Morikubo Showtaro
Morikubo Showtaro
Kanji 森久保 祥太郎
Romaji Morikubo Shōtarō
Nickname Show-chan


Birthday February 25, 1974
Height 165 cm
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Roles Kotobuki Reiji

Shōtarō Morikubo (森久保 祥太郎 Morikubo Shōtarō) is a Japanese voice actor, and singer. He was formerly affiliated with I'm Enterprise, currently affiliated with VIMS.

On February 22, 2007, Morikubo married fellow voice actress Yū Asakawa. However, Asakawa announced in her January 14, 2009 blog entry that the two have divorced. Exact dates of the divorce are undisclosed.

Morikubo remarried to a “regular woman” in 2014. In 2017, he announced the birth of their first child together, a daughter.

He voices Kotobuki Reiji in the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ series.