Eiji Ōtori
Otori Eiji S4 E1
Kanji 鳳英二
Romaji Ootori Eiji
Birthday October 20
Height 170 cm (5' 7)
Weight 56 kg (123 lb)
Gender Male
Relatives Raging Ōtori (father)

Eiichi Ōtori (brother)

Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 13
Seiyuu Uchida Yuma (内田雄馬)

Eiji Ōtori (鳳英二, Ootori Eiji) is a new member of HE★VENS, a seven-person boyband group (changed in Maji Love Revolutions) under Raging Entertainment, which is owned by his father, Raging Ōtori. He is voiced by Yuma Uchida (内田雄馬, Uchida Yuma).


Eiji has ash-brown hair, like his father and brother, styled in a similar way to Otoya Ittoki's and Cecil Aijima's combined. His eyes are a pale purple.

He wore a personalized HE★VENS uniform consisting of a black and blue jacket with white trim and a white undershirt.


Eiji is a shy and polite person, which is a surprise since both his father and brother show arrogant and confident personalities. Though appearing somewhat timid at first, he can quickly become very eloquent and confident when discussing music, as it is something he is very passionate about. He cares a lot for his older brother and his fellow members of HE★VENS, and usually attempts to solve any sort of conflict with a calm and rational attitude. He possesses great musical talent, though he may appear as an amateur due to his soft-spoken stature. Eiji seems to get along well with others, as he immediately saw eye-to-eye with his duet project partner Tokiya Ichinose and didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that they are from rivaling idol groups. He holds both Tokiya and his older brother in high regard.


One of the four newest members introduced after the anime-exclusive boyband group HE★VENS's comeback in Season 3, under the Raging Entertainment agency. He, along with the six other boys will be competing with ST★RISH and QUARTET★NIGHT on getting to perform at the Opening Ceremony on Triple S.


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  • Like every other HE★VENS member, Eiji has a designated theme color. His is sky blue.
  • Eiji's ST☆RISH counterpart is Tokiya Ichinose.
  • His (Eiichi and Raging's) surname, Ōtori (鳳, Ootori), has two possible meanings, although the more cited one is, "a male phoenix".
    • It may also allude to the blue flames in HE★VENS' initial performance.
    • The second definition is "a symbol of joy".