Bio: He is a robot that was made by a professor, who loved his nephew dearly. He was built to be a replacement for the idol Kisaragi Aine. Kisaragi Aine was an idol who was fed up with being a singer, so he attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in the ocean. However, his attempt turned out to be unsuccessful and he was later rescued, though he remained unconscious.

The professor, who also happened to be Aine's uncle, wanted Aine to understand that the world wasn't all bad, so he created the robot known as Mikaze Ai who was a carbon copy of Aine. In hopes that it would help Aine reawaken from his coma, he then linked their brain activity together so that Aine would experience whatever Ai felt.

Ai (stands for Artificial Intelligence) was forced to join a band called Quartet Night. There he met the 25 year old Reiji Kotobuki, the 22 year old Ranmaru Kurosaki and the 20 year old Camus. Mikaze doesn't recognize them as his friends, only as his acquaintances.

Personality: Mikaze can be a happy-go-lucky person at times, and often has random mood swings. He is serious about his work and teaching. He is not particularly nice to people who do not take their work seriously.

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