Piyo read
Kanji ピヨちゃん
Romaji PIYO-chan

Piyo-chan is one of the three official mascots of the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ franchise, together with Onpu-kun and Penguin. While not having an actual role in the game, manga and in the animated series, it appears occasionally as one of Shinomiya Natsuki's obsessions, reflecting his extreme liking for "cute things".

He is round and yellow, like the moon. Nobody actually know what kind of animal he is officially, but his small wings and beak give of the impression that he his either a chick or duckling. He loves cabbage and napping in the shade on sunny days. His official gender is unknown as many people refer to him and a boy however the product, "Piyo-chan no tamago", implies that this small yellow bird can lay eggs.

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