うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ 劇団シャイニング
Kanji マスカレイドミラージュ
Translation Masquerade Mirage
Type Shining Theatrical Troupe
Artist Kotobuki Reiji (Morikubo Showtaro)
Mikaze Ai (Aoi Shouta)
Shinomiya Natsuki (Taniyama Kishou)

The first CD from the Shining Theatrical Troupe series, featuring Kotobuki Reiji, Mikaze Ai, and Shinomiya Natsuki, who are voiced by Morikubo Showtaro, Aoi Shouta, and Taniyama Kishou, respectively. It contains two audio drama tracks, one song track, and an instrumental track. The CD was released on December 25, 2013.

Track ListEdit

 01. テーマソング「マスカレイドミラージュ」
   Romaji: Theme Song: "Masquerade Mirage"
   Translation: Theme Song: "Masquerade Mirage"

 02. 公演前トーク「大きな子供と小さな大人」
   Romaji: "Kouen-mae Talk: Ookina Kodomo to Chiisana Otona"
   Translation: Pre-performance Talk: "Big Kids and Little Adults"
   Characters: Kotobuki Reiji, Mikaze Ai, and Shinomiya Natsuki

 03. 劇団シャイニング「マスカレイドミラージュ」
   Romaji: "Gekidan Shining: Masquerade Mirage"
   Translation: Shining Theatrical Troupe: "Masquerade Mirage"
   Characters: Kotobuki Reiji, Mikaze Ai, and Shinomiya Natsuki

 04. テーマソング「マスカレイドミラージュ」 (off vocal)
   Romaji: "Theme Song: Masquerade Mirage *off vocal"
   Translation: Theme Song: "Masquerade Mirage" *off vocal



In a certain time period. The masquerade that was opened every night was the secret social meeting place for the noble.

Tonight, also, in front of the mansion, carriages appear one after the other. Beyond the doors are, a momentary world of dreams. Everyone dressed up beautifully, and enjoyed dancing.

Class and title were all behind the mask. It must be that no one knows who’s who. But, that is a masquerade.

The moment after we finish dancing, Is the person whose heart gets stolen, you, or me.

The magic-like night silently advances.[2][3]


   - A noble born from a good family. Always worried about his younger sister.

   - A mysterious spectator who appeared at the masquerade. Talks in a cryptic way.

   - A noble who came with Lazy. Has a personality that is calm and kind.



01. Masquerade Mirage
    Guitar Kanow Nozomu (加納 望)

All Other Instruments & Programming by Fujita Junpei
Directed by Fujita Junpei (Elements Garden)
Recorded at ARIA Studio
Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Production Management Suita Asami (吹田 亜沙美) (ARIA entertainment)
Total Sound Produced Agematsu Noriyasu

Mix: Brave Hearts
Recording Studio: Brave Hearts, musicbox STUDIO

Illustrated by Chinatsu Kurahana (倉花 千夏)
Package Designed by byokko

Published by b-green
Distributed by King Records Co., Ltd.



Cover and BookletEdit



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