Raging Otori

Raging Otoya is Eiji's father and the President of Raging Entertainment. According to Eiji, Raging and Eiji's brother, Eiichi, forced him to join HEAVENS. However, he does not appear to resent them for it.

Eiichi Ōtori

Eiichi is Eiji's older brother, who, along with their father, forced Eiji to join HEAVENS. However, Eiji does not appear to hold any bitter feelings towards either of them, and seems to admire Eiichi quite a bit.

Ichinose Tokiya

Eiji and Tokiya hit it off from the instant they met, and seem to admire and respect each other's abilities a great deal. The two of them form a mutual respect and almost a friendship over the course of composing their duet together, and are able to help inspire strength in one(Tokiya) and passion in the other(Eiji). After their duet performance, they are able to part ways as comrades and rivals for the deciding Triple S battle to come.

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