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Mikaze Ai
Anime | Game
His way of thinking is the straightest of all.
Kanji 美風藍
Romaji Mikaze Ai
Also Known As Einsatz
Age (game) 15 (D/AS), 16 (ASAS)
Age (anime) 15
Birthday March 1
Horoscope Pisces
Height 178 cm (5' 10")
Gender Male
Saotome Academy
Units with Quartetnight-logo

with Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki
with Kurusu Syo and Hijirikawa Masato

Original Not available
Fandisk Not available
Music Not available
Debut Not playable
All Star Playable
Music 2 Playable
Anime Debut Season 1: Episode 13 (cameo)
Season 2: Episode 1
Seiyuu Aoi Shouta
Mikaze Ai (美風藍, Mikaze Ai) is an upperclassman or a senpai at Saotome's Idol Agency. He is training Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki. He is voiced by Aoi Shouta


Ai is a tall boy with cyan eyes and cyan blue shoulder-fastened hair in a ponytail. Frequently you'll find him in white trousers, white shirt, beige vest and white jacket. You may also see him wearing baggy trousers that are the color of cocoa, and a black shirt and blue jacket, and sometimes find him in a T-shirt similar to the color of his eyes and hair. Near the end of season 2, you can find him in multicolored hoodies. 

Personality and InterestEdit

The senior of Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki. In the anime he's in an idol quartet with Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus called QUARTET NIGHT. In Debut, it's said that he's an android (A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence). Ai is very apt and hardworking. Often is the mediator when Camus and Ranmaru argue. Ai is strict with his teaching. His previous students quit after one month of training under him. He goes by, “If they have potential, raise them. If they don’t, drop them.” Ai calls everyone by their first names. He is seen in the last episode of Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% with the other seniors. Even though he doesn't have interest in eating, he seems to have interest in the vegetable called the "Butterbur sprout". He also customizes a computer which he owns.

In the Drama CDs, Ai calls his fellow seniors by their given names, but in contrast he calls all of ST☆RISH by their full name (family name and given name).


Ai is an android, however, that isn't implied in the anime. You can learn about him in the game:

  • Natsuki route: Ai's shoulder falls during practice.
  • Syo route: Ai starts to stutter and say "What is love?" after he saw Syo blushing after Natsuki had left and just then appears a previously unnamed professor who asks Syo to help Ai learn what love is.
  • During his route in "All Star", it is revealed that he was designed to look like Aine Kisaragi, a former idol and Reiji's best friend who disappeared, in order to help Aine to wake up from his unconsciousness.


Ai first appears with Camus, Kurosaki Ranmaru, and Kotobuki Reiji performing one of their songs as holograms,and ending as their human selves. Shining Saotome stated that the professionals would assist STARISH with their Master Course. Ai was assigned senior to Syo Kurusu and Shinomiya Natsuki. Ai claimed to not have any interest in teaching them, but that they would make interesting test subjects.He moved Syo and Natsuki's items to one half of the room, and made them sleep in bunk beds, as did all the other seniors(excluding Camus). He instructed them not to pass the line of the door. Ai felt that Syo was not disciplined enough and created a daily schedule for him (and Natsuki) to follow, which starts at 5:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm.

Song ChronologyEdit

Unit Drama CD: Ai & Natsuki & Syo
Released on November 11, 2011
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Triangle Beat (with Syo and Natsuki) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
All Star Idol Song: Kotobuki Reiji & Mikaze Ai
Released on August 22, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Winter Blossom Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
Shining All Star CD
Released on September 25, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. QUARTET★NIGHT (with Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
Duet CD: Reiji & Ranmaru / Ai & Camus
Released on September 26, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. 月明かりのDEAREST (with Camus) Agematsu Noriyasu Kikuta Daisuke Kikuta Daisuke
Shuffle Unit CD: Ai & Masato & Syo
Released on December 12, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Beautiful Love (with Syo and Masato) RUCCA Fujita Junpei Fujima Hitoshi
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 2000% DVD Bonus CD 1
Released on June 26, 2013
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. ポワゾンKISS (as QUARTET NIGHT) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on December 25, 2013
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. マスカレイドミラージュ (with Reiji and Natsuki) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on June 25, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. A.I Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi
2. 二人のモノグラム Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on August 27, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. マリアージュ (with Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
2. You're my life (with Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus) Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei


See here: Mikaze Ai/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • Ai is the youngest among the senpai, being only 15, and among the main cast, being at least two years younger than Kurusu Syo.
    • Although despite the age difference between them, Ai is taller than Syo by 17 centimeters (5 inches).
    • It is shown in the game, that whenever he thinks too hard about 'love', he overheats.
  • His name makes his nature very ironic, as 'Ai' means love in Japanese; though when written in kanji, his name spells as the color indigo. Likely, it's also a play  on words; when romanized it could be read as the acronym for Artificial Intelligence: A.I.
  • When asked about the kind of child he, Ai thinks he was the time consuming type. He explains that he was raised carefully and that although he absorbs things quickly, it takes him awhile to understand.
  • He still considers himself a child as he is inexperienced and his existence is incompete.
  • He became an idol because it was expected of him.
  • He does not an idol who he has a goal or aspiration.
  • His type of girl:
    • full of emotion and up front with them.
    • nice skin.
  • If he likes a girl, he would rather be the one confessed to rather than the confessor.
  • He has a habit of observing analyzing unconsciously.
  • The most recent thing he bought was new headphones.
  • His favorite interior items are computers and music equipment.
  • Marathons are his favorite sport.
  • He is obsessed with documenting things that happen throughout his day. This helps him discover new things.
  • His current obsession is online gaming. He often exchanges intel with Ren as they play the same game.
  • He is surprised by Reiji's weight, and thinks Reiji is overweight.
  • If he had to choose a kanji character to represent himself, he would choose 愛 (“Ai" love).
  • He doesn't believe in fortune-telling.
  • He regard Shining Agency as a collection of dreams.
  • When he was 10 he went missing because he was trapped in an elevator.
  • To become an idol, at age 11, he took nurmerous lessons without sleep.
  • He began understanding the pleasures and difficulties in singing.
  • He debuted when he was 13.
  • He became a professional arranger and composer at 14.

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