うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ 劇団シャイニング
Kanji 劇団シャイニング「マスカレイドミラージュ」
Translation Shining Theatrical Troupe: Masquerade Mirage
Type Shining Theatrical Troupe
Characters Kotobuki Reiji (Morikubo Showtaro)
Mikaze Ai (Aoi Shouta)
Shinomiya Natsuki (Taniyama Kishow)

The third track from the Masquerade Mirage CD.  It is an audio drama featuring Kotobuki Reiji, Mikaze Ai, and Shinomiya Natsuki, who are voiced by Morikubo Showtaro, Aoi Shouta, and Taniyama Kishow, respectively.

Cast and CharactersEdit

   - A noble born from a good family. Always worried about his younger sister.

   - A mysterious spectator who appeared at the masquerade. Talks in a cryptic way.

   - A noble who came with Lazy. Has a personality that is calm and kind.


The play opens with Einsatz welcoming the audience to the masquerade ball. He tells them there is nothing more important; than the ability to dance, to find a partner, and to enjoy the night. When inquired about his identity, he explains the purpose of the masquerade is; for you to know ‘nothing’ about whom you meet.
The main story begins with a noble named Lazy arriving at a masquerade ball with his younger sister. Lazy assures his sister that with a mask on, it is alright to make a few mistakes and that no one will know who they are. He tells her to not worry as he will always be there for her during the party, then compliments that she looks so beautiful in her mask and dress, but the sister tells him that she feels tense wearing such expensive clothes. Lazy points out that the necklace she is wearing is from their grandmother, who had given it to her since she is now a young woman who deserved such a necklace and comments that their grandmother was never wrong about things. He helps his sister alight from the carriage, guiding her as it is hard to see with a mask, for she stumbled on a step causing her hair to get slightly messy, but Lazy fixes it. He excitedly starts to head into the ball, until his sister points out that he is not wearing his mask. Lazy thanks his sister, who hands him his mask, puts it on and asks if he looks good, then makes a little joke by calling his sister a beautiful lady and asking her to dance with him. He then tells his sister that from here onwards tonight, they are about to enter a magical like world where she will not know who will take her hand, saying she could be dancing with a prince from a foreign country, but is interrupted by the arrival of their good friend, Sino. Lazy tells Sino that it is no use wearing a mask as he knows him too well since they are childhood friends and that nobody is as tall as him. Sino modestly explains that he was trying to look different for the masquerade and Lazy compliments him that he looks great and vice-versa. Lazy then says that his sister looks way better than she normally is and asks Sino how he thinks of her.

When Sino saw the sister, he was left speechless for a while and compliments her beauty. Lazy is surprised by Sino’s reaction, for he thought that Sino would call the sister ‘cute’ and hug her, but Sino tells Lazy that the sister is so beautiful that she has transformed into some goddess. He then approaches her and tells her that she may not be a person whom he has known well and asks if he could remove her mask to make sure it really is her, saying she may have already turned into a goddess. The sister asks if he is joking, but he tells her he isn’t. Sino removes the sister’s mask and is relieved when he sees her face, telling her that she looks even more beautiful without the mask, saying it might be because of the moonlight shining into her eyes and he wishes to watch them as long as he can. It seems as though Sino has romantic feelings for the sister. Lazy interrupts by telling him to put the mask back on his sister, but Sino is seemingly reluctant saying it is a pity no one would be able to see the her face since she is so beautiful, then points out it won’t be called a masquerade if no one is wearing masks. Sino asks the sister if he can watch her face a little longer, but Lazy impatiently tells him that if they don’t go now, the masquerade will be soon over. Sino assures him that the ball won’t finish that early and Lazy quickly changes the subject by asking him whether he is wearing glasses beneath his mask. Sino replies that he cannot wear a mask over glasses, so he had a mask with lenses specially made for him. He asks Lazy if he would like to see them, but Lazy brushes it off saying that he doesn’t need to and thanks him for informing him of this, implying that something will happen to Sino if his glasses are removed. Sino then asks if they should head inside now and Lazy agrees.

Einsatz continues the narration by announcing to the audience that the masquerade has started. He wonders what awaits Lazy, Sino and the sister, who have known each other since childhood, then informs the audience that his turn is coming up soon and he should be getting ready now.

They enter the ballroom and Lazy comments that the masquerade seems to be going well and Sino saying that there are a lot of people. Lazy points out the couple who are the hosts of the event and Sino interrupts by informing him that a group of girls are calling for him. Lazy feels he should greet them and asks Sino to look after his sister for a while. As they watch Lazy greet the girls, Sino comments on how Lazy has always been popular around girls, saying how good looking and sociable he is. The sister suddenly asks Sino whether Lazy has a sweetheart in that group of girls, and he replies that he doesn’t know, for Lazy never mentioned about having a special person saying that he could be anyone’s sweetheart. Sino asks the sister if she is relieved to learn that her brother isn’t in love with anyone and calls her sweet too. Lazy shortly returns and the sister questions what he was talking about with the girls. Lazy replies that they were discussing about daily topics then turns to Sino and tells him that a ‘certain man’ has returned. Sino is aware about this ‘certain man’ as he has something to do with jewelry and he too, has also heard that he is back. The sister gets curious and inquires about who this ‘certain man’ is, and Sino explains to her that he and Lazy always talk about him as they both wonder what kind of person he really is. Sino is also surprised to learn that the sister knows nothing about the ‘certain man’ and before he could her anything more about him, Lazy interrupts by telling them that the music has changed and asks his sister (calling her lady), to have her first dance with him. Sino also asks the sister if he can dance with her after her brother which she accepts, making him happy. Lazy takes his sister onto the dance floor where they commence dancing.

As they dance, Lazy compliments his sister’s dancing, telling her that he did not know how she suddenly became such a good dancer. The sister replies that it is natural to become good at dancing when growing up and Lazy agrees that it is true. The sister starts puffing out her cheeks and when Lazy asks if a ‘real’ lady does that, she explains that she doesn’t want him to treat nor think of her as a little sister all the time. He laughs and says she’s right too and reveals that he actually hasn’t been thinking of her as his sister. Lazy suddenly asks her what she will do if he were to tell her that he is not her brother by blood, hinting that his feelings for his sister is more than family love. He then laughs it off saying he was only joking and they are blood-related after all, though there is a possibility that he may be right. The ballroom starts getting crowded and the sister nearly bumps into one of the dancers, but Lazy manages to guide her out of the way. He explains that masks can make the eye sight much narrower and shows her how to dance well with a mask, then says that telling her this makes him feel like a good brother to her and how she has always respected him for this. Lazy tells his sister that for her, he feels that he has to be a good enough person who is gentle, reliable and full of pride before realising that the music is slowly coming to an end. He sighs and wishes that the time spent dancing with her would last longer. They rejoin Sino who compliments their dancing and how great they looked together, saying that everyone was looking them. Lazy tells Sino that he looks great too, for Sino had been surrounded by girls while he and his sister were dancing, and asks what he was talking about with them. Sino replies that the masquerade invited a musician, which intrigues Lazy and he inquires whether the musician performing at the ball tonight will play an instrument or sing. Sino tells him that the musician is a singer whose voice is suppose to sound like an angel and they decide to listen to the singer together, but before that, Sino requests to have one dance with the sister just as the music starts.
He takes the sister onto the dance floor and since the music is lively this time, he excitedly twirls her, but quickly stops and apologises when she gets dizzy. As they resume dancing, he tells her he will be careful and apologises again saying that he does it a lot all the time. The sister assures Sino that he isn’t doing it too much and he tells her that she is gentle saying this to him. The sister disagrees and tells him that she isn’t the one who is gentle; he is. Her words remind Sino of their childhood and he says that he is glad she remembered it, then comments on how the three of them, (Lazy, Sino and the sister) have always been together since that time. He then tells the sister that after all those years, he never expected her to have grown into such a beautiful lady and how he could not imagine it. The sister then compliments Sino that he too has grown into a handsome man which makes him happy and he tells her that she is good at making him happy and how her smile has not changed since childhood. The music soon comes to an end and Sino informs the sister that the singer’s performance is next, so they rejoin Lazy to listen to the singer just as his performance starts. The singer sang a simple melody, and when the performance was over, they applauded him, Sino commenting that he is so good and how his voice really did sound like an angel. Lazy says that the singer is worth calling for until Sino tells him that the sister has disappeared and inquires where she went. Lazy knew his sister loves songs and assumes she went to meet the singer, but Sino points out that the singer is also gone. Lazy starts having a bad feeling, so they hurriedly search for the sister.
Elsewhere, the singer is wandering down the hallway, telling himself about the two jobs he is working on; the first was to sing just one song for the ball, which he has done, and the other to find something “valuable” which he has been unable to do, so he decides to leave. Just as Lazy had suspected, the sister did chase after the singer; having had been mesmerized by his voice. She runs up to him and tells him that his singing has touched her, which flatters the singer who thanks her for the compliment and proceeds to leave again, but she stops him. Desperate to leave, he impatiently asks her if she has anything more to tell him until he heard footsteps and quickly hid, pulling the sister along with him. After the footsteps passed by, they emerge from their hiding place and the singer explains that he hid; because he saw a patron who was extremely talkative. He introduces himself as ‘Einsatz’ and the sister questions why he changed some parts of the song he sung from the original. This surprised him and made him wonder how she was able to notice such a thing. Einsatz explains that the musicians played one part of the song differently, so he improvised that part and compliments her knowledge of music. He then told her that she looked around his age, but she disagreed for she assumed he was older than her due to his height. Einsatz agreed with her assumption, but tells her that his height is suitable for his age group and to prove this, he took off his mask to show her his real face, then asked her to reveal hers. He removed the sister’s mask and upon seeing her face, he exclaims that she is beautiful and asks if he can look at her more closely. Einsatz then questions for her name, but she tells him that it is an etiquette to not reveal one's name at a masquerade. He assures her that they are not in the ballroom, so it is alright and just before the sister could tell him her name, they were interrupted by the arrival of Lazy.

Lazy confronts Einsatz and demands to know what he was trying to do to his sister, believing that he was making advances towards her. Einsatz replied he was only asking her for a dance, but Lazy did not believe him. Einsatz then asks Lazy who he is, but Lazy tells him that it is a rule at a masquerade to not know whom you meet nor dance with, and introduces himself as the older brother of the sister. Seeing how overprotective Lazy was towards the sister, Einsatz gently tells her to rejoin her brother calling her a good girl. The sister went back to Lazy who briefly scolds her for not calling him when she needed him and for suddenly running off like that. Sino shortly arrives, unintentionally revealing Lazy’s name to Einsatz and appears relieved that the sister has been found. When Sino saw Einsatz without his mask, he exclaims that he looks cute making him slightly agitated. Einsatz then asks Sino who he is, but the question is ignored when Sino tells him that his voice sounds much better up close and calls him cute again before hugging him, which surprises him, until Sino suddenly notices something, releases Einsatz, and pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket. Lazy asks what the paper is about and Sino tells him that it is a wanted poster about a theif who has been stealing jewelry, then checks Einsatz’s finger shape and realises that the description matches him perfectly. Hearing this, Lazy tells Einsatz that it is no use trying to hide his hands and Sino says that he knows his name and his looks, then comments that masquerades are extremely interesting. Realising that Sino is a policeman, Einsatz remarks how careless he has been, then says it is a pity by asking who said his current face is real. He tells Lazy and Sino that he will give them a piece of information; he is a genius in disguise and it is useless to remember his face, before throwing his mask at Sino, knocking him down, then ran up some stairs to escape.
Lazy urges Sino to chase Einsatz, but Sino is so surprised that his mask falls off. Lazy starts to panic as Sino’s mask tumbles onto the ground and the atmosphere suddenly darkens for Sino has become a completely different person; an extremely dangerous person. Lazy tells him to wait, but in an aggressive and vengeful voice, Sino replies that he does not wait, which startles Einsatz who exclaims that Sino’s personality is entirely different. Sino yells at Einsatz to not think it is alright for touching the sister while Lazy tries to get him to put his mask back on, but Sino refuses his mask as he wants to play with Einsatz and asks Lazy to let him do it and to not get in the way. Einsatz is still confused of Sino’s sudden change of character, but seeing how dangerous he is already, tells himself that it is best to leave quickly. Sino somehow, hears Einsatz and shouts that he will not let him escape so easily before punching the wall, causing the whole mansion to shake, stopping Einsatz, and Lazy exclaims how the punch was so strong. Sino catches up to Einsatz and chases him, as well as throwing punches at him at the same time. Einsatz however, is able to dodge the attacks and Sino compliments that he is good. As Lazy runs after Sino and Einsatz, he explains that they cannot do anything when Sino becomes like that and yells at Einsatz to continue running, but he trips. Sino approaches Einsatz cracking his knuckles saying that it is a pity he tripped and tells him that he will beat him up. He raised his fists and was about to punch Einsatz, but Lazy interfered by placing his mask back on his head. Sino was reverted back to his usual self and was oblivious to what had just happened. Einsatz is relieved that he has been saved until Lazy places a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, telling him that he has been caught. When Sino asks what he had been doing all this time, Lazy explains that Sino will have no memory of what he did when his glasses were off and tells him to just think that they both arrested Einsatz together. Hearing this, Einsatz tells them that they are kidding and suddenly jumps down to where the sister is. Lazy gets worried after remembering his sister, so he and Sino run after Einsatz, Lazy warning him that if he does anything to his sister, he won’t forgive him.

Meanwhile, Einsatz told the sister that she and him are a good match, despite their short meeting for he has to continue running from the police. He tells the sister that his face and name are not real, and asks if she would be able to recognize him if they were to meet again someday. She replies that she will be able to find him since she knows his voice, and he laughs saying it can true. Einsatz frees himself from the handcuffs and tells her to find him, saying it is their promise, then parts with a kiss to the sister and disappears just as Lazy and Sino arrive. Lazy was shocked upon seeing Einsatz kissing his sister, but was relieved that it was only on the forehead, then inquires about Einsatz, but Sino tells him that Einsatz has already escaped. Lazy frantically asks his sister if she is alright and whether Einsatz did anything else to her, but Sino assures him that she is perfectly fine. Lazy apologises to his sister for being careless then panicked when he noticed that her necklace is gone for Einsatz had taken it, and the sister explains to Lazy and Sino, that before Einsatz left, he told her to tell them that he wanted them to continue chasing him and eventually catch him in order to retrieve her necklace. Hearing this, Lazy saw the look in his sister’s eyes and realises that she has fallen in love with Einsatz, for the real stolen thing was; her heart. Lazy was initially against his sister being in love with a theif, but eventually agreed after Sino promised her that he will support her love after Einsatz serves his term in prison. They hear the music in the masquerade slowly coming to an end so they return to the ballroom. As they head back, Sino comments on how this evening was full of surprises and Lazy wishes that everything that had happened a while ago would be all just a dream. As the play concludes, Lazy wishes his sister happiness until the song ends and together, he and Sino ask her to dance with them.


  1. Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Shining Theatrical Troupe (Japanese)
  2. Character Description translated by Mizuno Aoi


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