Ren & Van - Maji LOVE Legend Star - Scan
Here are some fact about Starish one by one

Uta No Prince-Sama = Uta No Prince-Sama is Japanese visual novel series published by Brocoli. It is popular game franchise targeted towards the female audience Edit

Otoya is an energetic yet a gentle young man.He is nice to everyone no matter who they are and loves music more than anything.He is friendly and postive person who enjoys singing.He shares a room with Tokiya from Class S.THhey first met when Otoya defended Haruk's right enter the same entrance exam with Ren. Later on, they find out they are in the same class. Edit

Masato Hijirikawa = Ren first meet Masato at a social meeting back when they were kids.He claimed that the party was boring and invited Masato to play with him at the lake. Edit

Natsuki Shinoiya = He has an fondness for cute and small things,leading him to take on immediate liking towards to Nanami Haruka,calling her fairy and states that she resemble his dog Elizabeth. Edit

Tokiya Ichinose = Tokiya is Otoya's roommate. He's the complete opposite of Otoya and seem to find his roommate a bit bothersome at time.their relationship begins loosen up Edit

Ren Jinguji = Ren is tall,young men with straw berry blond colored hair which his shoulder. He is know to be flirtations and a smooth-talker. Through Haruka's help Ren managed to find meaning in the music and began to find passion Edit

 in singing .He becomes more devoted to her,calling her "little lamb ' "my lady." Edit

Syo Kurusu = Syo has a lot of energy and has an upbeat personality. At time, he can be very hot headed and a bit defensive,especially when it comes to him being teased about his height.He used to live in France with Shinomiya Natsuki. Edit

Cecil Aijima = Cecil is a friend and band-made of Otoya. The two get along pretty well,Otoya was one of the few that was immediately friendly with Cecil when he first arrived ,but He doesn't like his romantic advances towards Nanami ,like the rest of Starish Edit

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