Mori Haruki
Romaji Mori Haruki
Gender Male
Original not available
Fandisk mentioned, not playable
Music not available
Debut not available
All Star not available
Units with Hyuuga Ryuuya and Tsukimiya Ringo
Mori Haruki is a minor character mentioned in Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ -Sweet Serenade-. Originally, he was Hyuuga Ryuuya's partner composer, but later also became the partner composer of Tsukimiya Ringo. He passed away three years prior to Sweet Serenade when he was hit by a car while retrieving Ryuuya's lucky item.


Though a full picture of Haruki has yet to be released, the composer can be seen to have messy blonde hair. His hair also appears to be styled the same way as Shinomiya Natsuki's from behind as according to the one CG from Ryuuya's route in Sweet Serenade.


  • He shares the same name with one of the actual composers of the series.

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