うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVE1000%
Op.10 さあ、Let's song!!
Op.10 Saa, Let's song!!
Episode Title
Kanji Op.10 さあ、Let's song!!
Romaji Op.10 Saa, Let's song!!
Translation Op.10 Come On, Let's sing!!
Episode no. 10
Air Date September 09, 2011
Scenario Nakamura Makoto
Scenario Shimadzu Akiyuki
Episode Director Shimazaki Nanako
Koshida Tomoaki
Animation Director Kabashima Yousuke
Miyai Kana
Fukunaga Jun'ichi
Opening Orpheus
Ending Maji LOVE 1000%
Insert Song Maji LOVE 1000% -with piano- (TV size)

Op.10 Saa, Let's song!! (Op.10 さあ、Let's song!! Op.10 Come On, Let's sing!!) is the tenth episode of season one of the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 1000% anime. It aired on September 09, 2011.


Having believed in the singing power of all 6, Haruka is determined to pass the graduation auditions and writes a new song in one night.
Having understood Haruka's passion although they're confused, the boys are stimulated by a new impulse to be vocalists and react.[1]



Haruka became the topic of the school for having six people who have listed her for the pairing. Later on she meets her teacher, Tsukimiya-sensei, and asks him if she can drop out, while Haruka is still saying it he rejected it and said that if she drops out, the six boys who designated her as their partner would also be disqualified. Haruka can't sleep and decides to make a song that can be performed by six persons. The next day, Otoya, Tokiya, Ren, Syo, Natsuki, and Masato were all called out by Haruka to the 3rd Music Room and Haruka told them that she just can't choose one because all of them helped her to get into the place where she is at. At the end, they performed it in front of the Headmaster, the Headmaster named the song "Maji Love 1000%" (Serious Love 1000%).[3]


List of characters in order of appearance.

Episode End CardEdit

  • Saa, Let's song!!




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