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マジLOVE2000% アイドルソング 一十木 音也
Translation SMILE MAGIC
Type Maji LOVE 2000% Idol Song
Artist Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma)
Lyrics Agematsu Noriyasu
Composition Nakayama Masato
Arrangement Nakayama Masato

The first track from Maji LOVE 2000% Idol Song: Ittoki Otoya, sung by Ittoki Otoya, who is voiced by Terashima Takuma.


With this warm melody,
There’s no more sadness!
A song to “believe in”

At the crossroads without anyone else,
Standing on my own
(Hold me, hold me… A heart
Hold me, hold me… So gentle)
The warmth I’d sought after clasped tightly in my right hand
(Tell me, tell me…
Tell me…about this warmth)

But I found it!
(I believe you!) Surely,
(You believe me!) my feelings
(With this harmony) are changing
I want to tell you with a few words,
“Hey, you’re not alone!”

Soon those tears will drift up to the heavens
And transform into the floating clouds
Then when it rains, in a shower of shining sunlight,
It’ll become a beautiful rainbow
And then…into your smile

Before you know it, everyone will probably
Grow up into adults
(Hold you, hold you… I won’t forget
Hold you, hold you… Absolutely not)
Chasing every breeze, moving towards your dreams
(Wish you, wish you…
Those dreams…no matter what)

Straight ahead,
(We believe it!) Always
(We believe it!) In the depths of my heart
(With this harmony) So strongly,
Let’s look ahead unafraid!
Reach out to the brightness

So now everyone is moving forward
And painting their own stories
Stumbling a little, wanting to cry sometimes,
Whenever that happens, I want you
To remember this song…

(Lalala… We believe it!)
(Lalala… With this harmony)

With this warm melody,
There’s no more sadness!
Believe in yourself!
There’s no replacement for your own story
It’ll become a beautiful rainbow
And then…into your smile

(Lalala… Uh)
Thank you… Thanx to my friends![1]

attakai MERODI
mou sabishiku wa nai yo
“shinjiru” wo uta he

dare mo inai KUROSUROODO de
hitori tachitsukusu
(Hold Me x2 kokoro wo
Hold Me x2 yasashiku)
nukumori motometa migite gutto nigitte sa
(Tell Me x2
oshiete… nukumori wo)

But I Found It
(I Believe You) kitto
(You Believe Me) omoi tachi wa
(HAAMONII ni) kawaru
tsutaetai hitokoto ga arunda
“kimi wa ne, mou hitori janai” to

namida wa yagate oozora he maiagatte
kumo ni kawatte ukabu
soshite ame ni nari hikaru taiyou wo abi
kirei na niji ni natte
soshite sa… egao he

itsushika minna wa tabun
otona ni natte sa
(Hold You x2 wasurenai
Hold You x2 zettai)
sorezore no kaze wo otte yume ni tabidatsu
(Wish You x2
sono yume… itsu made mo)

massugu ni
(We Believe It) zutto
(We Believe It) mune no oku de
(HAAMONII ni) tsuyoku
kowagarazu ni mae wo miyou yo
te wo nobashite kagayaki he

soshite minna wa jibun no monogatari wo
tsumugi egaite susumu
chotto wa tsumazuki chotto wa naitari shite
sonna toki wa kono uta wo
omoidashite hoshii…

(Lalala… We Believe It)
(Lalala… HAAMONII ni)

attakai MERODII
mou sabishiku wa nai kara
jibun jishin wo shinjite
kakegae no nai kimi iro no SUTŌRII
kirei na niji ni natte
soshite sa… egao e

arigatou… Thanx To My Friends[1]

</poem>あったかいメロディ もう寂しくはないよ 「信じる」を歌へ

誰もいないクロスロードで 一人立ち尽くす (Hold me×2 心を Hold me×2 優しく) 温もり求めた右手 ぐっと握ってさ (Tell me×2 教えて…温もりを)

But I found it (I belive you) きっと (You belive me) 想い達は (ハーモニーに) 変わる 伝えたい一言があるんだ 「君はね、もう一人じゃない」と

涙はやがて 大空へ舞い上がって 雲に変わって浮かぶ そして雨になり 光る太陽を浴び 綺麗な 虹になって そしてさ…笑顔へ

いつしかみんなはたぶん 大人になってさ (Hold you×2 忘れない Hold you×2 絶対) それぞれの風を追って 夢に旅立つ (Wish you×2 その夢…いつまでも)

まっすぐに (We believe it) ずっと (We believe it) 胸の奥で (ハーモニーに) 強く 怖がらずに前を見ようよ 手を伸ばして 輝きへ

そしてみんなは 自分の物語を 紡ぎ描いて進む ちょっとはつまずき ちょっとは泣いたりして そんなときは この歌を 思い出してほしい…

あったかいメロディー もう寂しくはないから 自分自身を信じて かけがえのない 君色のストーリー 綺麗な 虹になって そしてさ…笑顔へ

(Lalala…) (Lalala…Uh) (Lalala…) ありがとう… Thanx to my friends[2]</poem>





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