Season One

Episode One

Otoya meets Haruka

Otoya helps a fallen Haruka.

In episode one, Haruka makes her first appearance trying to get into Saotome Academy to take the entrance exam, but due to her tardiness, the guards won't let her in and one of them shoves her.  She is helped up by Otoya Ittoki and he tries to persuade the guards to let Haruka take the test, but they still refuse.  A limousine appears and Ren Jinguji steps out. He goes over to the guards and tells them that Haruka is late, because she was helping a lost girl find her mother.  In a flashback, Haruka is shown to be comforting a little girl when she was lost and together, helped her find her mother. Ren had seen Haruka reuniting the girl with her on his way to Saotome Academy.  Despite Ren praising Haruka for her kind-hearted and caring nature, the guards still won't let her in, until one of them receives a phone call to tell him to let Haruka take the entrance exam which she rejoices and hastily thanks both Otoya and Ren for their help.

She passes the entrance exam and is accepted at Saotome Academy.  She is greeted by a girl named Tomochika Shibuya, whom she met at the entrance exams and became friends with.  Tomochika happily informs Haruka that they are in the same class and when Haruka calls her 'Shibuya-san', she replies, 'Shibuya-san?' in a playful unsatisfied voice, then says, 'Just call me Tomo-chan!'  Haruka has been placed in A-class.  When they go to their classrooms, Otoya, recognising her runs up to Haruka excitedly and tells her that he can't believe that they're in the same class.  She thanks him again for helping her on the day of the entrance exams.  When Tomochika calls him 'Lifesaver A', he quickly introduces himself as 'Ittoki Otoya' and after Haruka introduces herself as 'Nanami Haruka', he exclaims, 'Haruka-chan, eh?'  

As Otoya tells Haruka that he was glad that she was able to take the test, Natsuki spots Haruka and is immediately entranced by her cuteness.  He charges up to her shouting 'ELIZABETH!' and lunges at her to tackle her with a hug.  Haruka sees this and is too surprised to move, until Masato appears out of nowhere, grabs her arm, yanks her out of the way and shoves Otoya into her place, causing Natsuki to tackle Otoya instead.  When Haruka sees Masato, she gets flustered and thanks him for saving her from Natsuki.  When Tomochika demands why Natsuki did that as he could've hurted someone, he apologizes and tells them that Haruka was so cute that she reminded him of his pet dog named Elizabeth.  Haruka gets slightly offended hearing this.  Natsuki then introduces himself as 'Shinomiya Natsuki' and Masato introduces himself as 'Hijirikawa Masato'.  

The curtains in the classroom suddenly close causing a blackout and disco lights are flashed about the room.  A young woman enters the room and tells the class to settle down.  The woman introduces herself as 'Tsukimiya Ringo' and that she will be their teacher for A-class to which everyone gets excited.  When Tomochika tells Haruka that Ringo-sensei is actually a man, Haruka appears shocked as he really looked like a woman, accidentally exclaiming this aloud, offending Ringo-sensei who asks her, 'You've never heard of Tsukimiya Ringo?'  Tomochika also appears shocked and Haruka explains that she doesn't have a TV at home.

Haruka is then in the lunch queue with Tomochika.  Tomochika hurries off to buy her meal as Haruka stares at her lunch card.  Haruka then tries to catch up with her best friend, but trips in the process due to her klutziness, and drops her lunch card.  Her lunch card is caught by Kurusu Syo, who catches it between his fingers.  He hands her back her lunch card and when Ren calls him 'Ochibi' (Munchkin) due to his height, he gets offended and angrily tells Ren that his name is 'Kurusu Syo'.  Haruka recognises Ren and thanks him for helping her on the day of the entrance exams.  Ren tells her that it was fate that they met again, only to be interrupted by Masato.  As Ren and Masato get into a heated argument, Tomochika runs up to Haruka with her tray and exclaims 'Lifesaver B was Jinguji Ren?!'  Haruka is surprised to learn that both Ren and Masato are sons and heirs to their family financial groups.

She is later seen in her room unpacking her boxes with Tomochika.  Haruka pins up a poster of her favourite idol, HAYATO.  Tomochika is confused and asks Haruka why she's so interested in HAYATO as he is more of a comical idol.  Haruka explains that when she was small, her health was fragile, so she was sent to live in the countryside with her grandmother.  She was taught how to play the piano and loved listening to music.  She would often go back to the city but had a hard time adjusting to it due to her health.  One day, Haruka was on the verge of passing out on the streets due to the pollution and noise level, when an MV of HAYATO appeared on one of the buildings singing 'Nanairo no COMPASS' (Seven-Coloured Compass).  She tells Tomochika that HAYATO's song calmed her down and that she was filled with happiness.  This inspired Haruka to become a songwriter to make people happy and she hoped that HAYATO would one day sing her songs.  Tomochika then goes to buy a drink for herself and Haruka.  When Tomochika is gone, a black cat comes in and steals Haruka's hankerchief.  Haruka chases the cat towards a gazebo.  She retrieves her handkerchief and stumbles across a boy who looks exactly like HAYATO.  

Thinking that the boy is HAYATO, she hastily tells him that she's a huge fan of him and how much she loves his songs, only to be shot down when the boy coldly tells her that he is not HAYATO, and introduces himself as 'Ichinose Tokiya'.

Episode Two

In episode two, is the continuation of Haruka mistaking Tokiya for HAYATO. Saotome then appears out of nowhere and tells Haruka that Tokiya is the younger twin brother of HAYATO, surprising her. The next day in class, Ringo-sensei tells the class about the curriculum and Haruka is shown putting up her hand to go down the songwriter route. She is shocked when Ringo-sensei tells them that love is forbidden in Saotome Academy. He announces that there will be a recording test and has randomly drawn pairs. Haruka is paired up with Otoya, which makes him excited. Upon learning that the songwriter is to compose the song for the idol, while the idol writes lyrics to the song the songwriter composes, she appears confused. Haruka is then asked to play a composition from last year on the piano. She is confused upon reading the score and when Ringo-sensei asks her to play at a certain part. This causes her classmates to gossip about her and believe that she can't play the piano. Haruka tries to defend herself by saying that she can play the piano having had her grandmother taught her, making her situation worse. Otoya then stands up for Haruka but is shot down by the rest of the class.

Haruka is then sitting on a bench in the rain, depressed. Otoya surprises her by placing his school blazer over her shoulders to keep her warm. He takes her to the gazebo and they have a heart to heart talk. Haruka tells Otoya that she's never composed before and Otoya responds that he's never written lyrics before. He tells her that he knows that she came to Saotome Academy for a reason and says that he's been singing as long as he can remember and hopes that when he debuts, his songs will be able to make people happy when they hear him sing. This boosts Haruka's confidence and she tells Otoya that she will study scores and composition after he tells her that he will try and come up with lyrics. She goes back to the school and goes straight to the study hall where she begins studying. Masato and Natsuki secretly watch her from afar and Natsuki compliments her straightforwardness and seriousness in music. While Haruka is studying, she tries hard to not let the gossips affect her work. Tomochika is even surprised how Haruka is studying non-stop. Even after studying, Haruka still has no idea how to come up with a melody, so she goes to the gazebo at night to think about it.

Otoya and Haruka's assignment

Haruka and Otoya complete their assignment.

At the gazebo, Haruka randomly hums a tune which is heard by Otoya. He compliments that the tune is nice and when Haruka modestly tells him that she was only humming, he tells her what she did just now was 'fine composing'. She asks if he's really satisfied with the tune and he replies saying that he too had no idea how to come up with lyrics and had also gone outside to think about it. He tells her that thanks to the tune she has hummed, he already thought up some words. Otoya slowly sings out the words and Haruka compliments that the words are fantastic. Otoya then asks if they could continue on like this and Haruka agrees.They continue to compose and when Otoya gets a scratch on his finger from playing the guitar, Haruka hastily treats his scratch. The song develops into 'BRAND NEW MELODY' which Otoya sings with a lot of confidence in the recording test. Haruka is also in the recording studio watching Otoya sing and when she smiles, he blushes.

Episode Three

In episode three, Haruka is in the main hall eagerly looking for her name on the scoreboard. She scores a really high score. Tomochika runs up to her and congratulates her for passing the recording test as she too has passed as well. Otoya joins in and tells the girls that he too has passed. When Haruka enters her classroom, the first thing she sees is a bad rumour written about her on the blackboard by her classmates; 'Suspicion, she can't even read music! Nanami Haruka favouritism: The truth behind her, impossible ability'. Otoya and Tomochika vigorously erase the rumour and comfort Haruka with Otoya telling her to not let the bullying get to her. Haruka is asked to play the piano again. Before she can play, the class starts gossiping again causing her fingers to freeze. She tries to get her fingers moving, but they won't. When the gossips reach a boiling point, Haruka ends up running out of the classroom. She sits in the fields depressed and wonders why she enrolled in the academy in the first place. The same black cat who stole her handkerchief on her first day approaches her and cheers her up. She tells the cat that she'll get stronger and names the cat 'Kuppuru' (combination of 'black' and 'fluffy').  

She goes to the school tuck shop to buy some food for Kuppuru and bumps into Masato. Masato takes her to the lake and asks if she is really alright and that being told to not let the bullying get to her doesn't help at all. Haruka tells him that she was naive to come to the academy and how everyone is studying hard while she isn't. Before she can say anything else, she stops and quickly makes an excuse to leave. As she runs off, Masato appears more concerned for her. Later that day, Haruka attempts to practice the piano, but the gossips are still affecting her even and her fingers still freeze up. Tomochika enters the practice room and asks Haruka if she is really alright, but Haruka brushes it off and assures her best friend that she is fine. Otoya tries to learn how to bake cakes with Natsuki's help, hoping he could give Haruka a cake to cheer her up, but due to Natsuki's disastrous baking, he is unable to and mentally apologizes to her after tasting Natsuki's cakes, that he can't give her any.

The next day, Haruka skips class to make another attempt to play the piano, reminding herself that she can play. She still cannot and her fingers are still frozen. As she wonders this, her thoughts are interrupted by Masato who enters the room, having had also skipped class to look for her. He sternly tells her that she doesn't go to class, but practices on her own. When he sees how depressed she is, Masato tells her that he used to be the same as her. Having had been raised in a strict environment, Masato was unable to eat in front of his father, the head of the Hijirikawa Financial Corporation. His relationship with his father was no more than head and the heir. He was cheered up by the family butler who made him forget about his harsh life by teaching him how to play the piano. Haruka in turn tells Masato that she had fragile health as a child and lived with her grandmother where she was taught how to play the piano. Masato then goes over to the piano and plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' which was Haruka's favourite childhood song. Haruka joins in halfway through the song and is surprised that she just played. Her fingers freeze again when she tries to play a note, and Masato surprises her by placing his hand over her hand to stop it from shaking. He tells her to remember the first time she played the piano. After reminiscing about her childhood, Haruka calms down and Masato removes his hand. Haruka then plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' on the piano without fail. When she finishes, she graciously thanks Masato who in return tells her to listen to his song.

Masato helps Haruka play

Masato helps Haruka regain her confidence.

Masato takes the piano, plays and sings his song, 'Knocking on the Mind', for Haruka. Haruka continues to practice the score for class with Masato's help. When their hands collide into each other, Haruka flushes and pretends to be reading the score. She is then seen in the Study Hall when Natsuki offers her one of his cakes. She is about to take one but Otoya and Syo are frantically pulling him away as Haruka watches them in confusion with Tomochika.  In class, Haruka is able to play the piano confidently as her classmates stare at her in disbelief, proving to them that they had misjudged her skills.  Haruka is then seen standing with Masato next to the lake in the sunset and she thanks him again for helping her. Masato however tells her that he should be the one thanking her much to her confusion. He reveals that he actually had seen her before he met her. It was on a snowy day last year when Masato was walking through the streets, doubting about the future his family had planned for him when he fatefully spotted Haruka in a park singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' with a group of small children. Seeing how much she was enjoying herself, Masato was inspired to become an idol and tells Haruka in his mind that she lit up his path. Haruka moves closer to him and he thanks her again in his mind. Unbeknownst to Haruka and Masato, Ren is seen watching them from afar, clearly jealous.

Episode Four

In episode four, Haruka is watching Masato, Otoya and Natsuki practice a dance they choreographed for a test. After the dance, Natsuki asks Haruka how she thought of it. She replies saying that it was wonderful as it got her 'toes tapping'. She, Otoya and Natsuki gets distracted by Ren who is making his fangirls excited, but Masato sternly tells them to get back to work after Natsuki compliments Ren.  Haruka kneels down next to the cassette player and asks Masato if she should play the music from the beginning.  He crouches down beside her and as he instructs Haruka where to start the music, Ren looks up at them with jealousy.  He approaches them and asks Masato, 'Since when did you become cosy with the little lamb, Hijirikawa?' He pulls Haruka up onto her feet and forcefully gives her the rose he had been holding.  He throws a romantic phrase at her saying 'I was looking for someone to feel the sea breeze with.' and Haruka exclaims, 'N-n-now?!' and when Ren winks and says of course, she panics and starts telling him how busy she is until Masato tells her that Ren is only teasing her.  When Hyuga-sensei threatens to expel Ren if he doesn't turn in his lyrics assignment, Haruka is appeared shocked along with everyone else.

She is later seen in the study hall with Otoya, Natsuki, Syo and Tomochika. Natsuki offers Haruka one of his baked cookies and Syo warns her that if she were to eat one she'll die.  When Ren plays his saxophone on the school roof, Haruka is seen in a practice room composing when she hear's his music.  She follows the music and compliments Ren when he is finished.  Ren thanks her and tells her that she looks like a flower glistening in the sun.  He says it doesn't matter what brought her here as he places his hands on her shoulders.  As he leans towards her, his crumpled up lyrics falls out of his pockets having had taken his hand out of them earlier.  Haruka gets curious and picks up the crumpled lyrics, only to have Ren snatch them out of her hand.  Upon seeing the writing, she tells Ren how relieved she is that he has decided to do the lyrics assignment much to Ren's surprise.  He asks her why she thinks that and Haruka tells him that she cannot believe what would happen to him if he were to be expelled.  Ren shoots it down saying that it is time that he should leave the academy as he came here without a reason.  They are interrupted by Masato, who had also heard Ren's saxophone and had overheard their conversation.  Masato voices out his dislikeness towards Ren and how his life differs from Ren in the family business.  This prompts Ren to rip up his lyrics and allow them to drift in the wind, Haruka watching in shock.  When Ren makes another insult towards music, Masato punches him across the face as Haruka watches in disbelief and fright.  After Masato leaves, Haruka tells Ren that she will search for his lyrics, surprising Ren.

Haruka starts searching and gathering the pieces and eventually manages to find the pieces, but the last two are still missing.  The next day, she finds Ren sitting in the fields and presents him the lyrics she has found so far, two pieces still missing.  Haruka presses the lyrics into Ren's hand and tells him that the lyrics show his true feelings and pleads to him not to give up and express how he truly feels.  She says that falling in love with someone and that if he unleashes his feelings, everything will shine, and start to move, full of life.  She tells him that one of her grandmother's favourite expressions is: Always have a caring heart.  Touched, Ren tells her that she is a very kind person and is surprised when she informs him that she'll search for the remaining pieces.  As Haruka runs off, Ren tells her in his mind that it is impossible as the last pieces are blank.  Haruka's friends help her search for the remaining pieces but the bell rings ending the school day.  They think that Ren will really be expelled until the school speakers are turned on and Ren announces to the whole school that he has finished his lyrics assignment and asks everyone, especially Hyuga-sensei and Haruka to listen to his song.  Ren plays his saxophone and sings his lyrics, 'Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart' (To the ends of the Earth, Believe Heart) with Haruka and her friends joining him in the speaker room and dancing to his music.  At the end, Haruka is seen walking down the corridor when she bumps into Tokiya.  They exchange looks in silence.

Episode Five

In episode five, Haruka is playing in the fields with Kuppuru and telling her grandmother through letter of how much she is enjoying her study at Saotome Academy.  She suddenly comes up with something and quickly jots it down in her notebook so that she won't forget.  Haruka hears some noises coming from the trees behind her and looks up.  She jumps in surprise when a branch bends out of nowhere, revealing Syo, who is clinging desperately onto the branch.  Haruka calls his name, surprising Syo who falls from the tree.  She frantically hurries over to him and asks if he's alright and whether he needs to go to the infirmiry, but Syo cuts her off by snapping at her not to tell anyone that he was there before leaving.  Haruka is then in the classroom as Otoya and Tomochika show her a magazine featuring S-class's teacher, Hyuga-sensei, who will be starring in a movie of the hit TV-series, the 'Prince of Fighting' for which he is famous for starring in.  Haruka is instantly fascinated but Tomochika comments that Hyuga-sensei is a bit too old to play a prince.  They spot an advert in the magazine about the movie, announcing an audition to star alongside with Hyuga-sensei.  Natsuki surprises them by informing them that Syo is a huge fan of Hyuga-sensei and tells them that he would not miss a chance.  

Haruka and Tomochika bump into Syo on their way to lunch and Syo reveals to them that he already heard of the audition.  Haruka suddenly spots Natsuki on the other side of the courtyard and calls out to him, getting his attention and causing Syo to panic.  Syo quickly grabs Haruka's hand and runs off with her much to her surprise.  He takes her round to the back of the school and apologises for suddenly dragging her off.  He tells her that when Natsuki is around, things get complicated for him.  Haruka asks Syo whether he is really going to audition and he replies, 'You think I'd let this chance get away?  After all, we're talking about the Prince of Fights'.  Haruka gets confused and asks what the 'Prince of Fights' is.  Syo gets shocked, grabs both her shoulders and exclaims, 'You didn't know?'  Haruka apologises and tells him that she may be a bit behind the times, but he brushes it off and explains that the 'Prince of Fights' is a major hit TV series for which Hyuga-sensei is well known for, leading into his song, 'Otokogi Zenkai Go!  Fight!!' (Full-Throttle Chivalrous Spirit, Go!  Fight!!) where both Haruka and Syo fantasize of being the characters in the 'Prince of Fights'.  After the song, Haruka compliments that it was wonderful, causing Syo to blush and tells her that she can call him 'Syo' (during that time, Haruka called him 'Kurusu-kun').  Syo tells Haruka how he has always admired Hyuga-sensei ever since he first saw him in the 'Prince of Fights' and even gasps in awe when he sees his teacher jogging past while practicing his kicks and punches.  Haruka in return tells Syo that she is a huge fan of HAYATO which surprises Syo who tells her that HAYATO doesn't fit her image.  Haruka offended explains that HAYATO inspired her to become a songwriter as his songs fill her with emotion.  They are interrupted by Natsuki who captures Syo in a net.  He informs Haruka that Syo is not good with height.

Haruka is then seen in the Study Hall with her friends and upon learning that Syo is acrophobic, scared of heights, she suddenly remembers seeing Syo in the tree earlier that day and realises that he was trying to overcome his acrophobia.  Seeing that Syo really wants to achieve his dreams to star alongside Hyuga-sensei, Otoya offers to help Syo overcome his acrophobia.  Haruka, Tomochika and Natsuki are up for it, Ren joins in saying that it is a good way to kill time and Masato saying that 'Knowing what is right and not doing it, signifies a want of courage'.  When Syo is placed on a wooden plank in one of the school towers, Haruka asks Otoya whether Natsuki's method, which is exposure therapy would really be alright and Otoya replies 'maybe'.  She is seen throughout Syo's training cheering for him.  She is then seen leaving the school tuck shop with a bottle of water when she bumps into Tokiya who asks her what she is doing.  Haruka tells Tokiya that she is helping Syo overcome his fear of heights and Tokiya compliments that she is a very caring person.  After Syo gets traumatised over another of Natsuki's methods, Haruka returns with the water which Tomochika uses to cool Syo's head.  As they discuss how Syo came to be scared of heights, they are interrupted by Saotome's sudden appearance.  He takes them to his office where he uses hypnosis to find out what exactly happened to Syo.  When Saotome tells Syo that he is now five years old on a ferris and asks whether he is scared, Syo screams surprising Haruka and her friends and watches him re-enact how he became scared of heights.  They find out that it was caused by Natsuki, who chased him up a tower and nearly caused him to fall to his death, if he hadn't grabbed his hand.

The next day, Haruka and her friends find Syo sitting on a bench, depressed.  She is surprised that he has decided not to audition.  Tomochika asks why and Syo angrily tells them to look at the advert closely.  The audition is aimed for the role of the prince's sister, meaning that it is aimed for girls.  Syo sighs, as his dreams of acting alongside Hyuga-sensei has been shattered until Natsuki appears with a pink frilly dress which he tackles Syo into.  Upon seeing Syo in the dress, Haruka compliments that he doesn't look bad and Tomochika saying that it might work.  After Hyuga-sensei mistakes Syo for a girl, Syo gets traumatised again and Haruka cheers for him to do his best which he grudgingly accepts.

Episode Six

In episode six, Haruka is seen in the study hall excitedly telling Otoya, Tomochika and Masato that she'll be going to a live concert of HAYATO.  The others start expressing their concern for her, Tomochika saying that if she didn't have a lot of homework, she would've tagged along with Haruka.  When Otoya and Masato ask her whether she'll really be alright, Haruka brushes it off saying that she's good with her shoulders.  Ren appears from behind and offers to take her there and asks if they could call it a date, and Masato says, 'Now I'm even more worried.'  Haruka quickly brushes it off again and tells everyone that she is fine and runs off.  She bumps into Tokiya causing her to drop her things.  The CD of HAYATO she is bringing along to the concert falls out of her bag and Tokiya stares at it silently before handing it back to her and he also tells her to be careful on her way there before walking off. After he is gone, Haruka gets agitated and wonders why everyone is so concerned about her.

Haruka goes into the city, but just as the others had expected, she gets lost very easily.  When trying to ask for directions, she spots Natsuki sitting on a park bench scribbling in a notebook.  Relieved, she runs up to him and tells him that she got lost and is glad to have found him, then asks what he's doing here.  Natsuki looks up at Haruka with glaring eyes, startling her slightly, and she notices that he isn't wearing his glasses.  He turns back to continue writing.  Haruka is lost with words and when she tries to talk, Natsuki interrupts by telling her that she is casting a shadow on his notebook.  Seeing this, she jumps out of the way and he resumes writing.  Haruka makes another attempt to ask him, but he cuts her off saying 'Take a hike.  I'm composing.'  Two teenagers pass by talking about a cute girl.  The brunette tosses his wrapper which lands on Natsuki's head, onto his composition and next to him on the bench.  Haruka watches the teenagers walk off and when she turns back to look at Natsuki, he is shaking and he grips his pen so tightly that it snaps in half.  When Natsuki tries to beat up the brunette for throwing his rubbish carelessly, Haruka runs up to him exclaiming 'Shinomiya-san?!' until Syo appears out of nowhere shouting 'There!  There he is!'  Syo charges up to Natsuki and shoves Natsuki's glasses back on his head.  Natsuki perks up, oblivious to what had just happened, sees Haruka and asks what she's doing here much to her confusion.

Since Natsuki and Syo were also heading to the same place as Haruka, they allow her to tag along with them.  They stop by a cafe.  As Haruka watches Natsuki, still confused of his sudden change in personality, Syo proceeds to explain the meaning behind Natsuki's glasses.  He informs Haruka that if Natsuki ever removes his glasses, he will become a completely different person; who goes by the name of Satsuki.  He tells her that once Natsuki becomes Satsuki, he is impossible to stop.  He also warns Haruka that if you piss Satsuki off, it's all over for you as Satsuki has caused 50,000 people to wind up in hospital just because they've ticked him off, and if Natsuki isn't brought, all hell breaks loose.  He then tells her that Satsuki is a genius at composing and only does that when he's got free time, which means when he's not on a rampage.  Haruka is immediately fascinated and tells Syo that she would love to talk to Satsuki, especially about composing.  Syo brushes away the idea saying that Satsuki doesn't talk to people and Natsuki doesn't remember a single thing about being Satsuki.  'He wrecks havoc, but doesn't remember any of it?' says Haruka slowly.  Their conversation is interrupted by Natsuki who tells Haruka that she constantly reminds him of 'Elizabeth', causing Haruka to remember Natsuki's dog.  When he says that it feels like he's basking in the sun, Haruka smiles and tells him that she too likes relaxing in the sun.  He smiles and says that she really understands how he feels.  He pours himself some tea and the steam causes his glasses to fog up.  He proceeds to remove his glasses to clean them, but Syo panics and quickly cools Natsuki's tea.  Natsuki sneezes and his glasses fly off.  Haruka and Syo stare at the glasses intensed and turn to Natsuki, who has reverted into Satsuki.  He menancingly tells them that they are annoying, causing both Haruka and Syo to freeze up.  Having had overhead their conversation about him as Natsuki, he tells them not to whisper in front of him and slams his fist against a nearby tree as a threat.  Due to the impact, the tree topples over and falls onto nearby tables and chairs causing Haruka to start trembling upon seeing this.  Before Satsuki could finish his threat, Syo sneaks up behind him and places Natsuki's glasses back on his head, reverting him back to Natsuki.  Even though Natsuki is back, Haruka is still terrified of him.  When Natsuki asks why she's looking pale, Haruka brushes it off and assures him that she is perfectly fine and turns to Syo saying 'Right?  Syo-kun?'  Syo hearing this starts fake laughing with Haruka joining in, confusing Natsuki.

They arrive at the concert where Natsuki tells Haruka that he and Syo are Piyo-chan fans and that there was a character show after the concert.  Syo immediately denies being a Piyo-chan fan as they join the crowd for the HAYATO concert.  Haruka is shown excited as the concert starts.  As HAYATO performs, Haruka is dazzled, but has lost her excitement.  Syo seeing this asks her what's wrong and she tells him that the HAYATO she first saw is so different from the HAYATO she's currently seeing.  She tells Syo that HAYATO's song doesn't fill her with emotion.  When HAYATO suddenly drops the mic, she is shocked and worried as the fans cheer him to hang on.  At that moment, someone bumps into Natsuki causing his glasses to fall off and the glasses are stepped on, causing one of the lens to break.  Seeing this, Haruka and Syo immediately freeze up.  Thunder and lightning clash and the crowd disperses leaving Haruka, Syo and Natsuki.  Natsuki by that time has reverted into Satsuki, shouts at HAYATO, demanding why he sings insincere songs and confronts him, after easily fighting off the security guards.  Syo tells Haruka to look for Natsuki's glasses as Satsuki proceeds to perform his song to show HAYATO what it means to have emotion.  

While Satsuki sings 'Orion de SHOUT OUT' (SHOUT OUT at Orion), Haruka manages to find his glasses.  Just as she informs Syo, the lens shatter, causing Syo to panic.  Haruka then tells Syo that she is going to try something and runs off, Syo protesting that the lens are broken.  During the song, Haruka sneaks up onto the stage silently, not wanting to ruin Satsuki's performance.  As the song fades out, Satsuki turns around just as she is about to place the glasses back on his head, startling her.  Satsuki suddenly grabs her hand, pulls her towards him and slips his other arm around her waist to keep her close.  With a smirk, he tells her, 'Let's do something fun.'  He starts leaning towards Haruka to kiss her, but she shows no sign of fear by closing her eyes to accept the kiss.  Satsuki asks Haruka why she isn't scared and she responds 'Well, you're still Natsuki, right?  Natsuki would never do something so cruel.'  This halts Satsuki and Syo interrupts by placing Natsuki's Piyo-chan hat, which has glasses, back on his head, reverting him back to Natsuki.  Oblivious to what has happened, Natsuki is surprised to see Haruka and releases her, but appears delighted when he sees Syo.  When he asks Syo if something was wrong, Syo gets agitated and angrily tells them that they're leaving.  Haruka runs after Natsuki and Syo, but trips over a cable.  HAYATO catches her.  She looks up at him and sees his eyes then stares down and notices his bandaged ankle.  'Ichinose-san...' she says slowly.  Realising that her favourite idol is really Tokiya, she appears shocked.  Before she can ask Tokiya anything else, she is interrupted by Syo who shouts at her to hurry up.  Haruka quickly rejoins Natsuki and Syo and as she runs through the rain, she cannot help thinking that Tokiya and HAYATO are the same person.

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

In episode eight, Saotome takes the students to his private island resort so they could decide on their partners for the graduation audition. Haruka is determined to ask Tokiya to pair up with her for the audition, but after their previous encounter, she still feels awkward. Her thoughts are interrupted by Tomochika who excitedly informs her that she has already decided on her partner; a boy in their class named Yamajima. On the way to the cabins, Haruka bumps into Tokiya and they exchange looks in silence. Haruka is later seen in her cabin with Tomochika in their swimsuits having drinks on the porch. Tomochika notices that Haruka is in a daze and asks if something is wrong. When Haruka replies that she feels a bit jetlagged, Tomochika sees right through her and tells her that she isn't jetlagged. Haruka gets confused and Tomochika explains to her that she is a natural airhead, but before she can explain what she meant by that, she suddenly remembers that she is going to meet up with her partner and quickly leaves. After Tomochika is gone, Haruka sighs that she is a little envious of Tomochika having a partner already.

Haruka is later seen wandering about the beach reminiscing about her encounter with Tokiya in the previous episode, but her thoughts are interrupted by Otoya who runs up to her. He gets slightly embarrassed upon seeing Haruka in her beach clothes. Otoya tells Haruka that he loves... the songs she writes and how they are bright and crystal clear, reminding her of when they were paired up for the recording test (see Episode Two). He finally has the courage to tell her that he wants to be her graduation audition partner just as he leaves, leaving Haruka lost with words.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Haruka is seen in class listening to Tokiya perform 'BELIEVE MY VOICE' and is clearly enjoying hearing Tokiya sing.  She is later walking down the corridors and bumps into Tokiya, after praising him and when Tokiya leaves, Haruka smiles and flirtatiously turns around, swishing her skirt, to which point she thinks, 'If I'm partnered with Ichinose-san, does that mean I'll be partnered with HAYATO-sama?!?'  Her thoughts are interrupted by Otoya who runs up to her to inform her that he has already turned in his form with her name on it for the graduation audition.  Hearing this, Haruka is lost with her words.  Otoya compliments Haruka's songs as bright and crystal clear and how he enjoyed singing the song she composed for him in the recording test (see Episode Two) and that they'll make a dynamic combo if he's her partner.  He unintentionally grabs her hand which surprises her, but he quickly lets go when he realises it.  Otoya kindly tells Haruka that she doesn't have to give him an answer right now, but to think of it.

As Haruka ascends the staircase she reminds herself that Otoya has been kind to her and that she must repay his kindness somehow, even if it means to agree being partners with him for the graduation audition.  When she turns a corner, Ren surprises her with a bouquet of roses.   As he forcefully gives her the bouquet, he also informs her that he has also turned in his form with her name on it, wanting to be her graduation partner.  He tells her that she has reawakened his passion for music by finding the pieces of his lyrics assignment (see Episode Four) and wants to sing her songs filled with love.  Before leaving, he tells her that he'll wait for her answer.  Haruka sighs and wonders what she'll do as she leaves.  She is then seen heading back to her dorm when she spots Syo, who tells her that he has been waiting for her.  Syo tells Haruka that he has turned in his form, wanting her to be his graduation partner.  He tells her that ever since they talked about how they admire their idols (see Episode Five), he started having his eye on her.  Haruka again is lost with her words.  He continues saying that she's light-hearted and kind, and honestly points out that she is a bit of a klutz which made him want to protect her, and that she is a completely different person when it comes to music, and how serious and straightforward she is.  He also tells Haruka that he has finally found someone who understands his feelings and that the person is her.  Syo places his hands on her shoulders and leans in.  He asks to partner up with her and is interrupted by Natsuki.

Natsuki starts calling Haruka 'Haru-chan' (previously, he called her 'Nanami-san') and also asks her to be his partner.  Natsuki compliments Haruka as warm and gentle as the sun.  He goes over to her and tells her that the person who will walk with him in the path of music is her and hugs her, much to her surprise and Syo's anger.  Haruka is lost with her words and Natsuki tells her that she truly understands his feelings.  Syo pulls Natsuki off Haruka and tells him that he is stressing her out.  Natsuki apologises and tells Haruka that he is serious about her being his partner and when Syo tries to tell Natsuki that he and Haruka are already pairing up, he goes up to Syo and whispers to him that he loves him and is a cutie, causing Syo to blush.  Natsuki then tackles Syo saying that he will not let him have Haruka.  As Syo struggles in Natsuki's grip, Haruka uses this as a chance to escape.  She approaches her letter box and sighs, 'I can't believe this, Syo-kun and Shinomiya-san too?'  She opens her letter box, peers in and finds a letter written in neat japanese calligraphy with her name on it.  It's from Masato.  He too has also designated her as his graduation partner.  "Hijirikawa-san too?!?' she exclaims in her head.

She is later in her room with Tomochika who swoons in shock after learning that her best friend has been designated by the five guys.  Haruka is still gazing at Masato's letter and Tomochika tells her that she is a bit of an airhead, because since she is so talented, it is natural that everyone would want her.  She also tells Haruka that she would've loved to have her as her songwriter, to which Haruka perks up, but she brushes it off saying that it just crossed her mind and that she and her current partner are a match-made in heaven.  Haruka frantically asks Tomochika what she should do and she suggests to run a lottery which Haruka exclaims that she can't do that.  Tomochika laughs it off and tells Haruka that all she has to do is; to follow her heart.  Haruka is then seen on the balcony sighing, leading into her song, 'Maigo no Kokoro' (My Lost Heart), though she is not shown singing.  When she enters the classroom the next day, Otoya cheerfully waves at her but she cringes with embarrassment.  During class, Ringo-sensei calls her up to the piano and as she passes by, she sees Masato and Natsuki smiling at her, but she turns away from them and proceeds to the piano, unintentionally hurting the two as they stare after her sadly.  Haruka is then heading to the school canteen with Tomochika when she sees Syo and Ren.  She darts behind the door when they approach her.  They smile and wave at Haruka, making her even more reluctant to come out.

Later that day, Haruka approaches Ringo-sensei to ask about how to choose partners, but Ringo-sensei brushes it off saying that she's suppose to decide for herself.   He suddenly changes the subject saying that there was something important he had to tell her.  He informs Haruka that another one came in today.  Haruka is confused and Ringo-sensei explains that there is another person, the sixth person, who wants to be her partner, shocking Haruka.  Ringo-sensei asks her who she thinks that person is, but Haruka has no idea at all.  'I-chi-no-se Tokiya!' says Ringo-sensei.  Haruka drops her book and freezes.  'Princess Haru-chan,' says Ringo-sensei, 'who are you going to choose?  My head is reeling from all that anticipation!'  After Ringo-sensei runs off with excitement, still cannot believing that Tokiya; who is also HAYATO has designated her as his partner, Haruka sinks onto the ground and cries 'Oba-chan!' before hanging her head and sighing.

Episode Ten

In episode ten, Haruka is wandering down the corridor as students gossip about how the six boys have designated her.  She stops to catch her breath and starts reminiscing about the boys and how they have helped get to where she is now.  Ringo-sensei finds her and asks if she is alright.  Haruka tries to ask Ringo-sensei how to choose partners again, but he brushes it off and warns her that if she drops out or doesn't make up her mind by the deadline, she and the boys who enlisted her will be disqualified.  Haruka is then seen in bed when an idea comes up in her mind.  She goes to her desk and starts writing in her notebook.  The next morning, Syo discovers a letter from Haruka addressed to him.  He skips down the hall excitedly thinking that Haruka has chosen him, then bumps into Natsuki who reveals that he too is also heading to the same place as Syo is.  They arrive at the Third Music Room where the other guys are.  Syo is confused and asks what is going on.  Natsuki and the other guys reveal that they too received a letter from Haruka.

While waiting for Haruka, the guys believe that Haruka has called them together to decide once and for all which one of them will be her partner.  They then hear her footsteps and hold their breath.  Haruka enters the room and reveals that she has written a song for them to sing together.  She explains that she was happy that all of them enlisted her, but having to choose only one of them, she couldn't bring herself to do it and thought that making them form a group would be better.  Just as the guys agree, Ringo-sensei interrupts saying that he couldn't help to overhear the conversation and has informed Saotome about it.  Saotome comes bursting in as usual and tells Haruka that forming a group is a good idea, but however, she has to follow the rules and choose one of the them.

Haruka is seen leaning against a statue not knowing what to do, and in Otoya's flashback when she tells him that she has been a bit selfish and not worry about her.  She then enters the music room and strokes the piano keys when Otoya enters.  When she tells him that she has caused him nothing but trouble, having had been leaning on him all the time, he objects saying that she has not caused him any trouble at all and that he still thinks that debuting as a group is still a very good idea.  He also reveals that he has written some lyrics to her song.  They are later joined by Natsuki and Syo who also agree that they should debut as a group.  Masato joins in later and together, they go and find Saotome to convince him through song.  They find him about to leave on his chopper and Haruka pleads with Saotome to listen to their song.  Ren and Tokiya turn up and the boys perform the song they composed from Haruka's song, with Haruka at the synthesizer.  

After the song is over, Saotome asks what the title of the song is and that he could listen to it over and over again.  Haruka and Otoya exchange looks of clueness and confusion, so Saotome names the song 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%) and leaves on the chopper meaning that he has given the boys permission to debut as a group which Haruka and the guys celebrate.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Haruka is in the practice room with the boys (minus Tokiya) preparing for practice. As the boys wonder about Tokiya's whereabouts, Haruka assures them that he will eventually turn up. Tokiya does turn up and Haruka reveals that she had written a new song for them to sing together much to their delight. They spend today writing lyrics to Haruka's new song, which develops into 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future). She is later seen relaxing by the lake with the boys and in her mind she tells herself that she doesn't need anything else but their songs. When everyone gets excited and confident about acing the graduation audition, Masato suddenly points out to Ren that he still lacks dancing. Ren replies that he will put more effort into his dancing unless Haruka can wink at him. Haruka is surprised and tries to wink to appease Ren, but fails and admits with embarrassment that she can't wink, so Ren requests her to throw a kiss at him instead. She exclaims that she can do that, but Syo shouts at her to not do it when she is about to.

When Tokiya is on the verge of passing out, Haruka is standing over him with the other guys asking him if he is alright which he brushes off. After the other guys leave, Haruka stays behind to make sure that Tokiya is alright, being the only one who knows that Tokiya is also HAYATO. She tells him not to push himself too hard and as he stands up, he suddenly collapses on her shoulder. Haruka quickly stands him up and touches his forehead exclaiming that he is burning. Tokiya assures her that he is fine and makes his leave. The next day, Haruka is in the practice room again with the other guys (minus Tokiya) practicing their song together. Due to his exhaustion from his idol work as HAYATO, Tokiya had collapsed and ended up not being able to return to the academy. As the guys vent out their annoyance of Tokiya's constant tardiness, Ren having had enough of waiting leaves the practice room much to Haruka's dismay.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, Haruka is dreaming of HAYATO while her song 'Maigo no Kokoro' (My Lost Heart) is heard.  She wakes up from her dream worried about Tokiya.  She is then seen with Tomochika when they hear the news on the radio about Tokiya and HAYATO are the same person.  She is later seen in a practice room with Tomochika and the other guys who are venting out their anger and fustration (except Haruka and Tomochika).  Haruka suddenly defends Tokiya which surprises everyone and Natsuki asks her if she knew, causing her to get lost with her words.  She then apologises and Syo exclaims why she didn't tell them.  Masato, however, backs up for Haruka telling everyone that there was a reason she couldn't tell anyone about it and that they should understand her feelings.  She is comforted by Tomochika who places her hands on her shoulders.

Haruka is then seen on the balcony of her dorm wondering whether Tokiya will return, until she sees a white bird.  She runs out of the academy, through the fog and she finds Tokiya.  Tokiya apologises to her for causing her trouble and tells her that he came back to see everyone.  When Haruka tells him that they will surely understand, the other guys turn up, angrily confronting Tokiya.  'So you finally show up, but it was just to whine to the little lamb?' Ren asks him.  Haruka tries to defend Tokiya by explaining to Ren that she just bumped into him, but he tells her to 'zip it' as he wants Tokiya to speak for himself.  During Tokiya's sincere apology, Haruka is on the verge of tears.  He tells her that she has given him hope and that he loves the songs she writes and wants to continue singing them with the other guys.  Touched, Haruka agrees to let Tokiya sing her songs, and the other guys forgive him which is seen by Saotome through his security footage.

Saotome then announces the group's debut and names them ST☆RISH.  The boys are surprised when they learn that they have already passed the graduation audition, for Saotome already heard their song, 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%), and can debut straight away.  As the boys celebrate, Ren says 'Plus Nanami!' and Tokiya telling Haruka that they will be debuting as seven since she is their songwriter.  Haruka happily tells them that she will continue pumping out more songs for them to sing, but Saotome tells her that she can't be their songwriter much to their shock.  Saotome tells the boys that he has hired a famous composer called 'God of Composers' to write their debut song and asks Haruka if she can write a song better than the 'God of Composers', further discouraging her and leaving her clueless and lost with words.

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, is the continuation of Saotome telling Haruka that she cannot be ST☆RISH's songwriter.  He tells Haruka that she does have talent, but he feels that he has been going easy on her all the time.  He also says that she doesn't have the potential of a pro and that he cannot let the fate of ST☆RISH fall into her hands.  When the other guys protest that they want Haruka, Saotome ignores them.  She is later seen outside with ST☆RISH and Tomochika.  Tomochika remarks saying that it was so cruel of Saotome to say something like that to Haruka.  When Ren, Otoya and Syo agree that they won't debut without Haruka, she quickly brushes it aside by telling the boys not to let this chance slip away and that she'll eventually catch up with them.  The next day, ST☆RISH purposely miss their debut rehearsal, still bearing a grudge against Saotome for excluding Haruka from the program.  They vent out their anger in a practice room until a frantic Tomochika bursts in to inform them that Haruka has ran away.

Haruka Encouraged by her Grandmother

Haruka being cheered up by her grandmother.

Elsewhere, Haruka arrives outside her grandmother's house in the countryside (where she spent most of her childhood) surprising her grandmother for her sudden appearance.  After settling down, her grandmother asks her if it's the summer vacation already, but Haruka ignores the question and quickly changes the subject by offering to help her in the fields.  Her grandmother then requests her to play one of her songs she composed for the boys, having had heard a lot about them through her letters, but Haruka replies, 'Someday...'  She is later seen sitting and relaxing on the porch, still thinking of what Saotome said to her in the previous episode.  Later that day, her grandmother finishes sewing a dress saying she was planning to send it to her, but since she's here right now, she asks her to try it on, but Haruka quietly tells her that she may just stay here.  Her grandmother then goes over to the piano and plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' reminding her granddaughter of her love for music.  This prompts Haruka to confess that she actually ran away from the academy and apologises for lying.  She explains that Saotome told her that she didn't have the potential to debut as a songwriter and excluded her from the program.  Haruka tells her grandmother that she was the only one who got cut and how painful it is having to watch her friends move forward, while she herself is kept back.  Haruka bursts into tears and her grandmother bundles her into her arms, comforting her.  'You still met wonderful people didn't you?' she tells Haruka, 'You may never meet people like them again.'  Hearing her grandmother's words, Haruka remembers saying something similar to the boys and realises her resolve.

The next day, Haruka leaves the house looking refreshed and wearing the dress her grandmother made her.  Her grandmother tells her that she is glad that the dress fits her perfectly and asks if she is going back to the academy now.  Haruka nods her head and thanks her grandmother for helping her find her resolve.  She then turns and stares up into the blue sky, smiling, filled with confidence, and ready to work hard again.  She is about to head back when she suddenly hears distant and familiar singing from afar.  She turns her head towards the voices and realises that it is ST☆RISH.  They sing 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future), one of the songs she composed for them, hoping it would convince her to return to the academy.  Her grandmother joins her and asks Haruka if that was one of the songs she wrote and compliments it that it is very beautiful.  After the song, Otoya explains to Haruka that Tomochika told them that she might've gone to her grandmother's house and Tokiya telling her that they have come to take her back.  Ren compliments Haruka saying that she is not just a fan, but a great composer.  'I exist because other people exist.' says Masato and that she has made him realise that.  Natsuki and Syo tell her they need her and that she is responsible for bringing them together.  Tokiya tells Haruka that he wants to continue singing her songs and Otoya holds out his hand for her and says 'Lets... go home together...'  Touched by their words, Haruka bursts into tears, apologises to ST☆RISH and begs them to only sing her songs.  She runs up to the boys and tearfully declares that she is done running away and from now on, she'll be their one and only songwriter, and that she won't lose to anyone.  Otoya tells her that she's right as ST☆RISH also don't want any other songwriter but her.  As Haruka happily weeps, the boys surround and comfort her until they are interrupted by Saotome, who as usual appears out of the blue.

Saotome praises Haruka for her words and compliments the countryside saying that it's a nice place and regrets taking the chopper instead of the train.  He tells her that she has a kind nature and it was her weakness.  Saotome reveals to everyone that he never planned on cutting Haruka from the program, and the whole thing was just an act.  It was a test which he planned unexpectedly for her to see whether she had the potential to be ST☆RISH's songwriter and to teach her the importance of being a professional.  Saotome explains that the world is ruled by the law of the jungle and that he wanted Haruka to be a greedy egotist in the professional world.  He tells Haruka that she seems to have found what she lacked; competitiveness.  He apologizes for suddenly testing her and shouts, 'You pass!' before announcing, 'The person who is going to write ST☆RISH's songs from now on is Miss Nanami!'  Hearing this, ST☆RISH happily celebrate and finally agree to debut, now that Haruka is their songwriter.

Haruka is finally seen backstage hi-fiving ST☆RISH as they proceed to go on stage to make their debut.

Season Two

Episode One

Otoya Embarassed by Himself

Haruka is confused by Otoya's words.

In episode one, Haruka makes her first appearance arriving at the Shining Agency for the Master Course where she is greeted by Tomochika, her ex-roomate and best friend who has also debuted as an idol. She goes inside the agency where she is given a map to get to the Master Course dorms. Tomochika has already begun work as an idol and hurries off, promising to help Haruka unpack when she returns. Haruka then makes her way to the dorms, but gets lost. She gets scared by crows who fly out of nowhere and as she is recovering from her shock, a hand suddenly grabs her shoulder with a voice saying 'Nanami'. Haruka screams for help and it is revealed that the person who grabbed her shoulder was Otoya, who also yelps, having had been startled by Haruka's scream.  He quickly assures her that it is only him making her relieved.  He asks her if she was lost and points out the directions to the dorms.  He excitedly tells her how happy he is that she is ST☆RISH's songwriter and that he is looking forward to singing her songs and that they will be seeing each other everyday from now on. When Haruka gets confused, Otoya realising what he just said gets embarrassed and suddenly remembers having an appointment and makes his leave.

Haruka finally arrives at the dorms. Just as she is about to open the door, the door opens and Syo appears.  She jumps in surprise upon seeing Syo and vice-versa. As Syo picks up one of his boxes, he tells her that he sees that she has been doing well and asks how she thought of the DVD of the 'Prince of Fighting' he had lent her over the holidays.  Haruka says that it was great and tells him that she'll return it to him right away, but Syo tells her to keep it saying that he wants her to keep what he loves most.  They start conversing about the 'Prince of Fighting' and Natsuki is shown napping beneath a sakura tree.  As he wakes up, he spots Haruka and imagines that she is a fairy.  Entranced by her cuteness again, he perks up, charges towards Haruka shouting 'FAIRY!'  He knocks Syo out of the way and sends him flying into the bushes as he hugs Haruka who is taken aback by surprsie.  'I missed you so much, fairy!' says Natsuki.  Syo gets mad and separates Natsuki from Haruka, telling him that he is bothering her.  Natsuki apologises and tells Haruka that she was just so cute that he thought that she was a fairy from a childhood book he used to read.  Syo and Natsuki tell her that they are looking forward working in the Master Course with her.

As Haruka heads to the girl's dorms, she bumps into Tokiya and is knocked down.  She also causes Tokiya to drop his box and spilling the contents.  As Tokiya gathers his contents, he briefly scolds Haruka for being clumsy.  She flushes slightly when he leans towards her, extremely close.  He then smiles and says that he still can't rub off the cold and harsh attitude of his.  He also tells her that they are now professionals and that he is looking forward to the Master Course with her.  Haruka arrives in the girl's dorms where she enters her designated room and is surprised to find Masato in an apron.  She panics upon seeing him, believing that she has walked into the boy's dorms and dashes out of the room.  Haruka gets confused until she spots her name on the door.  Masato walks out of the room and apologises saying that when Haruka's boxes arrived, the movers asked him to show them to her room.  He explains that her room was very filthy that he couldn't help himself but to clean it.  He also informs her that he also had her piano tuned and tells her that if she needs anything to not hesitate to ask him.  Just before he leaves, Haruka tells him that she is looking forward to working with him in the Master Course which he agrees.  Haruka is halfway through unpacking when she hears a knock on her door.  She opens the door to find a rose garden right before her eyes.  Ren appears and compliments that she is beautiful and cute, and how he is looking forward to his life with her in the Master Course.  He tells her that he has named the rose garden in front of her, 'Lady Haruka'.  Before leaving, he gives her a peck on the cheek, making her embarrassed.

Haruka is then seen running up to ST☆RISH in the main hall where she reveals to the boys that she has written individual songs for each one of them over the holidays.  ST☆RISH is amazed of how she is able to compose six different songs and she replies saying that they came up in her head while thinking about them.  Ren compliments that he couldn't ask for a better gift and Syo saying that they have to make good lyrics for their songs in return.  They are interrupted by the arrival of Saotome who welcomes them to the Master Course and introduces ST☆RISH to their mentors, a four person band called QUARTET KNIGHT.  Holograms of QUARTET KNIGHT appear and perform 'POISON KISS', as their introduction before appearing in flesh and bone.  Their old teachers, Ringo-sensei and Hyuga-sensei appear after Saotome leaves to explain the structure of the Master Course. After assigning ST☆RISH to their mentors, Ringo-sensei tells Haruka to come to him anytime if something is troubling her. At the end of the day, Haruka has finished unpacking with the help of Tomochika.  Haruka asks Tomochika how she finds the Master Course and she replies that she finds it hard; saying that the senior she has been assigned to is strict and how everyday makes her head spin. Feeling sorry for her best friend, Haruka hugs Tomochika thanking her for helping her even though she's busy. Tomochika sighs that she wishes that she could live with Haruka but she has to live in her senior's apartment.  Haruka brushes this off and says that she to work hard too.  She reminices of how she became who she is today after ST☆RISH's successful debut.  Tomochika boosts her confidence by telling her that she believes that she will be able to do it before leaving.

As Haruka resumes to finish the rest of the unpacking, she spots the flower Cecil had given her in the previous season which she had placed in a frame.  She suddenly hears a mew from outside and she says 'Kuppuru?'  Haruka ventures into the darkness and spots the green lights she saw when she first met Cecil.  She arrives at the gazebo where she finds Cecil.  He approaches her, takes her hand, goes down on one knee and kisses her hand.  'I am pleased to have met you again, my beloved princess...' says Cecil.

Episode Two

In episode two, is the continuation of Haruka meeting Cecil.  He stands up and Haruka thanks him as she has found something that is most important to her, but Cecil tells her that he should be the one thanking her, as she had freed him from the curse with her music.  He contines saying 'I have been waiting for this day...' as he takes her cheek and tells her, 'I've wanted to touch you Haruka.'  Before Haruka can protest, he slips his arm around her waist and leans towards her to kiss her.  It is then revealed that it was all a dream when she sits up in bed puffing and panting.  'A dream?' she says and strokes her lips, blushing at the same time.

The next morning, Haruka is summoned to Saotome's office.  Upon arriving, Saotome tells her that he wants her to write a new song for ST☆RISH, shocking her, but makes Ringo-sensei excited.  Saotome instructs her to write a song just like 'Maji LOVE 1000%' that he'll want to listen to over and over again and Haruka confidently agrees to compose a song to make people happy.  Ringo-sensei happily tells her to work hard and reminds her how she brought the group together with a single song.  Haruka shoots it down saying that it wasn't her who came up with that song.  Ringo-sensei asks why and Haruka explains that she met a prince (Cecil) in her dreams who taught her, making Ringo-sensei confused and Haruka realising what she had just said quickly brushes it off with embarrassment.  Ringo-sensei laughs and tells her that she is such a romantic, but he suddenly warns her that the princes can be 'pushy' and to be careful, reminding her that she is the only girl in the dorm much to her confusion.  Saotome tells Haruka that he is looking forward to hearing her new song just before she leaves.

After leaving Saotome's office, Haruka wanders about the grounds of the Master Course reminiscing through Cecil's words from her dream.  Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears someone singing and recognises the voice.  At the same time, ST☆RISH has just finished dance practice and are wandering about the grounds too, and they also hear the song.  It is Cecil who appears in a tree.  As Cecil sings 'Ai no Reincarnation' (Reincarnation of Love) Haruka follows his song and is spotted by ST☆RISH.  When the song is finished, Cecil says to Haruka out of nowhere, 'We finally meet Haruka.' causing ST☆RISH to get all tensed.  He swings out of the trees and lands before Haruka and ST☆RISH.  Haruka runs up to Cecil and ends up tripping due to her klutziness.  Cecil catches her as she falls forward.  Haruka asks Cecil whether this is a dream, but he assures her that it is real and kisses her hand making ST☆RISH furious.  Just like the dream, Cecil tells Haruka that he has been waiting a long time to touch her like this and proceeds to kiss her.  

As Haruka panics, ST☆RISH comes to her rescue by charging up to them in a fit of jealousy and separates them.  Haruka is shielded by Masato and Tokiya while Otoya, Ren, Syo and Natsuki pull Cecil off her.  Otoya asks Haruka whether she knows Cecil and she immediately responds saying that she and Cecil have met several times in her dreams.  Realising what she had just said, she gets embarrassed as Masato and Tokiya glance at her with confusion.  They are interrupted by Saotome who appears behind Haruka, Masato and Tokiya.  He introduces Cecil as 'Aijima Cecil' to ST☆RISH and that Cecil is the Prince of Agnapolis, the land of music.  He shocks everyone when he says that Cecil is a 'real-life prince' and that he had scouted him when asked what he is doing here.  Before leaving on his chopper he tells them that today onwards, Cecil will be joining the Master Course.  After Saotome is gone, Haruka is still surprised that Cecil will be with them and Cecil says 'I told you, I will always be by your side.' and smiles.

After Cecil tells the members of ST☆RISH of what he knows of them, Haruka reveals to ST☆RISH that when they had to choose their partners for their graduation audition last year, it was Cecil who had advised her to choose all of them.  The members then realise that if it wasn't for Cecil, then ST☆RISH may never have been formed at all and Haruka begs ST☆RISH to have faith in Cecil.  When Syo asks what Cecil plans to do in the Master Course, Cecil proudly tells them that he has no interest in being an idol and that he only wants to sing Haruka's songs shocking everyone.  Haruka is frantically lost with words as Cecil makes another attempt to kiss her.  ST☆RISH is yet again thrown in a fit of jealousy and separates them.  Haruka is shielded by Ren and Tokiya while Otoya, Masato, Syo and Natsuki pull Cecil off her.  They are interrupted by the arrival of the fourth and final member of QUARTET KNIGHT, Camus, who introduces himself as a Count who serves for the Queen of his country, Permafrost.

ST☆RISH and Cecil then go outside to do the idol fundamental training the senpais have prepared for them.  Camus calls Haruka 'woman' and orders her to read out the cards with the definitions of the Hiragana words which have been scattered randomly across the grass.  After the training, Cecil is dragged off by Camus as Haruka watches with concern while ST☆RISH aren't.  Later that evening, Haruka is working on an arrangement when she spots Cecil on her balcony.  They have a heart-to-heart talk.  Cecil tells her that since he lost the training today, he will have to obey Camus, who has been assigned as his mentor.  He also has learnt that romantic relationships are forbidden in the agency and apologises for showing his embarrassing side to her during the training.  Haruka shoots it down and asks Cecil if he's really not interested in becoming an idol as she thought that the song he sang today was wonderful.  Cecil explains to her that to him, singing is as natural as breathing.  He finds the songs idols sings different and that all he wants is, to sing the songs she writes, leaving Haruka lost with words.

Episode Three

In episode three, Haruka is with ST☆RISH when Syo announces that he has been invited to guest star in a 2-hour special episode of the 'Prince of Fighting' series.  Haruka congratulates him alongside with ST☆RISH.  When Syo is struggling to make the jump in one of the scenes of the drama, which is the crucial scene of the show, he starts training vigorously with Haruka, ST☆RISH and Ai, Syo and Natsuki's mentor watch him outside with concern.  She is later seen in the agency the next day when she finds Syo's bag containing a change of clothes which he left behind by accident and brings it to him.  

Syo stays behind to practice the jump and as he gears up, Haruka calls his name and appears on the other side of the tower.  Surprised, he asks her what she is doing here and she explains that he left his bag behind and has brought it for him, then proceeds to go over to Syo, who yells at her to be careful.  Haruka stumbles upon noticing the gap and gets petrified of how high it is.  She drops the bag and sinks onto her knees, trembling all over then starts crawling back to the door with Syo shouting at her to keep going like that and to not look down.  She suddenly realises that she has left Syo's bag behind and turns around to retrieve it, despite Syo telling her to leave it.  Haruka yells that she cannot do such a thing and the bag falls of the ledge making her panic.  She attempts to retrieve bag causing her to fall off the platform, but luckily, she manages to grab the ledge.  Syo is immediately shaken with fear when he sees her dangling off the edge and he makes the jump in order to save her, successfully making it to the other side due to his determination and his strong feelings for Haruka.  By the time Syo makes it to the other side, Haruka has reached her limit and loses her grip on the edge. Seconds before she is about to plummet to the ground, Syo manages to grab her hand just on time and pulls her back up onto the platform.  Once she is out of danger, Syo pulls her into his arms and hugs her tightly as she quietly sobs. As she does, Syo shakingly tells her that if anything had happened to her he wouldn't know what to do. Haruka apologises to Syo for causing him trouble, but he brushes it off saying that thanks to her he was able to make the jump.  He tells her how thrilled he was to act alongside his idol and believed that being able to achieve such a stunt and making the show a success would mean that he would be able to graduate from being a fan, but Haruka tells him not to force himself much to his surprise. She explains that they have already received that happiness by achieving their dreams and now it is their turn to make people happy and to not forget how they felt back then.

After Syo's accomplishes the jump and the filming is done and completed, Haruka runs up to Syo and tells him that he looked so cool in the drama causing him to blush.  Syo then reveals to Haruka that during the filming, he was singing the song she wrote for him (given to him in the first episode), 'TRUE WING' in his heart and that he feels that her songs are the source of his energy.  He happily tells her that she truly understands his feelings then declares that he will start his own fanclub and Haruka says that she will join.  'What good will that do?' he asks causing Haruka to think that he's not going to let her join, until he plops his fedora on her head saying that it is her certificate of membership and to take care of it.

Episode Four

In episode four, Masato informs Haruka that he has been invited to audition for the lead role of an upcoming historical musical, The Singing Swordsman of Justice.  Haruka congratulates him and wishes him luck.  He also tells her that he is planning on singing the song she wrote for him (given to him in the first episode) for his audition, and asks if it is alright with her which she happily accepts.  Haruka is later seen on the balcony of her dorm when Cecil spots her after training with Camus.  

She allows Cecil into her room and asks if he's alright.  She gets slightly worried when he flops seemingly unconscious onto her bed and gets confused when he tells her that he feels relaxed in her room.  He suddenly pulls Haruka into his arms, saying that he wants to spend his time relaxing with her.  As he leans towards her, Haruka panics until he spots the flower he had given her on their first encounterment, pressed into a frame.  He releases Haruka and she passes out briefly from relief.  Cecil questions Haruka about the flower and she tells him that it is an important keepsake.  She explains that the day they first met, it was the beginning for ST☆RISH and that she wants to treasure it forever.  When Cecil asks her what's so special about ST☆RISH, she replies saying that they sparkle which makes her want to watch them forever.  Cecil comments saying that she is like ST☆RISH's prisoner.  ST☆RISH meanwhile, is trying to help Masato practice for his audition, but he fails to embrace Tokiya, who is playing the lead role's lover (being the most experienced out of the group), which is the crucial scene of the musical.  Cecil mentions Haruka which makes Natsuki and Otoya agree to bring her in, hoping that it would make the embrace easier for Masato, but he immediately turns down the idea not wanting to trouble Haruka.  He goes outside to practice by himself when he bumps in Cecil, who suggests to him to imagine the other actor as the girl he loves, saying that embracing her would be easy that way.  Masato tries imagining Haruka as the woman in the story professing her love for him and gets embarrassed.  On the day of the audition, when Masato performs, he sings his song, 'Koi Sakura' (Cherry Blossoms of Love) which was the song Haruka had written for him, while imagining himself as the lead role in the story.  Upon reaching the love scene, he imagines Haruka as the lover and succeeds in embracing her.  He passes the audition with flying colours.

Haruka is seen running up to Masato the next day and congratulates him for winning the lead role.  Masato tells her that it's thanks to her that he passed the audition, but gets embarrassed when he remembers embracing her in the imagination.  Haruka gets confused and Masato quickly changes the subject by telling her that he wants her to watch him perform and that he'll let her know once the date has been set. She happily accepts the invitation then tells him that she has to go now and makes her leave.  As Masato watches her head back to the agency, he tells Haruka in his mind that she has saved him again, but is interrupted by Cecil who had been watching them in a tree.  He has just realised that the girl Masato loves is Haruka.  Masato tries to deny the fact that he is in love with her but Cecil sees right through him.  When Cecil asks him why he didn't confess when he had the chance, Masato replies that he's connected to Haruka through the 'bond of music'.  He explains that by singing the songs she writes, he feels that he is firmly bound to her, and that his feelings for Haruka is enough for him for now.

Episode Five

In episode five, Haruka is walking through the streets, fascinated by a magazine which features both Masato and Syo.  She excitedly tells herself that she has to show ST☆RISH the magazine once she gets back until she realises that she has gotten lost.  Haruka suddenly hears some children calling Otoya's name and looks up to find Otoya being dragged into a school by a group of small children.  Curious, she goes over and peers through the gates, only to be exposed by a little boy who thinks that she is a suspicious person, catching Otoya's attention.  When the kids go back to class, Otoya introduces Haruka to the school's headmistress.  The headmistress tells Haruka that she has heard a lot about her from Otoya, surprising her and making Otoya embarrassed.  He quickly changes the subject by asking her what she's doing here, so Haruka explains that she went to do some shopping after a meeting and got lost on the way back.  Otoya reveals to Haruka that he grew up in this school as an orphan and that he visits the school regularly, which explains his constant disappearance from the agency.  He then tells her that the school is holding it's annual bazaar and how the children look forward to running it.  He asks her if she is interested in helping out and she agrees.

Otoya takes her into the school and shows her what the children are up to.  One of the kids surprises Haruka with a pop up monster and she asks if they are making a haunted house, which turns out to be the theme this year.  Hearing this, she frantically asks if the bazaar is going to be run in there, and a kid yells at her saying that no one would go in if they did.  A little girl suddenly asks Haruka if she is Otoya's girlfriend, shocking them both and making them unable to talk.  The kids take their silence as a yes and start cheering on Otoya, embarrassing him and Haruka.  Otoya is then called for help and he tells Haruka that she can head back to the agency first, but the kids protest and Haruka agrees to stay and help much to the kid's delight.  She later informs ST☆RISH about Otoya and they get concerned for him.  The next day, she goes to the school with Otoya where the kids have finished setting up their haunted house.  One of the kids shoves Haruka towards Otoya telling them that they are their first customers.  Haruka and Otoya are ushered towards the entrance of the haunted house and when they ask what is going on, the little girl who asked Haruka whether she was Otoya's girlfriend explains that haunted houses are great for couples.  When Otoya protests, the kids urge them to try the haunted house and Otoya ends up giving in easily, then tells them that they're next afterwards.  

He jumps in surprise when he sees a black aura around Haruka. He asks if she doesn't want to go with him but Haruka quickly says 'That's not it!  Well... um... haunted houses are...' and a kid yells at her that she is scared.  Hearing this, she frantically insists that she is perfectly fine as the kids cheer her on. Once they enter the haunted house, the ghosts and monsters terrify her.  There is a sudden crashing sound causing her scream and she darts behind Otoya.  He assures her that it was only a sound effect, causing her to get embarrassed and she apologises.  Otoya suddenly holds out his hand and asks her to give him her hand much to her surprise.  He then takes her hand and asks if they can stay like this until they reach the exit which she agrees.  Haruka describes Otoya's hands as big and warm.  Relieved, she tells Otoya that she has calmed down a little, but Otoya is panicking in his mind.  Halfway through the haunted house, there is a screaming effect which scares Haruka who shrieks and withdraws her hand from Otoya's, so Otoya places his arm around her shoulder and pulls her in closer, surprising her, and at the same time, he tells her to calm down which she agrees.  As they continue, Otoya wishes that they would never reach the exit until they see a bright light round the corner. 

They head towards the bright light and appear in a colourful room with happy drawings.  Haruka smiles and praises the children's work, telling him that she could go through the haunted house over and over again.  She finds a note from the children and shows it to Otoya.  Haruka also tells Otoya that she is glad she got to know him more and wonders how he became the person he is today after reminiscing through her times with him.  Flustered, Otoya tells Haruka that he is willing to let her know more about him and proceeds to confess his love for her, but is interrupted by a skeleton doll which is dropped in between them.  The sight of the doll scares both Haruka and Otoya and they end up screaming in fright.  It was a strategy thought up by Cecil who tells Otoya that the bazaar sounded fun and says that he too will help out.  On the day of the bazaar, no customers show up, making the kids unmotivated.  Haruka comes running back to the school and shows them a poster about a flea market on the other side of the station.  When the kids are on the verge of giving up, Otoya tells them to cheer up and entertains them with his song.  Otoya sings his song 'SMILE MAGIC' which was the song Haruka had composed for him (given to him in the first episode), motivating the kids and attracting customers.  Otoya tells Haruka that he loves the songs she writes and how they make people happy, but Haruka tells him that he has the power of drawing people towards him with his bright aura and voice.

At the end of the day, Haruka appears in Saotome's office where she shows him several arrangements she had written.  He reads through the arrangement and suddenly tosses them onto the table as though he didn't like them, surprising Haruka.  He optimistically tells her to keep writing more songs and that the more she composes the greater the hit, leaving Haruka lost with words.

Episode Six

In episode six, Ren spots Haruka sitting on a bench in the sunset by the lake, composing.  He greets her and tells her that she took his breath away, complimenting that she looked like a princess from a magical kingdom, upon seeing her sitting in the sun.  He asks if she is working on a new arrangement for ST☆RISH and she replies that she is, but it is not done yet.  Haruka then tells Ren that she has heard that he is going to appear on the Japan Boy's Collection, and is surprised when she sees that Ren isn't excited at all and asks what's wrong.  He brushes it aside and tells her that he has changed and it was she who changed him.  He reminds her of the time when she helped him retrieve the torn pieces of his lyrics for his lyrics assignment in the previous season, saying that she helped him find the passion for music which he had lost and thanks her.  Ren tells Haruka that if he hadn't met her, he would not be the person he is today, and Haruka says that she's glad.  She tells Ren that she likes his songs and that when she listens to them, her heart somehow heats and lights up.  Touched by this compliment, Ren tells her that after the show, he wants to give her the song she had given him back to her full of love, confusing her.  'W-with love?' she asks and Ren tells her to look forward to it causing her to stiffen and she has no other choice but to accept.

On the day of the show, Haruka is in the entrance hall when she is greeted by Tomochika.  As they talk about how the Japan Boys Collection is popular, they are interrupted by Cecil who is also going to see the show.  Haruka is about to introduce Cecil to Tomochika, but Cecil reveals that he knows Tomochika revealing that she was Haruka's ex-roomate.  Haruka gets confused and asks whether she already told him about her best friend, but he tells her that he knows everything about her.  Tomochika gets mad and tells Cecil that she won't forgive him if he does anything weird to Haruka.  Cecil suddenly reveals that he has been listening to ST☆RISH's songs and Haruka explains that she wrote those songs for everyone and reveals to Cecil that she is currently working on his song which is still not done, but Cecil tells her that he will wait.  The show starts and Haruka is fascinated when Ren makes his appearance on the runway.  Just as Ren is heading back down the runway, the lights in the house suddenly turn off due to power outrage.  Ren suddenly remembers Haruka complimenting his songs and announces to the audience that he will light up their hearts with his song.  Hearing this, Haruka quickly asks Cecil to give her the disc with Ren's song and hurriedly goes to give it to him.  She is stopped by a guard, until Ren's older brother, Seiichiro, the chief executive of the Jinguji Financial Coorporation, appears and asks Haruka who she is.  When she tells him that she is the composer for ST☆RISH, he immediately tells her to give him the disc and that he'll give it to Ren.

He makes it to the recording room and inserts the disc into the player, surprising Ren when he hears the music playing.  Believing that it is Haruka's doing, he proceeds to sing his song 'Orange Rhapsody'.  His singing lights up the audience's hearts, thus saving the show.  After the show, Haruka runs up to him and Ren apologises to her for singing that song today, revealing that the song he sang during the show was the song she had written for him (given to him in episode one) and that he was planning to sing it only to her.  Haruka brushes it off saying that it doesn't matter as everyone looked excited and happy upon hearing his song and how glad she was.  She also praises him for having such a passionate and wonderful voice, surprising Ren.  When he asks her if she felt his love, Haruka gets embarrassed and he suddenly tilts her head towards him saying that she's a very bad girl for making him go crazy for her, then leans in towards her.  'Jinguji-san?!?' she exclaims.  Ren stops when he sees her trembling and refrains himself. He tells her that he needs her and that he'll wait till she becomes an adult before winking, leaving Haruka lost with words.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, Haruka appears with a worried expression on her face after Natsuki has left after informing ST☆RISH of his job in the gravure ad.  Haruka tells Syo that she overheard Ringo-sensei saying that the job was actually meant for Natsuki's other side; Satsuki.  Syo panics upon hearing this and Haruka explains that the cameraman saw the live concert hijacking on TV and took an instant liking to Natsuki as Satsuki.  When Otoya asks what's going on, Haruka and Syo reluctantly explain Natsuki's split personality problem.  Haruka worries that the director of the ad will ask Natsuki to be Satsuki on the set and Syo saying that Natsuki will have to find a way to do it himself.  Syo then asks Haruka to accompany Natsuki to his photoshoot to make him feel at ease and informs Natsuki of this.  The next day, Haruka appears at the meeting place with Natsuki and as they head to the photoshoot, Natsuki apologises for dragging her along, but Haruka brushes this off saying she wanted to spend some time outside and that she was with Tomochika a while ago.  Natsuki compliments that Haruka and Tomochika are really good friends.  He then declares his love for Haruka, telling her that he loves her so much and asks if she can belong to him just for today, and Haruka nods her head.  He also shows her his finished lyrics he had been working on while waiting for her and after she reads it, she comments saying that the lyrics are overflowing and how they really show his true feelings and desire to become a stronger person.  

They arrive at the photoshoot and Haruka texts Syo to inform him that Natsuki's work has begun.  Natsuki starts feeling nervous when the director tells him that he seems different the last time he saw him and to not hold back.  They take a lunch break on the roof where Natsuki feels discouraged for not being able to show the qualities the director wanted him to, but Haruka manages to boost his confidence by reminding him of the lyrics he showed her earlier.  Touched by this, Natsuki thanks Haruka for her support then tells her that he has a secret plan; the cameraman had suggested him to take off his glasses in the next photoshoot and removes them before Haruka could do anything.  Upon seeing his glasses fall on the ground, Haruka jumps in fright as Satsuki makes his appearance.  'You think you can help Natsuki?' sneers Satsuki, and as he advances towards Haruka, she backs away and stammers, 'S-Satsuki-san.'  Satsuki tells her that he is the one protecting Natsuki from whoever tries to hurt him and that people like her are the most dangerous, believing that Haruka is pretending to be kind and approachable.  After revealing Natsuki's traumatising past which created him, Satsuki tells Haruka that he will work in place of Natsuki, then steps on Natsuki's glasses, crushing them.  He slips his arm around Haruka, pulls her towards him and tilts her face upwards.  He leans in saying 'Let's continue where we left off.' reminding Haruka of the HAYATO concert incident when he tried to kiss her.  As Satsuki gets closer to her face, Haruka can do nothing, but silently watch, until she is saved by the arrival of Otoya, Syo and Tokiya, who have finished their work earlier than they had expected and have come to watch Natsuki's photoshoot.

As Satsuki angrily advances towards Otoya, Syo and Tokiya for interrupting him, Haruka retrieves Natsuki's broken glasses and makes an attempt to put them back on, but he catches her in the act.  He yells at Haruka to not get in the way before attacking her by knocking the glasses out of her hands.  Syo comes to the rescue by charging towards Satsuki, angry at him for attacking Haruka, but ends up playing cat and mouse with him. Masato and Ren have also finished their work early and arrive on the roof to help revert Satsuki back into Natsuki, but they are trapped in the netting along with Tokiya.  As Satsuki makes his leave, Haruka quickly grabs Natsuki's bag and runs after him, grabbing the side of the door to prevent it from closing.  She asks Satsuki where he is going and he tells her that he is going to do the photoshoot in place of Natsuki. Haruka protests that he can't do such a thing and he threatens to make her fingers useless if she doesn't let go.  Just as he proceeds to do so, Haruka yells 'I'll never let go!'  Hearing this, Satsuki hesitates and suddenly opens the door causing her to tumble through and slams the door again in ST☆RISH's faces, locking them on the roof.  Satsuki starts heading down to the studio and Haruka runs after him, telling him that Natsuki can do it himself and pleads to him to have faith in him by showing him the lyrics Natsuki wrote.  She explains that Natsuki has been having feelings that he has been protected by someone his whole life and persuades Satsuki give Natsuki a chance to become a stronger person.  They are interrupted by Cecil who has just arrived and is wearing shades.  Haruka frantically asks Cecil to lend his shades to Satsuki who takes them and before putting them on, he says 'Now I understand why Natsuki likes you so much.' and smirks.  Haruka watches with intense as Satsuki places the shades on his head, reverting himself back into Natsuki.  As usual, Natsuki is oblivious to what had happened while he was Satsuki and Haruka passes out briefly with relief.

The photoshoot is a success and the next day, Haruka is sitting on a bench outside the agency composing when Natsuki runs up to her.  He tells her that they are going to let him sing his song, 'SIRIUS he no Chikai' (Promise to Sirius) which was the lyrics he showed Haruka for the song she wrote for him (given to him in episode one) which will be featured in the music program.  Haruka praises him and Natsuki says that he feels as though he obtained something from this job and that it was thanks to her.  Before Natsuki leaves to practice his singing, Haruka tells him that she is looking forward to the music show.  After Natsuki leaves, the rest of ST☆RISH appear and they comment on Natsuki's performance on the photoshoot.  Haruka tells them that she understands and feels that Satsuki may have understood Natsuki's strength.  At the end of the day, Haruka goes to Cecil's room and presents him his song which she had recently finished, making him happy.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, Haruka, ST☆RISH, Cecil and QUARTET KNIGHT take a break from work by going to a resort owned by the agency.  Haruka was suddenly asked by Saotome to compose a new song and cannot join in the fun.  Ren comments that composing is her job alone and Masato asks if there is any way they can help her, but Tokiya and Ren tell him that it is best to leave her be.  Haruka is in her cabin seriously composing and reminiscing about what Saotome said to her in episode five.  She gets slightly worried as Saotome didn't seem to have approve any of her songs recently and believes that she is missing something.  She breaks from composing and tells herself that she can't doubt herself and that she has to work hard.  Haruka suddenly spots a basket, a bouquet of flowers and a thermal on her porch.  She goes outside and peers into the basket and sees a feast.  She finds a note from ST☆RISH and reads it.  They tell her that she has their support and to not push herself too much.  Touched, she clutches the note to her chest and thanks them for thinking about her.

Later that day, Haruka is running through the forest, heading for dinner when she finds Cecil.  She goes up to him and asks what's wrong and why he is here.  She tells him that it is dinner and asks him to come along with her, but he suddenly pulls her into his arms saying that he cannot suppress his feelings anymore.  He declares his love for Haruka and reveals that he only came here to make her happy and upon realising that he has also made many people happy, he now wants to see everyone smile, not just Haruka and tells her that he wants to become an idol.  When he says that he failed at being her prince, Haruka brushes this aside saying that he gave her something valuable; the formation of ST☆RISH and she encourages him to become an idol.  She tells him that she is happy that he now wants to be an idol and how she thought of how wonderful it would be if he did become one.  When Cecil gets a little insecure, she says that he'll definitely make a lot of people happy and she will definitely support him.  During dinner, she informs everyone of Cecil's decision of becoming an idol shocking ST☆RISH who decide to tease him after dinner much to her amusement.

After dinner, Haruka and ST☆RISH admire the sky filled with stars.  Haruka compliments that the stars look like ST☆RISH.  'They twinkle so much, I could stare at them forever.' says Haruka and Ren jokingly interprets this as a confession of love causing Haruka to get embarrassed making ST☆RISH laugh.  When Syo asks her how the song is coming along, Haruka replies that she has written a few and nothing has satisfied her yet.  ST☆RISH then give their support to her and she tells them that she'll do her best.  They then hear Cecil singing his song 'Hoshi no Fantasia' (Fantasia of the Stars) from the song Haruka had recently written for him.  They find him on a bridge and ST☆RISH ends up harmonising with him, and at the same time, they emit a strange light.  After the song is finished, Haruka realises that the thing she was missing the entire time was; Cecil's voice.  She begs Cecil to become the seventh member of ST☆RISH and declares that she will write a song for all of them to sing together, saying that it will surely make an even better song.  ST☆RISH agree to try it out making Haruka happy.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Haruka rushes up to ST☆RISH in the morning and apologises to them for making them make breakfast for her.  They brush it aside and tell her that they have already finished.  When Ren asks Haruka if she slept well, Haruka's silence causes them to realise that she didn't sleep at all.  Haruka admits that an idea came to her for the new song and had ended up composing all night, Syo commenting on her seriousness.  When Natsuki goes to fetch Cecil for breakfast, Camus informs them that Cecil had been called back to Agnapolis to succeed the throne.  They go to Cecil's cabin where he has left his pendant and song.  Everyone is upset about Cecil's sudden departure as he was happy to becoming an actual group with them.  Haruka picks up Cecil's pendant and returns to her cabin where she is currently composing.  Believing that Cecil will really return, Haruka starts playing her newly composed arrangement on the synthesizer, attracting ST☆RISH who stand outside her cabin listening to her song.  After she finishes playing, she makes the last finishing touches on the score and stares at it in awe before sighing that it is done.

During lunch, she presents ST☆RISH with her newly composed song and they stare at it with bewilderment.  They comment on how amazing it is but they cannot sing it without Cecil.  They decide to write lyrics and leave Cecil's parts blank for him to fill in if he ever comes back.  Later that day, as they discuss the lyrics, Saotome appears on a speedboat with Hyuga-sensei and Ringo-sensei surprising everyone.  Saotome announces their next release, revealing that he has chosen a song from one of Haruka's arrangements for them to sing and praises Haruka for her hard work.  Haruka quickly reveals to Saotome that she has composed a new song making him curious.  She reveals that Cecil's voice was the thing she was missing from her new song and that she wants to make Cecil a member of ST☆RISH.  She tells Saotome that with Cecil as a member of ST☆RISH, there would definitely be a melody he never heard before and that it would create a wonderful song, but Saotome sternly tells her that Cecil has gone back to his country and that he's never coming back.  Haruka quickly shows Saotome Cecil's pendant saying that he would never return home without it and ST☆RISH pleads to Saotome to give them more time.  They are interrupted by Cecil who parachutes down out of nowhere and tells Saotome that he has agreed to become the seventh member of ST☆RISH.

Saotome agrees to listen to Haruka's new arrangement with Cecil's voice.  Haruka plays the synthesizer as ST☆RISH and Cecil sing.  The boys and Haruka emit the same strange light from the previous episode affecting everyone.  When the song is finished, everyone is in a daze and Haruka comments that she never thought that it would create such a wonderful harmony.  After Cecil announces his desire to be an idol and apologises for being jealous of the bond between ST☆RISH and Haruka, she slips the pendant back into his hands, telling him that they all believed that he would return.  She then begs Saotome to let Cecil join ST☆RISH.  Saotome tells them that he cannot abandon the idea of making ST☆RISH into a seven people band and officially names them the 'new ST☆RISH'.  He also names the new song 'Maji LOVE 2000%' (Serious LOVE 2000%).  He announces that ST☆RISH has been nominated for the Utapri Award and that their opponents are another idol group, HE★VENS.  Upon seeing HE★VENS's photo on the screen, Haruka stares at them with bewilderment.

Episode Ten

Starish and Haruka's Reaction

Haruka and ST☆RISH are shocked by Shining Saotome's wager.

In episode ten, both idol groups who have been nominated for the Utapri Award are shown live. Cecil is introduced as the new member of ST☆RISH and Saotome.  They learn that HE★VENS is from another agency group, Raging Entertainment Group, ran by Saotome's rival, Raging Otori. Saotome suggests to Otori that both groups will sing songs composed by Haruka and present him with several of her arrangements. Otori accepts the challenge on one condition that the idol group that loses will be disbanded much to Haruka and ST☆RISH's shock. Haruka is more concerned as ST☆RISH had just been renewed with Cecil in it. They go back to the agency where Tomochika shows them an article featuring both Otori and Saotome about the competition. Haruka is still worried about ST☆RISH getting disbanded but is cheered up when they tell her that they will definitely not lose.
Eiichi hurts Haruka

Haruka attempts to get away from Eiichi Ōtori.

She is then seen leaving the recording studio with ST☆RISH having had been invited to listen to them sing together as seven. On their way out, they bump into HE★VENS. One of the members Mikado Nagi briefly mistakes Haruka as ST☆RISH's manager until Cecil corrects him saying that she is their composer. Hearing this, another member, Otori Eiichi, takes an interest in Haruka saying that he had no idea that it was her who wrote their song. The last member, Sumeragi Kira compliments the song, saying it is very nice. This surprises Nagi since the latter doesn't talk a lot. When Eiichi tells ST☆RISH that they will be disbanded at their hands, Haruka defends ST☆RISH saying that they won't lose. This prompts Eiichi to approach her saying that he loves the look in her eyes, then takes her by the chin and tilts her face upwards so that she is looking at him and orders her to become their composer. Shocked, Haruka is lost with words and Eiichi then grabs her shoulder and attempts to take her away physically, but is stopped by ST☆RISH. Before leaving, Eiichi tells Haruka, 'Victory - and you will definitely be ours' making her terrified.

Tokiya singing Crystal Time

Tokiya performs Crystal Time for Haruka.

When they get back to the agency, ST☆RISH, angry at what Eichii tried to do to Haruka, agree with each other that they will not let HE★VENS take her away. Haruka is seen outside the practice room where ST☆RISH is in and reminiscing through the events that had happened today. 'We can't lose, no matter what.' she says to herself. The door opens and Tokiya exits the practice room and is surprised upon seeing her. She quickly goes up to him and gives him a bag containing items for him and quickly makes her leave, making Tokiya concerned for her. As Tokiya stands by the lake at night, he remembers Haruka finding him practicing late one night as he was struggling with an assignment.  When she asks what the assignment is, she suddenly spots the song she had written for him in his hands. Tokiya tells her not to worry saying he will write lyrics to her song and that he will make it into a song that he can be proud of. At the end of the flashback, Tokiya sings his song, 'CRYSTAL TIME' which was the song Haruka wrote for him (given to him in episode one). When he finishes singing, he spots Haruka walking across a bridge and sighing.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, ever since HE★VENS ordered Haruka to become their composer if ST☆RISH were to lose the Utapri Award, Haruka has secluded herself in her room and is shown sitting on her bed, depressed while thunder and lightning clash outside.  The thought of ST☆RISH getting disbanded keeps repeating in her head and Haruka goes over to her desk and tells herself that she needs to make a song that can beat anything.  She starts working hard on a new arrangement and unbeknownst to her, Cecil is on her balcony watching her from outside and gets concerned upon seeing the worried look on her face despite her determination.  He informs ST☆RISH of Haruka's unusual behaviour and Syo comments on how she has been cooped up in her room like that ever since they encountered HE★VENS.  When Ren comments on how Haruka tries to handle all her troubles on her own, Tokiya says that she must be suffering a lot of pressure and distress as her arrangement depends on the dissolution.

Haruka finishes her arrangement and shows it to Ringo-sensei who praises her skills saying that she has improved a lot and that it is amazing.  Haruka is relieved at first until Ringo-sensei tells her that her arrangement has lost it's excitement and energy, shocking her.  She gets depressed again and wonders what she'll do now as she wanders down the corridor.  Haruka bumps into Tokiya who has finished his work early while the rest are still working.  Seeing that she is depressed, Tokiya hands her a sheet of paper telling her where to go and informs her that he will be singing the song she gave him.  Later that day, Haruka goes to the place where Tokiya has instructed her to go.  She wonders if it is the right place and remembers Tokiya also telling her that he will be appearing in an advertisement and that he wants her to see it, for the song she wrote for him is going to be featured in the advertisement.  He also tells her that he knows she's busy with the arrangement and reminds her that taking a break is also part of work.  The flashback ends and when Haruka looks around, she sees a large screen on one of the buildings which reminds her of when she first heard and saw Tokiya as HAYATO.  'It seems like it happened so long ago.' she says.  Tokiya suddenly appears on the screen surprising Haruka.  In the commercial, Tokiya sings the continuation of his song, 'CRYSTAL TIME' left off from the previous episode, and when the commercial is over, Haruka is too bewildered and touched by Tokiya's song that someone bumps her, knocking her over.  A man comes up to her and holds out his hand, asking if she is alright.  The man is revealed to be Tokiya, who is in disguise.  Surprised, Haruka nearly blows his cover, but manages to prevent herself.

Haruka is taken to a festival much to her surprise.  Before they can try out some stalls, Haruka's stomach suddenly growls, surprising Tokiya and embarrassing herself, so Tokiya buys her some takoyaki to fill her empty stomach.  When he asks whether she has been eating properly, Haruka gets flustered and he comments saying that it is unbelievable that she is incapable of taking of herself when she's serious with her work offending her slightly.  They spend the night together at the festival stalls where Haruka has fun, but blushes whenever Tokiya smiles at her.  As they leave the festival, Haruka thanks Tokiya for inviting her and how she had a lot of fun.  She also compliments that the song Tokiya sang on the commercial was wonderful and that it was a little different from the songs that he had sung before.  After Tokiya explains to Haruka about HAYATO being part of him, and how he needed to accept that side of him in order to sing her song, Haruka is surprised and tells him that he is really amazing, and that she had no idea he had been working extremely hard.  She then declares that she will make a song that would be able to beat HE★VENS and that she will not let ST☆RISH get disbanded.  When Tokiya asks what makes her say such words, Haruka goes all silent and he tells her to calm down.  After Haruka remembers herself saying she will work hard to make songs that would make people happy, she gets lost with her words and sinks onto the ground. Tokiya catches her.  She bursts into tears and says that she lost sight of the most important thing and apologises saying that she has failed as a professional, prompting Tokiya to suddenly hug her and he tells her to share the pain with him.

As they head down the lane, Haruka thanks Tokiya again for cheering her up and he tells her that it was not only him who was worried.  At that moment, Haruka hears some distant singing and looks up as the rest of ST☆RISH appear singing 'Dreamer's Symphony'.  After the song, Haruka is stunned and asks what they are doing here.  Syo tells her not to act so distant and how they couldn't ignore her when she was troubled.  Otoya tells her that they had discussed what they could do for her together.  Ren says that all they can do is to provide her songs with the greatest vocals, and Masato saying that at the very least, they wanted to show her how much they cared for her.  Natsuki explains that they wrote lyrics to one of the early arrangements she had composed and that it was given to them by Saotome during the camp.  Haruka bursts into tears, apologises for making ST☆RISH worry and thanks them for the song saying that it was beautiful.  She tells them that she is so happy and that she'll put all her feelings into their new song.  She gets confused when Syo says to go watch some fireworks now and Masato explains that they were planning on inviting her to watch the fireworks with them and how they had left Tokiya to it when he said he'd invite her.  When Tokiya is interrogated by ST☆RISH on what he was up to with Haruka, she tries to stop the hustle but is interrupted when the fireworks start.  As she gazes up at the fireworks, she tells herself that she will put those happy feelings into her music.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, Haruka has just finished a new arrangement and ST☆RISH praises her songwriting skills saying that they will be able to win with this and to leave the rest to them.  Tomochika and Ringo-sensei appear with ST☆RISH's stage costumes.  She is later seen in the dance practice room with ST☆RISH playing the piano as the boys rehearse their dance routine.  Cecil however, does not know how to dance other dances besides the 'Agnadance'.  When Syo offers to help Cecil dance properly, Haruka plays the piano at a slower pace to make it easier for Cecil.  The night before the Utapri Award, Cecil goes to practice dancing.  Haruka and ST☆RISH secretly watch him having had been worried about him and they are happy that Cecil is trying his best to catch up with ST☆RISH.

On the day of the Utapri Award, Haruka is seen in the speaker room discussing the program with one of the technicians and thanking him.  As she ascends some stairs she bumps into HE★VENS with Eiichi saying 'Meeting you now must be fate.  Good.'  He leans towards her and asks her how she feels to be waiting for the dissolution of ST☆RISH and Nagi saying that they are going to win after all.  'And you'll happily become our composer.' says Eiichi as he smirks at Haruka.  She tries to get past them, but Nagi blocks her path, telling her not to be like that and invites her to watch them rehearse.  Haruka orders them to let her past, but is shot down by Eiichi who tells her that she looks great when she's upset and grabs her shoulder saying 'Come with us.  We'll show you a fantastic dream.' leaving her lost with words.  Mercifully, Ranmaru interferes and sternly tells HE★VENS to quit acting so disgracefully and to settle their matters through their performance.  After HE★VENS leave, Haruka thanks Ranmaru for stopping them and just as she passes him, he stops her and asks 'What are friends to you?'  She smiles and tells him that friends are people who feel each other's passion up close much to his surprise.

She is later seen in the audience with Tomochika as the Utapri Award begins.  HE★VENS perform first and they sing 'HE★VENS GATE' to one of the arrangements Haruka had written.  After the song is over, everyone in the audience and the judge panel are stunned by their performance.  As Haruka stares at HE★VENS in disbelief, the only word she can say is 'A-Amazing...'

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, after HE★VENS's performance from the previous episode, Haruka is in the audience staring at HE★VENS in disbelief and fright as Eiichi spots her and smiles at her gleefully.  Eiichi telling her to become their composer repeats in her head.  When Tomochika turns to Haruka to ask what is going to happen now, Haruka has disappeared from her seat.  Haruka has gone to ST☆RISH's dressing room and listens to the boys discuss how amazing HE★VENS's performance was and that they couldn't believe that the song they sang was one of her arrangements.  They are interrupted by HE★VENS who barge into their dressing room, Nagi commenting that the atmosphere looks really gloomy.  When Syo demands what they are doing here, Eiichi tells them that they have no more business with them.  He goes over to Haruka and grabs her hand saying that they have won already and to come with him.  Just as he proceeds to take Haruka away, she is saved by Syo who angrily yells at him to stop, before running in between them and slapping his hand off her, shocking everyone.

Haruka makes it clear to Eiichi that no matter what will happen, she will never stop being ST☆RISH's composer.  Eiichi tries to make her change her mind by convincing her that HE★VENS are the ones who will make the most of her songs, but Haruka says that he's wrong, by telling him that ST☆RISH sings her songs more wonderfully than anyone else.  Upon seeing her serious face, Kira says 'She rejected him.' and Nagi comments on how she's got a lot of nerve turning down their invitation and adds 'don't come crying to us if you regret it later' and HE★VENS make their leave.  After they are gone, Otoya asks Haruka if she is really alright with that, but she tells ST☆RISH that they are like eternally twinkling stars in her eyes and how their voices make people happy.  She encourages them to give it their all, even if it means to be disbanded.  As ST☆RISH's fans call out for them, she joins in Cecil's prayer to wish them luck in their performance and hi-fives the boys, except Ren who fist bumps her as they proceed to go on stage.

ST☆RISH perform the newly arranged song by Haruka, 'Maji LOVE 2000%' (Serious LOVE 2000%).  After the song, Cecil's pendant emits the 'Happy Pulse' which is spread across the audience towards the universe.  Haruka is enjoying the sensation of the 'Happy Pulse' and after everything is back to normal, everyone comments on how they've never felt so happy before and Hyuga-sensei, who is one of the judges describes them as 'fantastias'.  The boys turn to Haruka who is backstage and Cecil gives her a thumbs up.  Haruka has tears in her eyes filled with happiness.  As the scores are being tallied, Haruka is desperately praying for ST☆RISH's victory until Otori interrupts saying that they don't need the judges results, Nagi protesting that they don't know the score yet.  The scores are announced; ST☆RISH is the winner.  When Tomochika appears backstage, Haruka bursts into tears and throws her arms around her best friend, happy that ST☆RISH has won.  After ST☆RISH manages to persuade Otori not to disband HE★VENS, they request for an encore making Haruka excited. Their debut song, 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%) starts playing, Tomochika exclaiming the title and Ringo-sensei commenting how it all started with that song.  Haruka is finally seen backstage with Tomochika and Ringo-sensei singing along with ST☆RISH.

Christmas Special

In the Christmas Special, Haruka is first seen climbing out of bed and goes over to the curtains to open them.  She gives a happy sigh as she gazes at the morning sky.  She is later seen in the agency with a box of Christmas decorations when ST☆RISH return from their work and she compliments that they have worked hard.  Ren asks Haruka where they should put their presents for the gift exchange and she tells them to leave them on the table for now.  She informs ST☆RISH that while they were at work, she had prepared some Christmas decorations, the ingredients are in the fridge and the cake they had reserved had arrived.  Cecil praises and thanks Haruka for taking care of the preparations by herself and Tokiya tells her to leave the rest to them with Syo telling her not to worry and to go to work.  Haruka happily thanks them and agrees to leave the rest of the preparations to them.

Haruka is then seen leaving the agency on her way to work, when she stops and turns around.  She looks up and sees ST☆RISH on the balcony of the agency seeing her off.  Haruka smiles, bows down to them, then turns and heads off to work.  She is then seen at work in a meeting.  When it starts snowing, she is breaking from the meeting as she watches the snow fall outside.  A client approaches her and informs her that the important client will be late due to the snow so the next meeting will start much later, meaning that she will have to stay behind a bit longer and he asks if she is alright with that.  The client also tells Haruka that she mentioned she had something else to do, but she brushes it aside and replies that she is fine to leave a little later and he thanks her for her consideration, telling her that she is such a great help.  After he leaves, Haruka gives a sad sigh until her phone rings.  It is a message from Otoya who has texted her, informing her that they have finished the preparations for the party and that the snow is beautiful.  Haruka calls Otoya and tells him that she won't make it to the party on time, and when he asks if they should start the party later, she replies to start the party at the time planned and that she'll rush back as fast as she can.

In the evening, Haruka arrives outside the agency in a taxi and is shown clambering out.  She heads back into the agency making footprints in the snow, then stops and stands outside admiring the exterior.  'Merry Christmas everyone.  The best present I could get was this wonderful year.' she says quietly and she bows. She suddenly perks up when she hears music and turns around to find ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT who appear before her dressed in suits and holding candles.  They sing 'Shining Christmas' for Haruka as their Christmas present to her.  After the song, Haruka is deeply touched and wipes away a small tear as they wish her a Merry Christmas.  Tomochika shortly appears and throws her arms around her, saying that she has been waiting for her as well before wishing her Merry Christmas, until they are interrupted by Saotome, Ringo-sensei and Hyuga-sensei who appear on a chopper saying to start the party.

Haruka is then seen throughout the Christmas Party where she gets a snow globe during the gift exchange and posing for a group photo with everyone.  At the end of the party, she is finally seen with ST☆RISH on the balcony telling them how much she enjoyed this year and ST☆RISH tell her that they look forward to singing the songs she will write in the future and together, they turn to gaze up into the starry sky. 

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