Shining Saotome

(Saotome Mitsuo)

Shining Saotome S3 E3
Kanji シャイニング 早乙女
(シャイニング さおとめ)
Romaji Shining Saotome
Nickname Shiny (By Ringo)
Birthday November 22
Horoscope Sagittarius
Height 2 m (6' 7")
Weight 0.1 t (220 lb)
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Relatives Aijima Kotomi (lover)*
Ittoki Otoya (son)*
Saotome Academy
Specialty Bongos
Anime Debut Ep.1
Seiyuu Wakamoto Norio (若本 規夫)

Shining Saotome (シャイニング早乙女, Shainingu Saotome) He is the Principal of Saotome Academy and President of the Shining Agency. He was once a popular Idol. His voice actor is Norio Wakamoto (若本 規夫, Wakamoto Norio).


He is an extremely large man with dark brown hair and tanned skin. He wears a jacket, a red polkadot necktie and sunglasses.


Shining is a very kind, funny and whimsically mysterious type of person. He can also be very strict when it comes to rules and becomes furious when no one listens to him.  He has a habit of spying on students and popping up at random times.

Shining tends to give out orders that would initially make no sense to people, only for it to have a deeper meaning later on. He can be flamboyant and extravagant (an example is creating Shining Tower just for the Triple S) and likes making grand entrances that would shock spectators. He also has a distinctively unique laugh and way of speaking, one that people would recognise the moment they hear it.

He seems to have no problem with telling lies (such as falsely informing Nanami that Tokiya was HAYATO's twin and fooling everyone that she was not good enough to write ST☆RISH's songs) so as long as it benefits others in the end.


He is the director of the Saotome Academy, a prestigious school of idols. Aijima Kotomi was the lover of Shining Saotome and was also one of his composers. She composed the song, "DUE TO LOVE (故 に に Ai Yue Ni)", in which Saotome had debuted with.

He also lied and told Haruka that Tokiya was HAYATO's twin. And he fooled everyone when he created ST☆RISH, because he told them Haruka isn`t good enough to write songs for them.

  • In the game, it is revealed that his real name is Saotome Mitsuo, which in fact his younger-self went to the future by accident.
  • During Debut, he and the queen (Silk Queen) have taken a liking to each other. The Queen calls him "Micchana".


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