Raging Otori
Kanji レイジング 鳳 (レイジング おおとり)
Romaji Reijingu Ootori
Gender Male
Relatives Otori Eiichi (son)

Otori Eiji (son)

Anime Debut Season 2: Episode 10
Seiyuu Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和)

Raging Otori (レイジング 鳳, Reijingu Ootori) is the president of the agency HE★VENS is signed under: Raging Entertainment. He is also the father of Otori Eiichi, HE★VENS' leader, and Otori Eiji. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和, Sugita Tomokazu).

Character ProfileEdit

"President of the Raging Entertainment company.
Always denying love,
he believes that power is everything.
A former top idol,
and Shining Saotome's eternal rival."


Raging has ash-brown hair, which his sons share, as well as a beard. Also, similar to Eiichi, he wears spectacles. His spectacles, however, are of a dark tint, keeping his eyes hidden. His main outfit consists of a black hat with a blue trim-ribbon. Underneath an animal-print and gray overcoat is a black collared shirt and a grey tie with a broken heart symbol. Finally, Raging wears white pants and white oxfords.


He described to be "intimidating" and "harsh", and by ST☆RISH's first impressions, to be someone "clearly extraordinary". He displays great competitive spirit, especially towards his rival, Shining Saotome, unhesitatingly accepting Shining's suggestions on conducting the battle for the Uta☆Pri Award. A stronger display of his harsh competitiveness is how he readily declared that should HE★VENS lose to ST☆RISH, he will not hesitate to disband them, despite his son being part of said idol group.

However, after experiencing the "Happy Pulse" brought about by ST☆RISH's performance, without even waiting for the results to come out, declared ST☆RISH the winners and rather willingly accepted Shining's proposal on not dissolving HE★VENS. He also turned more agreeable, as he turned out to be in a semi-alliance with Saotome to allow HE★VENS to compete in the Triple S, laughing boisterously along with his heated rival.


He first appeared when the Uta Pri candidates were chosen, watching HE★VENS's concert from a balcony. Upon realizing that ST☆RISH was also nominated, he declared that if HEAVENS lost, they will be disbanded since according to him, he has no use for losers. He also agreed to Saotome's proposition to use the same composer for the competition.

He appeared skeptic at Saotome's declaration that he was looking for the Happy Pulse although after experiencing it in the Uta Pri competition, he declared ST☆RISH as the winners and was about to dissolve the group until Saotome and HE★VENS's fans protested. In the end, ST☆RISH used the wish that they won from the competition to allow HE★VENS to remain as a group. He appeared humbled during the last moments of the competition.

He appeared in the last episode of the third season, and had seemingly conspired with Saotome in a temporary alliance, which allowed HE★VENS to compete for opening artist for the Triple S and thus, aided in completing Saotome's vision of a revolution.


  • His (Eiichi and Eiji's surname, Otori (鳳, Ootori), has two possible meanings, the first being "a male phoenix", the other "a symbol of joy".
    • The first meaning may allude to the blue flames in HE★VENS' initial performance.