STARISH are all beatened by Cecil and Natuski comments that Cecil is so fast.  When they are heading back, only Natsuki shows sympathy for Cecil while the other members don't care about him.

Episode Three

In episode three, when Syo proudly announces that he has been invited to star in a two-hour special of the 'Prince of Fights' series, after Ren brings up the role of the Prince's younger sister, Natsuki and Otoya both compliment that Syo looked good in a dress and Natsuki saying that his hard work has paid him off, to which Syo angrily tells them that he will be playing an unmistakable man this time.  At the same time, Nastuki wonders when he'll get a job.

When Syo gets flustered about not being able to make a jump which is the crucial part of the show, Natsuki is shown to be very concerned for him and along with Cecil, they join the show as extras hoping it will make Syo come at ease. At the end of the day, Syo orders Natsuki and Cecil to leave as they are distracting him.  Natsuki is still concerned for Syo but Cecil tells him that it is best to leave him alone. The next day, Natsuki is with Cecil as they watch Syo do the jump. Natsuki compliments saying that Syo had an excellent expression that morning and Cecil tells him that Syo may have discovered something.

Episode Four

In episode four, after learning that Masato got invited to audition for a historical musical drama, The Singing Swordsman of Justice, he and the other members imagine themselves as the characters in the play.  Natsuki and Ren are the antagonists, Ren as the evil warlord and Natsuki as his bodyguard.  Syo, as a villager attempts to attack them, Natsuki knocks him out and when Ren is about to slay Syo, Masato, as the hero defends Syo and Natsuki attempts to attack him but is blocked. Masato tells them to leave or otherwise he will cut them down.  Threatened, both Nastuki and Ren leave. Otoya, as another villager, helps Syo up and they tell Masato of how the mistreatment of the warlord has affected their living. Tokiya comically plays the hero's lover, ending the imagination.  

When Otoya reads out a crucial scene where the hero has to passionately embrace his lover, Natsuki recites the woman's lines to Syo who in disgust backs away from him.  When Masato begins to fret about the embrace, Natsuki tells him that all he has to do is to squeeze the girl tightly and embraces Syo in the process.  He is later seen along with ST☆RISH helping Masato prepare for his audition.  When Masato is about to embrace Tokiya (who volunteered to play the hero's lover for he is the most experienced) Nastuki and the other members cheer on him to overcome the hurdle.  However, Masato still cannot accomplish the embrace.  When Cecil questions why Tokiya is playing the girl's part, Tokiya annoyingly tells him that there's no woman so he's playing the role, until Cecil tells them that there is Haruka.  Natsuki along with Otoya agree that getting Haruka to play the lover may be a good idea, but Masato brushes off the idea saying that he doesn't want to trouble her.

In the end, Natsuki along with ST☆RISH congratulate Masato on landing the lead role after his audition is a success.

Episode Five

In episode five, Natsuki compliments Otoya while watching him sing 'TRUST MY DREAM' for practice, and how his singing has improved.  When the other members of ST☆RISH appear and also compliment Otoya's improvement, he mentions that Otoya sometimes disappears.  Syo assmes that Otoya is doing voice training but the others don't agree with him.  After Haruka discovers why Otoya disappears from the agency, she tells the rest of ST☆RISH who immediately show concern for Otoya.  At the end, Natsuki is seen with the ST☆RISH members (excluding Otoya) dressed up in bear costumes.  He tells Otoya that they finished work early and have come to help him, which Syo interprets as making them finish work early.  Nastuki is shown happily enjoying the kids cuddling him with the other members seemingly humiliated and annoyed, but Masato tells them that they have to do it for the sake of the children.

Episode Six

In episode six, Natsuki is shown with ST☆RISH having tea together and Ren telling them that he will be appearing on the fashion show, Japan Boys Collection.  Along with ST☆RISH, Natsuki gets excited and happy that Ren got such an opportunity.  After Syo explains the fashion trend and what's there to see in the Japan Boys Collection, Natsuki in a comical scene is seen treating Syo like a dog telling him that he is smart and fashionable due to Syo's unique style.  He is not seen in the rest of the episode.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, Natsuki is shown running up to ST☆RISH and shouting 'Hooray!' before embracing Syo.  He announces that he has finally gotten a job.  He is going to be a model for a grauvure ad (lipstick ad) and excitedly describes it as a mature, strong and manly job.  ST☆RISH is skeptical about the words Natsuki used, because from what they already see of him is the total opposite.  Natsuki then goes off to 'practice' and Syo angrily saying that it's impossible for him to do such a job.  Haruka turns up and tells Syo that she overheard Ringo-sensi saying that the job Natsuki recieved was actually meant for his other persona; Satsuki.  When ST☆RISH gets curious over Haruka and Syo's concern for Natsuki, Syo sighs and tells them that they should also know about Natsuki's Gemini Syndrome.  ST☆RISH is shocked when they learn that Natsuki's personality changes when his glasses are removed.  This sparks a memory in Tokiya's mind of the HAYATO concert incident.  When he asks why Nastuki's personality changes, Syo replies saying that he doesn't know.  Haruka tells ST☆RISH that she is worried for the producers will ask Natsuki to be Satsuki on the set.  Syo tells them that Natsuki has to find a way himself.

Natsuki is then seen watching a commercial he did some time ago advertising Piyo-chan's eggs snack. Syo warns him that if he acts like himself on the set, that'll affect ST☆RISH's chance of winning the Utapri Award.  He also tells Natsuki that he has asked Haruka to go along with him to the photoshoot since he has work to do which excites Natsuki. He is then shown finishing his lyrics to the song Haruka had written for him while waiting for Haruka. When she arrives, they go to the photoshoot together. Along the way, Natsuki professes his love for Haruka and tells her that he wants her to be his for the whole day which she seemingly understands, though not to the fullest extent. He then shows her his lyrics which impresses her and she tells him that they are overflowing with feelings, making him happy.

During the photoshoot, Natsuki finds himself unable to look strong, wild and fierce as the photographer wanted him to.  As they break from the photoshoot, Natsuki and Haruka go to the roof.  Natsuki feels slightly discouraged saying that it is hard to be strong. Haruka encourages him to try harder by reminding him of the lyrics he had written for her song; his desire to change. Natsuki is relieved and thanks Haruka for her support then tells her that he has a 'secret plan'. The photographer had suggested to Natsuki to take off his glasses in the next photoshoot and he removes his glasses turning into Satsuki.  Haruka jumps up from the bench as Natsuki's glasses fall on the ground. 'You think you can help Natsuki?' sneers Satsuki.  He advances towards Haruka and tells her that he's the one who's protecting Natsuki from getting hurt, and people like her are the most dangerous, believing that she's pretending to be kind and approachable.  Satsuki then tells Haruka that when Natsuki was small, he was in love with his violin teacher and wrote a song for her to express his feelings, only to have them returned by betrayal. The teacher stole his song by publishing it and passing it off as her own, making herself famous and disappeared from Natsuki's life forever. Hurt by this betrayal, Natsuki's heart was filled with anger, hatred, distrust and despair. Believing that he would continuously be decieved by whoever he would approach, 'Satsuki' was born from those feelings. Satsuki tells Haruka that he will do Natsuki's job, then purposely steps on Natsuki's glasses, breaking them.  He slips his arm around Haruka, pulls her towards him and tilts her face upwards.  'Let's continue where we left off.' he says with a smirk, reminding Haruka of how he attempted to kiss her during the HAYATO concert incident.  

Seconds before Satsuki could kiss Haruka, they are interrupted by the arrival of Syo, Tokiya and Otoya.  Assuming that Satsuki is still Natsuki, Syo cheerfully tells him that they had finished work early and have come to watch his photoshoot until they spot Natsuki's glasses on the ground.  Syo immediatley is shakened and Otoya asks Natsuki where his glasses are until Syo shouts, 'It's not Natsuki!  It's Satsuki!'  Satsuki makes an advance towards Syo, Tokiya and Otoya.  Haruka picks up his glasses and attempts to put them back on.  Satsuki seemingly more alert turns around abruptly, tells Haruka not to get in the way and knocks the glasses out of her hands.  Syo runs up to Satsuki calling him a jerk, only to avoid Satsuki's kicks and punches, resulting him playing a game of cat and mouse with Satsuki, who chases him around the roof.  Otoya retrieves the glasses and when Syo is cornered, he attempts to revert Satsuki back into Natsuki, but Satsuki sees him and somersaults onto a wooden canopy. 

Tokiya phones Masato and Ren who have just finished their recording and have arrived at the photoshoot to come to the roof immediately much to their confusion.  Otoya scrambles onto the wooden canopy to face Satsuki with Syo warning him to be careful.  Masato and Ren's arrival briefly distracts Satsuki which gives Otoya a chance to put the glasses back on, but Satsuki knocks Otoya off, causing him to drop the glasses which is saved by Tokiya who throws it at Ren.  Masato then catapults Syo onto the wooden canopy and Ren throws the glasses at Syo who attempts to put them on Satsuki.  Satsuki dodges Syo and flips off the wooden canopy.  He grabs the netting from the canopy and throws it on Tokiya, Masato and Ren trapping them.  Haruka quickly runs after Satsuki who is at the door to the roof and just before he could close the door, Haruka grabs the door preventing him from shutting it. She asks where he's going and he tells her that he's going to do the photoshoot in place of Natsuki and threatens to make her fingers useless if she doesn't let go.  As he proceeds to do so, Haruka yells that she will never let go prompting Satsuki to suddenly open the door causing her to tumble through.  Just as the rest of ST☆RISH attempt to chase him, Satsuki slams the door in their face and locks them on the roof.  Haruka runs after Satsuki pleading with him to let Natsuki do the photoshoot on his own and that he is trying to become stronger.  She manages to convince him by showing the lyrics Natsuki had written for her song.  Seeing the lyrics Natsuki wrote, Satsuki is surprised that Natsuki is trying to change behind his back, when he already as him to protect him. At that moment, Cecil enters the building wearing shades.  Haruka asks Cecil to lend Satsuki his shades which confuses him. Satsuki takes the shades from Cecil and just before putting them on, he says 'Now I understand why Natsuki likes you so much.' and smirks. He voluntarily places the shades on his face and reverts back to Natsuki, who is oblivious of the events that had happened while he was Satsuki.

Natsuki stars in commercial

Natsuki appears in a lipstick commercial.

Just as Haruka had told Satsuki, Natsuki's photoshoot goes extremely well. The photographer praises Natsuki for displaying the looks he wanted and tells him that the shades Natsuki had borrowed from Cecil are exactly what he was looking for. The next day after the shoot, Natsuki tells Haruka that the commercial was well received and that they will include the lyrics he wrote for her song, 'SIRIUS he no Chikai' (Promise to Sirius) in the commercial, and that it's all thanks to her that his photoshoot was a success. As he leaves to practice his singing, the rest of ST☆RISH appear and say that Natsuki is still Natsuki and how good he looked during the shoot which made them surprised.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT and Haruka go on a camping trip to Saotome's resort for a break from idol work.  Natsuki and ST☆RISH persuade Tokiya to have some fun instead of heading straight for training.  He is later seen fishing with Syo and Masato in the river nearby.  When Masato starts showing his concerns for Haruka as she has to continue composing during the trip, ST☆RISH work together and make her a feast to show their support.  He is seen praising Masato for his thoughtfulness.

Haruka later informs ST☆RISH of Cecil wanting to become an idol, Natsuki and ST☆RISH displays looks of surprise and Syo suggests to tease Cecil after dinner which Natsuki happily and excitedly agrees along with the other members.  He is later seen with ST☆RISH and Haruka staring up into the starry sky complimenting how beautiful it is.  After Haruka tells them that the stars in the sky remind her of them, ST☆RISH tease her a bit by telling her that it looked as though she was confessing to them.

When Cecil begins singing the song Haruka wrote for him, Natsuki and the rest of ST☆RISH join in and harmonize with him, emitting a bright light one which touches Reji.  After the song is over, ST☆RISH gets slightly stunned on what had just happened. When Haruka pleads to ST☆RISH to add Cecil into their group seeing that his voice fits perfectly with everyone's, Natsuki is the first to accept Cecil into the group saying that ever since he first heard Cecil sing, he wanted to sing along with him.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, while making breakfast, Natsuki offers Syo to try his Piyo-chan flakes which Syo flat-out refuses.  After realising that Haruka didn't sleep at all due to her composing, Natsuki tells her that he understands as too couldn't sleep because of the song he sang with Cecil last night.  Natsuki is about to go and fetch Cecil for breakfast until Camus, Cecil's mentor, informs the group that Cecil has gone back to Agnopolis to take over his father's throne.  ST☆RISH is immediately brought down, but they believe that Cecil will return.  Natsuki and ST☆RISH then hear Haruka playing her composition which she had especially composed for them which included Cecil and are drawn to her. He is then shown staring at Haruka's composition in awe and says 'Amazing!' as he reads through. After Otoya suggests to write the lyrics, Natsuki agrees and says that if Cecil ever returns, they can sing it immediately which Syo agrees.

Cecil does return and together he and ST☆RISH manage to convince Saotome to let Cecil join the group.  Natsuki is shown with ST☆RISH singing Haruka's new song, titled 'Maji Love 2000%'.  After singing, they are stunned on how harmonous they sounded with Cecil included.  After learning that their opponent for the Utapri Award is another group called HE☆VENS, Natsuki is shown to have a serious look on his face.

Episode Ten

Starish and Haruka&#039;s Reaction

Natsuki and the rest of ST☆RISH shocked by Shining Saotome's wager.

In episode ten, Natsuki is shown to be confident saying that they are on the same level as HE☆VENS.  Natsuki is the first member to share his opinions at having ST☆RISH nominated for the Utapri Award.  He tells them that it's like a dream come true and is very honoured.  When they are introduced to Raging Otori, Natsuki and ST☆RISH are shown to have serious glances as Raging Otori is Saotome's long-time rival.  Along with ST☆RISH, he appears shocked when it is announced that the losing group will be disbanded.  However, everyone is still confident about winning and Natsuki says that they'll be debuting as a new group now that they have Cecil.

He is then shown leaving the recording studio with ST☆RISH and Haruka saying that he is glad that Haruka came to watch their recording as seven together. They coincidentally bump into HE☆VENS who is also at the recording studio.  When one of the members from HE☆VENS, Mikado Nagi introduces himself.  Natsuki is immediately delighted describing him as small and cute and is about to shake Nagi's hand only to be turned down. Nagi rudely tells him that they are inexperienced idols.  When Otori Eiichi, another member of HE☆VENS tells the group that they will be disbanded at their hands, Haruka defends ST☆RISH by telling him that they will not lose. Eiichi then tells Haruka that if ST☆RISH loses, she will have to become HE☆VENS's composer.  When he tries to take her away physically, Natsuki and ST☆RISH angrily come to her defense.

Natsuki is then seen with ST☆RISH discussing that they will have to win for Haruka.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Natsuki is shown with ST☆RISH expressing their concerns over Haruka, who has secluded herself ever since HE☆VENS ordered her to become their composer if ST☆RISH lost the UtaPri Award.  He is later on seen with ST☆RISH performing 'Dreamer's Symphony' they had especially composed for Haruka using one of her arrangements Saotome had given them to cheer her up and show their support. When Natsuki asks Tokiya what he had been up to, Tokiya refuses to tell them causing ST☆RISH to start interrogating him out of jealousy. They are then interrupted by the fireworks display ending their interrogation.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, Natsuki and ST☆RISH are praising Haruka for her arrangement she recently composed.  He is later shown in the dance room with ST☆RISH practicing their dance for 'Maji Love 2000%'. When Cecil has trouble following the choreagraphy, due to him only knowing the 'Agnadance' from his home country, Syo offers to help Cecil catch up with the rest of the group by teaching him the steps, which surprises Natsuki and ST☆RISH for Syo and Cecil usually never got along.

When Cecil goes to practice dancing by himself, Natsuki and Syo were worried for him and secretly watched him from outside  The rest of ST☆RISH and Haruka also show up as they too were worried for Cecil.  They are shown to be happy that Cecil is trying his best to keep up with the group.  Natsuki describes that since all of them came together for the same reason, they are close friends which ST☆RISH somewhat agree.

On the day of the Utapri Award, he is with ST☆RISH getting ready in the dressing room in their costumes Ringo-sensei and Tomochika made for them.  When Cecil begins spinning, he along with ST☆RISH at first think that Cecil still hasn't supressed the Agnadance, but Cecil assures them that the dance he is doing is a prayer to wish them luck in their performance and ST☆RISH reluctantly believe him. After watching HE☆VENS's performance of 'Heaven's Gate' in their dressing room, he along with ST☆RISH stare in awe and disbelief of how strong HE☆VENS's performance was with Haruka's song.

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, is the continuation of ST☆RISH seemingly to being shot down by HE☆VENS's performance.  As they talk about how they can't believe that the song HE☆VENS just performed was one of Haruka's composition, HE☆VENS enters their dressing room and Eiichi tells them that they have no more business with them, then proceeds to make another attempt to take Haruka, which is stopped by Syo.  Haruka declares that she will be no one but ST☆RISH's composer much to ST☆RISH's surprise.  She then tells them that they are like stars twinkling in the sky and that they make her happy.  Natsuki and ST☆RISH are also happy and touched by her words, as they filled with confidence.

When their fans start yelling for them, Natsuki along with ST☆RISH decide to give what they've got.  He is later seen joining hands, with the other members praying to the muses with Cecil leading the prayer before their performance.  He and ST☆RISH all hi-five Haruka as they proceed to go on stage to perform their hearts out.  They sing 'Maji Love 2000%'.  After the song is finsihed, Cecil's pendant emits the 'Happy Pulse' spreading happiness to everyone.  He describes the 'Happy Pulse' as though everyone joined together as one and how they had been feeled with a warm feeling.  Natsuki and ST☆RISH are shown victorious after they are announced the winner of the Utapri Award and he also begs Raging Otori not to disband HE☆VENS.  Natsuki along with ST☆RISH request to do an encore by singing their debut song, 'Maji Love 1000%' with everyone joining in together including HE☆VENS.