Season One

Episode One

Syo meets Haruka

Syo becomes friends with Haruka.

In episode one, Syo makes his first appearance when he catches Haruka's lunch card in the queue, when she drops it due to her klutziness. 'Safe!' he says and grins at her. He gives her back her lunch card and when Ren calls him 'Ochibi' (Munchkin), due to his shortness, he gets agitated and angrily tells Ren that his name is 'Kurusu Syo' and not 'Ochibi'. He is then seen with Ren eating lunch at a table and getting annoyed when Ren makes several girls excited.

Episode Two

In episode two, he is with his roomate, Natsuki, who tries to put a frog cap on him telling him that he's cute.  Syo gets furious and tells Natsuki to never use the 'keyword' (cute) on him, grabbing Natsuki's shirt at the same time.  Natsuki tackles him as he screams to let him go just as Otoya enters their room.  When Natsuki gives Otoya lyric writing advice, Syo tells Otoya to not listen to a genius like Natsuki and that those who are not geniuses can succeed.  He is wearing the frog cap and gets angry and agitated when Natsuki starts taking photos of him non-stop with his camera phone.  He screams 'How long are you going to take photos of me?!?' as Otoya leaves their room.

Episode Three

In episode three, Natsuki forces Syo to accompany him to teach Otoya how to bake cakes with Syo screaming that he doesn't want to.  As Natsuki begins baking, Syo whispers to Otoya that he's going to see what hell is like.  While Natsuki is putting all his ingredients in a blender, Syo is yelling at Natsuki throughout the process to stop.  When Natsuki's cakes are done, Syo clings onto Otoya at the sight of Natsuki's cakes.  When Natsuki asks Syo to be the first one to taste it, Syo panics and screams 'Why me?!?' and shoves Otoya in front of him before running off, telling him 'I'll leave the rest to you!'  After Otoya passes out due to the disastrous taste, Syo is seen running out of the dorms puffing and panting. He stares up at the sky and sees a red shooting star.  'Otoya, I won't forget you!' he says.  At that moment Nastuki jumps out of the window and feeds Syo his cooking.  Syo's face turns green and screams in disgust.  A pink shooting star shoots across the sky.  He is later seen with Otoya trying to prevent Natsuki from giving his cakes to Haruka.

Episode Four

In episode four, Syo is seen running up to Ren reminding him of his delayed lyrics assignment and the harsh punishment that Hyuga-sensei warned him about.  Ren brushes this off by saying 'Is that right?', with Syo mimicking him and getting agitated saying that Hyuga-sensei did not say that.  He freezes up when Hyuga-sensei appears and tells Ren that if he doesn't turn in his lyrics assignment by the end of tomorrow, he will be expelled on the spot which shocks Syo.

Syo is later seen in the study hall with the guys from A-class, Haruka and Tomochika.  When Natsuki is presenting some cookies of cats, zebras and pigs, Syo asks where they came from and when Natsuki tells him that he made them, Syo freaks out, telling Natsuki that he cannot trust whatever he bakes. Natsuki defends his baking by telling Syo that homemade foods are the safest and offers Haruka one. Syo panics and tells Haruka that if she eats one she'll die, but not wanting to make Natsuki angry, he quickly pretends he never said that and begins whistling a random tune.

Syo is seen helping Haruka with their friends to search for the pieces of Ren's lyrics assignment.  Ren then performs his lyrics assignment, 'Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart' (To the Ends of the Earth, Believe Heart) to the whole school and Syo with the others joining Ren in the recording studio and dancing to his song.

Episode Five

In episode five, Syo is spotted in a tree by Haruka, but he didn't notice her until she calls his name which surprises and causes him to fall off the tree.  When Haruka asks whether he's alright and needs to go to the Infirmiry, Syo picks himself up and sternly tells her not to tell anyone that she saw him there before walking away.  He is mentioned by Otoya who tells Haruka and Tomochika that Syo is a huge fan of Hyuga-sensei after showing them a magazine featuring an upcoming movie which Hyuga-sensei is starring in and that there's an audition to get a chance to star alongside him.  Syo then bumps into Haruka and Tomochika on their way to lunch and he reveals to them that he already has heard of the audition.  When Haruka spots Natsuki and calls out to him, Syo panics, grabs Haruka's hand and runs off, dragging her along.  He takes her round the back of the school and tells her that whenever Natsuki is around, things get complicated for him.  Haruka asks him if he's really going to audition in which he replies with a grin, 'You think I'd let this chance get away?  After all, we're talking about the Prince of Fights'.  Haruka gets confused and asks what the 'Prince of Fights' is.  Syo gets shocked, grabs both her shoulders and exclaims, 'You didn't know?'  Haruka apologises and tells him that she may be a bit behind the times, but he brushes it off and explains that the 'Prince of Fights' is a major hit TV series in which his teacher, Hyuga-sensei stars in, leading into his song, 'Otokogi Zenkai Go!  Fight!!' (Full-Throttle Chivalrous Spirit, Go!  Fight!!) where both Haruka and Syo fantasize of being the characters in the 'Prince of Fights'.  After the song, Haruka compliments that his song was wonderful, causing Syo to blush and he allows Haruka to call him 'Syo' (during that time, Haruka called him 'Kurusu-kun').

Syo tells Haruka that he has been a fan of Hyuga-sensei and watching him act in the 'Prince of Fights' has really inspired him to become a stronger person.  He was also really excited when Hyuga was his teacher for S-class.  Haruka then tells Syo that she is a fan of HAYATO, which Syo seemingly finds it weird like Tomochika, saying that he doesn't fit her image.  Haruka defends this by saying that HAYATO's songs are fantastic.  She explains that HAYATO inspired her to become a songwriter, wanting to make people happy when they listen to the songs she writes.  Syo then spots Hyuga-sensei jogging and practicing his punchs and kicks, gasping in awe.  Syo tells Haruka that he is happy that he has found someone who understands admiration of an idol, but it is interrupted when Natsuki appears and captures Syo in a net.  The net starts swinging pretty high and Syo starts panicking.  Natsuki explains to Haruka that Syo is not comfortable with heights.  He is later seen in the library with the guys from A-class, Haruka and Tomochika shivering after being let out of the net.  When Otoya and Tomochika mention that the 'Prince of Fights' is full of high places, Syo begins to panic while trying to deny the fact that he is acrophobic.  Syo reluctantly admits that he's scared of heights and that he needed to sort that out before auditioning.  Haruka, at that moment realises that the reason why Syo was up in the tree earlier that day was; he was simply trying to overcome his acrophobia.  Natsuki asks Syo why he always acts secretive and Syo tells him that he finds him scary and that he also finds Natsuki's smile terrifying.  Seeing that Syo wants to fulfill his dreams of acting alongside his idol, Otoya suggests that they help Syo overcome his acrophobia.  Ren surprises Syo by asking to join in the training.  Syo seeing that everyone is willing to help him, agrees to do his best.

Syo is then seen paralysed with fear.  'This is the first step?' he stammers as he stares down from where he is standing.  His friends have placed him on a plank which is placed on the edge of one of the school towers.  A rope is tied around his waist and the other end on the plank.  Natsuki tells him that exposure therapy is the best solution as Syo wobbles as he stares down.  Syo screams at Natsuki to not push him, but Natsuki doesn't listen and pushes Syo off the plank causing him to lose his balance and plummet down.  Syo goes through three more trainings screaming 'I really regret this!', 'I can't do it!', 'I'll do what you say!' and 'You'll pay for this!'  He is then seen lying on a bench half unconscious murmuring 'So high...  I'm scared...  I'm going to die...' repetitively.  When Masato says that it's time to call quits, Natsuki tells them that they've been too kind to him up till now and reveals that a friend of his has developed a rocket and that if they take Syo up just 10,000 meters (32,808.4 feet), he will definitely be cured from his acrophobia.  Syo hears this and gets really terrified causing his face to burn up.  Haruka returns with some water and Tomochika uses it to cool him down.  Syo turns pale and passes out.  

Saotome appears out of nowhere having had been eavesdropping, and decides to find out what caused Syo's acrophobia through hypnosis.  When it seemed as though Syo has fallen asleep he sits up and says that it is lame, but suddenly dozes off.  Saotome tells him that he is going to unravel his childhood memories.  He tells Syo that he is three and on a ferris wheel, he asks if he is scared to which Syo replies, 'Nope, it's fun...'  He then tells Syo that he is now four and is still on a ferris wheel.  He asks again whether Syo is scared.  Again, Syo replies 'No, I ain't scared...'  Saotome tells Syo that he is now five, and again asks whether he is scared.  At that moment, Syo begins to cringe and his fists tightens.  He lets out a huge scream and starts screeching 'I'm scared!  Get me down!' startling everyone.  Saotome asks him what happened and still under the hypnosis, Syo yells, 'How many times do I have to tell you to stop chasing me?!?'  In a flashback of his childhood, a five-year-old Syo is being chased up a tower by a young Natsuki, who is trying to catch him with a net.  While being chased, Natsuki tells him that he is so short and cute and Syo telling him to stop.  He reaches the top of the tower and is cornered by Natsuki who advances towards him causing him to lose his footing and fall out of the window.  He manages to grab the ledge of the window, but when he stares down, he panics and loses his grip.  Seconds before he could plummet to his death, Natsuki saves him by grabbing his hand.  Syo gets scared seeing how high he is, and runs back up into the tower.  The flashback ends and Syo wakes up from his hypnosis.  'Natsuki...' he growls, 'You're the culprit!'  He jumps up and grabs Natsuki by the collar of his shirt.  When Natsuki says that he remembers something like that happening, Syo corrects him with a monster coloured face saying that it happened exactly like that.

Syo does overcome his acrophobia in the end and is seen sitting on a bench gloomily.  Everyone is surprised that Syo has changed his mind about auditioning.  Tomochika asks him why he decided not to, which Syo angrily tells them to look at the notice in the magazine carefully.  He points to a small text which read, 'The role will be the main character's younger sister', shocking everyone.  Syo sighs and crushed, says that he had been hoping to act alongside with Hyuga-sensei.  At that moment, Natsuki appears with a lolita dress and tackles Syo into it along with a wig with a large ribbon.  Tomochika says that this might work with Haruka complimenting that he looks good and Natsuki taking pictures of him.  Syo shrieks at them to stop joking around but Hyuga-sensei comes jogging by and spots Syo in the dress.  Thinking that Syo is actually a girl, he tells him that he is exactly what he had in mind for the role of his younger sister for the movie and asks for his name.  'Syo...' says Syo in which Hyuga-sensei replies, 'Make sure you audition, Syoko-chan!' before running off.  Syo freezes up in shock that his favourite idol has mistaken him for a girl and sinks onto the ground sobbing as Masato and Ren walk away.  Tomochika tells Natsuki that Syo has been traumatized again and Haruka wishes Syo good luck which he grudgingly accepts.

Episode Six

In episode six, when Natsuki as Satsuki is about to beat up a teen for throwing his garbage carelessly, Syo appears out of nowhere screaming, 'There!  There he is!' and charges towards Satsuki, shoving his glasses back onto his head, reverting him back to Natsuki.  Since Natsuki and Syo were also heading to the same place as Haruka, they allow her to tag along with them.  He is later seen with Natsuki and Haruka at a cafe where he explains Natsuki's Gemini Syndrome to Haruka.

Syo tells Haruka that if Natsuki ever removes his glasses, he will become a completely different person; Satsuki.  Syo doesn't know what happened to Natsuki before they met during their childhood, but tells Haruka that Satsuki has caused 50,000 people to wind up in hospital, just because they've ticked him off and warns her that if you piss him off, it's all over for you and once Natsuki becomes Satsuki, nothing can stop him.  He also compliments Satsuki saying that he has an uncanny ability of composing and only does that when he's got free time, which means when he's not on a rampage.  Haruka gets excited and tells Syo that she'd love to talk to him.  Syo brushes it off saying that it's impossible and that Satsuki doesn't talk to people.  He also tells her that when Natsuki is brought back, he will have no memory of being Satsuki.  When Natsuki's glasses fog up due to the steam from the tea, he is about to take them off to clean them, when Syo panics and quickly cools down his tea, clearing Natsuki's vision.  Natsuki suddenly sneezes causing his glasses to fly off.  Syo and Haruka freeze with fright when Satsuki appears and tells them that they are annoying.  In the middle of Satsuki's threat, Syo sneaks up behind Satsuki and places the glasses back on his head reverting him back to Natsuki.  When Natsuki asks Haruka why she's pale, she quickly brushes it off by telling him that she is fine and turning to Syo asks, 'Right Syo-kun?'  Syo hearing this falsely laughs it off to assure Natsuki that he too is fine.

When Natsuki tells Haruka that he and Syo are fans of a character called Piyo-chan, and that there is a Piyo-chan Character Show right after the HAYATO concert.  Syo angrily shoots down the fact that he is a fan of Piyo-chan and does not like Piyo-chan at all and that he only tagged along because it is dangerous for Natsuki to go out by himself.  While waiting for the concert, Syo grumbles saying that he would've been excited as Natsuki and Haruka if there were a live concert featuring Hyuga-sensei.  While HAYATO is performing, Syo notices that Haruka does not look as excited as the audience is and Haruka tells him that the HAYATO she is currently seeing is extremely different from the HAYATO she first saw and that she doesn't feel the excitement.  After Natsuki's glasses are knocked off and trodded on, thunder and lightning crash as Satsuki makes his appearance again.  The audience disperse leaving only Syo and Haruka at the scene.  Syo tries to grab Satsuki but misses.  As Satsuki performs 'Orion de SHOUT OUT' (SHOUT OUT at Orion), Syo and Haruka search for his glasses.  Haruka finds them and alerts him, but the lens break which causes Syo to panic.  Haruka then tells him that she will try something.  As she runs off, Syo yells saying that the lens are shattered.  He manages to revert Satsuki back into Natsuki by placing Natsuki's Piyo-chan hat (which has glasses) on his head.  It works and Natsuki is brought back.  Oblivious to what has just happened, Syo angrily tells Natsuki that they are leaving, which is heard on TV by Otoya, Masato and Ren.

When Haruka discovers 'something' about HAYATO, Syo interrupts by shouting to her to hurry up.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, he saw in the records with Ren and the other students in the S-class, watching Tokiya are recording test. He was shocked when Hyuga-sensei starts Tokiya of the S-Class to not have the "heart" in the songs he sings. He informs the A-class boys who express their fears for Tokiya Auteuil especially that neighbor Tokiya bathroom.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, he is seen looking excited when they arrive at Saotome's private island resort where they will decide who their graduation audition partner will be.  Syo is then seen with Natsuki sun bathing.  He asks Natsuki whether he has chosen his partner already, but Natsuki ignores his question asking Syo the same thing.  Syo blushes slightly and Natsuki asks him whether he was thinking of a girl which Syo immediately brushes off telling Natsuki that he asked him first.  He is surprised when Natsuki tells him that he has been recently 'charmed' by someone who might just accept all of him.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, on her way back to the dorms, Haruka spots Syo outside the dorms who tells her that he has been waiting for her.  Syo takes Haruka to the back of the dorms where he informs her that he has turned in his form stating that he wants her to be his graduation audition partner.  As he bends down to stroke a flower, he tells Haruka that he has had an eye on her for quite a while and the reason why he chose her; is that she clearly understands his admiration for Hyuga-sensei as she admires HAYATO and was overjoyed about that fact.  He also tells her that she is light-hearted and kind.  Syo points out that she is kind of klutzy which makes him want to protect her, and that she is a completely different person when it comes to music and that he finds it scary how serious and straightforward she is.  He then takes her shoulders and tells her that he has been looking for someone who understands how he feels and that aims to work hard in the world of music and that the person is her.  He then leans towards her and says 'If it's you, I'm sure we can...  Let's partner up!  Okay?' as he gets closer to her face.  

They are interrupted by Natsuki who starts calling Haruka 'Haru-chan' (previously he called her 'Nanami-san') much to Syo's disbelief.  He gets angry when Natsuki asks Haruka to be his partner.  Syo gets even more angry when Natsuki suddenly hugs Haruka and pulls him off her telling him to leave her alone as it was stressing her out.  Syo also gets agitated at the same time hearing Natsuki call Haruka 'Haru-chan' and shouts, 'Haru-chan!  Haru-chan!  Natsuki, I thought you were only about "cute" and "small"!'  When Syo tries to tell Natsuki that he and Haruka are already getting paired, Natsuki whispers into Syo's ear, 'Syo-chan, you're a cutie and I love you.  But...' causing Syo to flush with embarrassment.  Natsuki at that point tackles him and playfully strangles Syo telling him that there's no way he will let him have Haruka.  Syo shouts, 'I ain't going to let you have her!' while struggling.  Haruka uses this as a chance to get away from them.

When Syo learns that Otoya, Ren and Masato have also enlisted Haruka as their graduation audition partner, he asks Natsuki how long he has been interested in Haruka.  Natsuki tells him that Haruka is a natural, for when she couldn't read music at the beginning, she just started playing the piano, producing beautiful music.  He tells Syo that he's not going to back down and will not let him have Haruka.  Syo grins and tells him that he too will not let Natsuki have Haruka.  Syo then draws a line halfing their dorm between his side and Natsuki's telling Natsuki that until Haruka makes her decision, they are enemies and will not cross each others lines, which Natsuki agrees.  During Haruka's song, 'Maigo no Kokoro' (My Lost Heart), Syo is seen in his room trying to throw his hat onto his hat stand which he misses and in the school canteen with Ren trying to approach Haruka who shies away from them.  He waves at her only making her reluctant to come out.

Episode Ten

In episode ten, he is seen checking his mail box and finds a note from Haruka.  'Nanami!' he exclaims and reads her letter.  Syo is then skipping down the hall with excitement shouting 'Yahoo!  Nanami picked me!'  He bumps into Natsuki and tells him that he's busy and with the hopes of making Natsuki jealous, holds up Haruka's note.  As he happily walks off, Natsuki informs him that he is going to the same place as he is, which shocks him.  When he and Natsuki arrive in at the place, the Third Lesson Room, he finds the other guys there, with the exact same note from Haruka and asks what's going on.  Natsuki tells him that they've been all called by Haruka for some reason.  He then gets excited about this and wonders how they are going to settle it.  Haruka finally turns up and reveals that she has written a song for the six of them to sing together.  She tells them that she was happy the six of them wanted her to be their songwriter but having to choose only one of them, she thought it was unfair and came up with an idea that maybe it would be better to make a group with them.  Syo then admits saying that when he recieved her letter, he thought he was king of the world believing that she had picked him, only to realise that he wasn't alone, but tells her that it's ok because at least he is still singing her song.

When Saotome refuses to let Haruka write a song for the six of them and sternly telling her that she had to stick to the rules and choose only one of them, Syo is in his room asking Natsuki whether it's alright to leave things like this.  He tells Natsuki that the song Haruka wrote is a good song.  He then wonders how Haruka is going to settle this.  Syo is then seen with Natsuki entering the practice room shouting 'Hold it, Otoya!  A guy can't be too careful around you!' seemingly jealous that Otoya was alone with Haruka a while ago.  He informs Haruka that they have decided to work as a group and he wants everyone to hear her song and that he doesn't want a certain someone to be the only one that looks cool.  He even bluntly tells Otoya that the lyrics aren't finish much to Otoya's dismay who brushes it off saying that he did his best.

He is then seen on the helipod with Natsuki, Masato, Otoya and Haruka trying to convince Saotome to listen to their song.  They are later joined by Ren and Tokiya.  Together, they sing Haruka's song which stuns Saotome and he allows them to debut as a group and names the song 'Maji Love 1000%'.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, he is seen in the practice room with the other guys (minus Tokiya) and Haruka.  He says that he feels that they're not gelling together, which Ren replies that they are short with one member.  He even mentions that Tokiya was late yesterday.  Tokiya finally shows up and they brush off the topic.  When Haruka reveals that she has written a new song for them, Syo tells her that it is amazing after reading through the score.  He and the other guys write lyrics to the song and title it 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future).  After the song, Syo excitedly and confidently says that with the melody and their voices together, they will be able to ace the graduation audition.  When Ren asks Haruka to wink at him, she can't which shocks him and when Ren then asks Haruka to throw him a kiss instead, she says that she can do that, but Syo angrily shouts at her not to.  He is then seen in the practice room again with the other guys (minus Tokiya) getting agitated when Tokiya is late again grumbling, 'Dammit!  What the hell's with that guy?!'  He is later in his room with Natsuki and asks him whether he is thinking about Tokiya.  Natsuki replies saying that he's thinking of Haruka and that she might know something about Tokiya.  Syo gets eager, but Natsuki brushes off that thought thinking that it is only his imagination to which Syo gets suspicious.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, after learning that Tokiya and HAYATO are the same person instead of identical twins, Syo is seen with the other guys, Tomochika and Haruka in the practice room extremely agitated.  Syo vents out his fustration and anger, believing that Tokiya is trying to make them look like fools.  When Haruka defends Tokiya, he appears surprised as well as the other members.  When Natsuki asks Haruka whether she knew about this, she gets lost with her words and Syo calms down slightly, showing his concerns for her.  Haruka apologises and Syo is shocked and asks her why she didn't tell them, but Masato backs up for her and tells them that she had a reason not to tell anyone and that they should understand her feelings.  Otoya then reveals that he managed to contact Tokiya briefly before they lost connection and Syo starts demanding where Tokiya is.

Syo is then seen lying on his bed in his room saying that it sucks and that things had been great up til' now and when Natsuki asks him whether he still trusts Tokiya, Syo answers 'How can I trust him?'  He then says that Haruka is a fan of HAYATO and that she already knew, but is interrupted by Natsuki who says 'You'd think she would've chosen Ichinose-san to be her partner.' but Syo tells him that Haruka chose all of them as she couldn't choose just one.  When Tokiya finally manages to get back to the academy, Syo and the other guys angrily confront him and demand answers from him.  Syo yells at Tokiya saying 'Unlike you!  We're seriously trying to make our debuts here.  Everything is riding on Nanami's song!  We put everything we've got into it!  Can you understand that?!'  After Tokiya's sincere apology, the guys forgive Tokiya with Ren saying, 'So we're at a new starting point?'  Syo at that moment gets slightly agitated and says 'And so it's wrapped up, just like that?!'  He then charges towards Tokiya and strangles him shouting, 'Damn you Tokiya!  I won't forgive you!' as his way of forgiving him.

Saotome then announces the group's debut and names them ST☆RISH.  When he learns that he and the other guys have already passed the graduation audition, thanks to their song, 'Maji Love 1000%', and that they will go on and debut, he appears excited and says that he's all psyched up and agrees with Masato that the six of them will do well, but is later shot down when Saotome tells them that Haruka cannot be their songwriter which he gets angry about.

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, Syo is venting out his anger that Saotome is serious about excluding Haruka from their debut.  Along with Otoya and Ren, Syo agrees that he will not debut if Haruka is not their songwriter.  Haruka brushes it off and tells ST☆RISH not to let their chance slip away.  Syo is the first one to show his concerns asking why she is like that.   Haruka tells them that she is fine and will eventually catch up with them.  ST☆RISH purposely miss their rehearsal for their debut due to their grudge against Saotome for what he did to Haruka.  He is seen gathered in a practice room with the other members and mutters that he cannot rehearse when he is feeling like this.  When Natsuki asks whether there's a point in boycotting their rehearsal, Syo angrily shouts at him saying 'Can you do it like this, without Nanami?!'  He continues saying that they have been together perfectly up till now and that he cannot go on without her.  When Masato backs up for Natsuki, Syo yells saying that anything they do is a waste of time.  When Tomochika bursts in and informs the group that Haruka has ran away, Syo and ST☆RISH are shocked.

Syo is then seen with ST☆RISH outisde Haruka's grandmother's house singing 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future) to convince Haruka to return to the academy.  He tells her that she's responsible for bringing them together and creating ST☆RISH, and that she has to be by their side.  After each member tells Haruka that they need her, Haruka tearfully declares that she is done running away and that no one but her will be their songwriter.  As Haruka cries happily, he is seen crouching next to her with the other members surrounding her as they comfort her.  Saotome as usual shows up out of the blue and reveals to them that the whole thing was just an act.  He never intended to cut Haruka out of the program, and that it was a test to see whether she was worthy enough to be their composer.  After Saotome announces that Haruka from now on, will write their songs, Syo shouts, 'Yes!  Nanami is our composer!'  He along with ST☆RISH celebrate that they are now all in this together.

He is then seen doing the group huddle with ST☆RISH and hi-fiving Haruka as they proceed to go on stage where they debut with their song, 'Maji Love 1000%'.

Season 2

Episode One

In episode one, he is first seen when he opens the door to get one of his boxes.  Syo bumps into Haruka, just as she was about to enter the dorms.  He tells her that he sees that she has been doing well and asks how she thought of the DVD of the 'Prince of Fights' series he had lent to her.  Haruka tells him that she enjoyed it and says she'll return it right away, but Syo tells her to keep it saying that he wants her to have what he loves most.  Their conversation is interrupted when he is sent flying through the air and into the bushes by Natsuki, who tackles him out of the way to hug Haruka when he thought she looked like a fairy.  Seeing Natsuki hugging Haruka angers Syo who jumps out of the bushes, runs up and separates the two, telling Natsuki that he was only dreaming and that he was bothing Haruka. Syo is later seen with Natsuki entering the main hall and informs ST☆RISH that they have a large practice area and how he likes it.

Saotome then introduces QUARTET NIGHT to ST☆RISH and tells them that they will be their mentors.  QUARTET NIGHT stuns and impresses him with their song, 'POISON KISS'.  He jumps back in surprise when a hologram of one of the members, Mikaze Ai, suddenly appears in front of him and places his head against his chest.  After the performance, he and Otoya stare in bewilderment when the holograms suddenly become the actual people.  Hyuga-sensei and Ringo-sensei come in, and Syo is dazzled to see his idol in a sparkling suit.  He and Natsuki are assigned to Mikaze Ai.

After discovering that they have to share a room with their mentor, Ai takes half of the dorm room and Natsuki and Syo have to share half of the other side and sleep in bunk beds. Syo becomes uncomfortable with Ai staring at him and he asks him what he's doing.  Ai says that Syo is very short, which annoys him. Ai makes it worse by saying "According to my data, you're 161 cm. but you look about 100 to me." Ai then says that due to Syo not knowing how to give his sempai respect, he (and Natsuki) will have to follow a schedule that will help him learn discipline; like having to wake up at 5 and go to bed at 9 and if either he or Natsuki are late with anything, they will be penalized. Syo then mutters that he can't follow such a strict schedule.

Episode Two

In episode three, he is seen walking with the other members of ST☆RISH after dance practice.  Natsuki stated that it was nice to practice first thing in the morning, and asked Syo if he agrees.  Syo said that he was so hungry he felt like he was going to die, to which Otoya agreed.  When he saw Cecil kiss Nanami's hand, Syo along with ST☆RISH are shocked.  Enraged, he shouts, 'What do you think you're doing to Nanami?'   Cecil then attempts to kiss Haruka, and in a fit of jealousy, ST☆RISH charges towards them, and Syo along with Ren and Otoya pull Cecil off Haruka.  Saotome appears out of nowhere and introduces Cecil as the prince of Agnapolis.  Syo was surprised, as well as the rest of ST☆RISH, and asked what he was doing in the Master Course.

When Natsuki decided to welcome Cecil by making cookies with tea, everyone, especially Syo was opposed to the idea of accepting Cecil.  When Natsuki asked what was wrong with everybody Syo replied, saying that he's surprised he can accept Cecil so easily. He continued asking why they have to welcome Cecil anyway. When Natsuki said they should try being friends with Cecil, Syo simply scoffed and turned his head away. As Cecil began to say what he knows about the members of ST☆RISH, Syo stated that Cecil was just making things up. Cecil said that although Syo's body may be small he is very athletic.  Syo, mad at Cecil stood up, yelling at Cecil not to call him small. Cecil continued saying that the contrast between Syo's cute looks and his masculine personality is his appeal. When Nastuki told Syo that it was great to be complimented,he just scowled at Cecil. Syo was set off again when Cecil said that Syo's violent temperment causes conflict with others, to which Otoya agreed with.  Later on, Syo questioned Cecil on what he was going to do in the Master Course. He was surprised to hear that Cecil was not interested in becoming an idol.  When Cecil stated that he was best suited to sing Haruka's songs Syo became angry at him again.  When Cecil makes another attempt to kiss Haruka, Syo is seen lunging at Cecil with Otoya, Natsuki and Masato and once again, they pull him off.  After Camus, the last member of QUARTET NIGHT appears and introduces himself as a Count to the Queen of another country called 'Premafrost', Syo scoffs saying after meeting a prince, they're now meeting a count.  Camus hears this, points his staff in front of Syo's face, calling him a fool and telling him to hold his tongue.

ST☆RISH and Cecil were taken outside by Camus to have a competition and for fundamentals practice. Syo, upon seeing the cards held one up,stating that they were huge. Syo, confused by the fact that they were playing with cards and not competing by singing pointed it out to Camus. Camus replied, saying that everything begins with fundamentals and that they were far too inexperienced to be battling with songs. Syo called Cecil a jerk when he said he would win just to prove his love for Haruka.When Natsuki stated to Syo that the cards were big and exciting Syo yelled at him, saying it was not a game.  Syo was about to grab the first training card with his foot, but it was quickly snatched away by Cecil. When Hijirikawa pointed out that Cecil didn't get he letters right, Syo yelled at him, calling him a jerk for getting all the wrong cards. When Cecil stated that he was disappointed because he was so confident in his Japanese, Syo questioned how he could have been.  Syo scrambled around looking for  the training card 'U' and saw Cecil up in a tree about to grab it.  Syo quickly ran and jumped into the tree to get the card, which shook Cecil off balance. Cecil fell into the water and started splashing around,asking for help.  Syo just watched Cecil struggle and simply stated that his feet should be able to touch the bottom.  After the competiton when walking back with ST☆RISH and Nanami he stated that the day had been ridiculous.When someone asked where Cecil went Syo just said who cares.

Episode Three

In episode 3, Syo is first seen running down the hall yelling 'Yahoo!' and 'Alright!'  He excitedly shows ST☆RISH the script of a two-hour special of the 'Prince of Fighting' drama which he will be starring in.  Ren comments saying the Syo's dreams of acting alongside Hyuga-sensei, who is well known for starring in the 'Prince of Fighting' has come true and that it will give them an advantage in the Utapri Award.  He makes a little joke by asking Syo 'Will you be playing someone's little sister again?' (see Season One, Episode Five).  When Otoya commented that Syo looked good in a dress and Natsuki saying that all that hard work paid him off, Syo angrily yells at them saying that he will be playing an unmistakable man this time.  This causes Natsuki to wonder when he'll get a job which Syo doubts.  When Cecil asks that idols can do more than just sing Syo got slightly offended, and explains that idols do a wide variety of things, from television, to movies, and to stage; and that idols need to keep taking opportunities to show off their talents.  When the Saotome showed up and stated that ST☆RISH probably already thought they were real idols, Syo became confused.  He and Otoya pointed it out that they already have a CD out and the concert was a big success. Syo then became slightly offended when the president said they might fade out, causing him to state that ST☆RISH wasn't a one hit wonder.  

On the day of the first shooting, Syo is amazed when he sees the actual set for the 'Prince of Fighting', saying things are different on the set of a hit series.  He then started to feel a little nervous, but wasn't after spotting his teacher and idol, Hyuga-sensei.  Syo ran over to him, telling Hyuga-sensei a good morning and continues saying that he loves the show and that being able to perform with him was like a dream come true.  Hyuga-sensei shoots him down by calling him naive, stating that he's already a professional and has to quit acting like an amateur.  He also tells Syo that they are playing the same role and that they are rivals before walking off.  Syo manages to prevent Hyuga-sensei's words from affecting him and performs extremely well in all of the scenes.  He is then asked to jump from one platform to another, which is a crucial scene of the show. Having had been cured from his acrophobia in the previous season, Syo fails to make the jump no matter how many times he attempts.  When the director decides to get the stuntman to do the jumping like they had always done, Syo wanting to make the show a success desperately pleads to the director to give him another chance.  Seeing Syo's determination, Hyuga-sensei manages to convince the director to let Syo try again.  Later that day, Syo goes through a serious workout in the fitness room reminding himself constantly that he is no longer an amateur, but a professional.  From outside, ST☆RISH watch him with concern.  Ai tells them that Syo is too eager and stiff which is why he was unable to do the jump, and maybe if he would relax a bit, he would succeed.  Natsuki along with Cecil participate as extras on the show hoping to make Syo feel comfortable which only makes Syo agitated. Syo stays behind to practice the jump and tells both Natsuki and Cecil to leave as they are distracting him.  Back at the agency, Haruka spots Syo's bag containing his change of clothes which he left behind by accident and decides to bring it to him.  

Syo is about to practice on the set when he hears Haruka's voice.  He spots Haruka on the other side of the platform and asks what she's doing here.  Haruka tells him that he left his bag at the agency and she brought it for him, then proceeds to go to the other side, unaware of the gap between the platforms.  Syo shouts at her to be careful and Haruka finally notices the gap, getting petrified of how high it is and asks Syo if he often practices up there.  She drops his bag and starts crawling on her fours back to the doorway with Syo shouting, 'Okay! That's it! Go back slowly!' and 'Don't look down!'.  When Haruka realises that Syo's bag is on the edge of the platform, she turns back to retrieve it, despite Syo telling her to leave it.  When the bag falls off the platform, she panics and starts running to save it, causing her fall off the edge, but manages to grab the ledge.  Syo becomes all frantic and hurriedly makes the jump in order to save her. He successfully makes it to the other side and manages to grab Haruka's hand, seconds before she could plummet to her death. He pulls her back onto the platform and once she's out of danger, he pulls into his arms.  Hugging her tightly, he tells her that he's glad that she's fine and that if anything had happened to her, but he breaks off and squeezes her tighter. Haruka apologises to Syo for causing him trouble, but Syo brushes it aside and tells her not to worry about it.  He also says that thanks to her, he made the jump.  Haruka tells him not to force himself after he tells her that doing the jump meant he could graduate from being a fan of Hyuga-sensei.  She explains that they have already recieved that happiness by achieving their dreams and that now it's their turn to make people happy and to not forget how he felt back then.

Syo Makes a Declaration

Syo declares to Haruka he will start his own fan club.

The next day, while filming, Natsuki compliments that Syo had an excellent expression on his face and Cecil saying that Syo may have discovered something. Syo successfully makes the jump completing the crucial scene, which the director and the filming crew celebrate.  At the end of the day, while the director is praising Syo for his work, Hyuga-sensei approaches Syo and apologises to him for pushing him away when he was admiring him.  He extends his hand to Syo and tells him that he is a 'real man'.  Syo takes his hand and thanks him for allowing him to participate in the filming and having had learned a lot from being part of it.  Hyuga-sensei then raises Syo's hand as the crew applaud him.  Syo is then seen outside the agency with Haruka running up to him telling him that he looked so cool being on the 'Prince of Fighting' special.  Syo reveals to Haruka that during the filming, he was singing his song, 'TRUE WING' which he wrote lyrics to the song she gave him in his heart.  He happily tells her that she truly understands his feelings and then declares that he will start his own fanclub with Haruka saying that she will join.  'What good will that do?' he asks and Haruka at first thinks he's not going to let her join, until he plops his fedora on her head and tells her that it is her certificate of membership and to take care of it.

Episode Four

In episode four, he appears excited when Masato announces that he has been invited to audition for a historical musical drama, The Singing Swordsman of Justice.  He and ST☆RISH are in Masato and Ren's room reading the script and they imagine themselves in the story.  Natsuki and Ren are the antogonists, Ren as the evil warlord and Natsuki as his bodyguard.  Syo is imagined as a vengeful villager and leaps out to attack them, only to be knocked out by Natsuki.  He is about to be slayed by Ren as punishment, but is saved by Masato who plays the hero.  After Masato scares Natsuki and Ren off, Syo is helped up by Otoya who plays another villager.  Syo reveals to Masato that because of the warlord, people live in the shadows and are helpless.  He tearfully apologises to his bedridden mother for not fulfulling her revenge.  Tokiya comically plays the hero's lover, and the imagination ends there.

When Natsuki tells Syo that he is more suited as a villager than a samurai, Syo, offended says, 'What's that supposed to mean?'  When Masato turns down Otoya's offer to help him practice for the audition, he tells Masato that they'd do anything to help him land the lead role.  He is then disgusted when Natsuki acts out the woman's lines.  As Natsuki tries to tell Masato that all he has to do is to hug her tightly, Syo is squeezed extremely tightly by Natsuki and runs out of breath.  He is then seen in the practice rooms with the rest of ST☆RISH preparing Masato for his audition.  Masato asks them what they are up to, Syo tells him that they couldn't just leave him alone and that they thought of helping him practice.  When Masato gets confused as to why Tokiya was dressed in a woman's kimono, Syo explains that Tokiya has the most experience when it comes to acting and that he has agreed to play the role of the hero's lover.  Cecil enters and Otoya seats him next to Syo who gets annoyed and tells him to just watch the rehearsal.  He even compliments Tokiya for his amazing acting skills.  When Masato is about to embrace Tokiya on his second attempt, he is seen cheering with Otoya for Masato to overcome the hurdle, but Masato fails.  Syo falls back in his chair and says that Masato nearly succeeded embracing Tokiya.  When Natsuki and Otoya decide to ask Haruka to play the role of the lover since she's the only girl in their dorms, he is shocked but the idea is brushed off by Masato.

After Masato passes the audition with flying colours, he along with ST☆RISH congratulate him on landing the role of the hero.

Episode Five

In episode five, Syo is seen with Natsuki watching Otoya singing 'TRUST MY DREAM' while practicing his guitar from afar.  He compliments saying that Otoya's singing has improved a lot as the other members join them.  When Natsuki mentions that Otoya sometimes disappears, he assumes that Otoya has been doing voice training, but the others disagree with the idea saying.  After Haruka discovers why Otoya disappears from the agency, she informs ST☆RISH who show their concern for Otoya.  He is then seen arriving with Natsuki and the other members (excluding Otoya) dressed in bear costumes and looking annoyed and humiliated.  When Natsuki tells Otoya that they finished work early and have come to help him, Syo brushes it off saying that Natsuki 'made' them finish work early.

Episode Six

In episode six, Syo gets excited when Ren announces to ST☆RISH that he is going to be featured in the Japan Boy's Collection, a fashion show for men's clothes.  When Otoya asks what the Japan Boy's Collection is about, Tokiya is shocked and tells him that it is a fashion show, alongside with Syo who says that they display 'real clothes' to be worn by men.  He also mentions that the show features idols, actors and models.  Natsuki praises Syo and in a comical scene imagines him as a dog saying that Syo himself is fashionable with Syo angrily yelling at him to cut it out.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, Syo is tackled by Natsuki who squeezes him tightly with excitement and persumbly passes out briefly as Natsuki announces to ST☆RISH that he has finally gotten a job.  He appears surprised when he finds out that Natsuki is going to model for a grauvure ad (lipstick ad) and along with ST☆RISH, are skeptical about the words mature, strong and manly, Natsuki used to describe the job as from what they already see of him, is the complete opposite.  When Natsuki goes off to 'practice', Syo mutters saying that it is impossible for Natsuki to pull off such a job.  Haruka turns up with a worriedsome look on her face and Syo asks her what's wrong.  Haruka takes Syo aside and informs him that she overhead Ringo-sensei saying that the job was actually meant for Natsuki's other persona; Satsuki.  Syo is shocked and exclaims, 'What?!?  It's meant for Satsuki?!?'  He and Haruka freeze up when they realise that they had blurted it out, not wanting the other members to worry about Natsuki.  Haruka tells Syo that the cameraman saw the concert where Natsuki as Satsuki performed hijacking on TV and took an instant liking to him.  Syo says that this isn't good.  When Otoya asks what's going on, Syo sighs and reluctantly tells ST☆RISH that they should know about Natsuki's Gemini Syndrome.  

ST☆RISH appears shocked after Haruka and Syo explain to them that Natsuki's split personality is triggered when he removes his glasses.  Tokiya is reminded of the HAYATO concert and asks why Natsuki's personality changes when his glasses are off, to which Syo replies saying that he doesn't know and that something must've scarred him to develop a split personality. Syo tells ST☆RISH that once Natsuki becomes Satsuki, nothing can stop him and the only way to revert Satsuki back into Natsuki is to put his glasses back on.  Haruka expresses her concern for Natsuki fearing that the producers will ask him to be Satsuki on the set.  Syo tells them that Natsuki has to find a way himself and that it is impossible to tell him about Satsuki as he is oblivious to the events that happened while he was his other self.  Syo is then seen in his room with Natsuki reading some fan letters.  He warns Natsuki not to act like himself during the photoshoot as it will ruin ST☆RISH's chance of winning the Utapri Award.  He even reveals to Natsuki that he has asked Haruka to go with him to the photoshoot since he has work to do.  Natsuki compliments Syo in his mind that Syo has become a stronger and straightforward person ever since his role in the 'Prince of Fights' became a success.

Haruka messages Syo to inform him that Natsuki is already doing the photoshoot.  Syo is seen in another recording studio with Otoya and Tokiya.  Syo expresses his concerns for Natsuki but Tokiya tells him to not worry too much or otherwise it will affect him.  When Natsuki as Satsuki attempts to kiss Haruka again, Syo, along with Otoya and Tokiya turn up, interrupting the kiss.  Assuming that Satsuki is still Natsuki, Syo cheerfully tells him that he has finished his work early and have come to watch his photoshoot, until Satsuki turns around.  Syo spots Natsuki's broken glasses on the ground and freezes up.  Otoya asks Satsuki where his glasses are, Syo shouts 'It's not Natsuki!  It's Satsuki!'  When Satsuki attacks Haruka by knocking his glasses out of her hands when she attempted to revert him back to Natsuki, Syo angrily comes charging up to Satsuki calling him a jerk.  Satsuki then attacks Syo who avoids his kicks and punches causing Syo get too scared of him and runs off shouting 'I can't do it!' as Satsuki plays cat and mouse with him.  The game of cat and mouse is over and Syo is cornered by Satsuki.  Syo freezes up when Otoya attempts to put Natsuki's glasses back on Satsuki who catches Otoya and somersaults onto a wooden canopy.

When Otoya clambers onto the wooden canopy to face Satsuki, Syo yells at him to be careful with a worried expression.  He is relieved when Ren and Masato show up, briefly distracting Satsuki.  When Otoya fails to revert Satsuki back into Natsuki, Ren, Masato and Syo work together with Ren catching the glasses after Tokiya threw it at him, and Masato catapulting Syo onto the wooden canopy.  Syo does a huge backflip which distracts Satsuki while Ren throws him the glasses.  Syo catches the glasses and as he lands on the wooden canopy from behind Satsuki, he nearly succeeds in putting Natsuki's glasses back on, but Satsuki dodges him and flips off the wooden canopy much to his shock.  After Satsuki drags Haruka through the door, Syo and the rest of ST☆RISH are locked on the roof before they could catch up with Satsuki.  He is heard shouting at Satuski from on the roof to unlock the door.  Syo is then seen with ST☆RISH, Cecil and Haruka watching Natsuki's photoshoot.  He briefly praises Cecil for saving the day with his shades, Satsuki used to revert himself back to Natsuki.  When Cecil gets confused, Syo brushes it off with annoyance.  After the photoshoot, he and ST☆RISH express how surprised they were that Natsuki's photoshoot was a success.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, he is seen arriving at Saotome's private resort with ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT and Haruka for a break from idol work.  When Tokiya decides to head to the training room, he along with ST☆RISH convince Tokiya to have fun as they are here on vacation.  He is seen in the river with Natsuki and Masato fishing.

When Haruka informs ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT that Cecil wants to become an idol, Syo gets agitated saying that Cecil was not interested in becoming an idol up till now and decides to tease him after dinner after hearing that Cecil's heart was too full that he couldn't eat.  Masato and Ren laugh alongside with him.  He is then seen with ST☆RISH and Haruka gazing up at the starry sky.  Haruka tells them that the stars remind her of them saying that she could stare at them forever.  Ren makes a joke interpreting what Haruka just said was a love confession which Haruka denies, causing ST☆RISH to laugh.

Syo and ST☆RISH then hear Cecil singing the song Haruka wrote for him and find him on the bridge, joining in with his song, harmonising it.  They emit a strange light while singing and after the song is finished, Syo says that he never felt that way before and it was fantastic.  Haruka then pleads to ST☆RISH to let Cecil become the seventh member of the group saying that they sounded wonderful singing together which he agrees alongside with the other members.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Syo is seen with ST☆RISH cooking breakfast and Natsuki offers Syo to try his Piyo-chan flakes which Syo backs off.  Haruka turns up and apologises to ST☆RISH for making them cook breakfast, but they brush it off saying that they are done.  Syo appears shocked when he finds out that Haruka has been composing all night after thinking up a new melody for their song and comments saying that she's a really serious composer.  Natsuki points out that Syo was up all night too, because of the previous event from last night with Cecil.  When Camus informs ST☆RISH that Cecil has left, they appear disappointed for they were looking forward to singing with Cecil and making him part of their group.

He is then shown on the rocks by the river with the other members of ST☆RISH wondering whether Cecil will ever come back and their shock of how he had to leave so suddenly.  They then hear Haruka play her arrangement she had written for the seven of them and follow her music and watch her from outside.  He and ST☆RISH agree that they must support her desire to make Cecil part of their group.

Episode Ten

Starish and Haruka's Reaction

Syo and the rest of ST☆RISH are shocked by Shining Saotome's wager.

In episode ten, Syo is then seen with ST☆RISH and Haruka leaving the recording studio.  They bump into HE☆VENS, the other group that was nominated for the Utapri Award.  When one of the members, Mikado Nagi rudely tells them that they are inexperienced idols, Syo gets offended and asks Naji what is wrong with him, who shoots him down.  Another member of HE☆VENS, Otori Eiichi, tells ST☆RISH that they will be disbanded by their hands, Syo gets tensed until Haruka defends them saying that they will not lose.  When Eiichi tells Haruka to become HE☆VENS's composer, and tries to take her away physically, Syo demands what he is trying to do and along with ST☆RISH immediately act protective of Haruka.

He is later seen in the practice room with ST☆RISH venting his anger saying that HE☆VENS really got them and agrees that they will win for the sake of Haruka.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Syo is seen in the dressing room with ST☆RISH at a recording studio where Cecil tells them that Haruka has been acting strangely ever since HE☆VENS ordered her to become their composer if ST☆RISH loses the Utapri Award.  He also comments saying that Haruka has been cooped up in her room since that incident and appears concerned for her.  He is later seen singing 'Dreamer's Symphony' with ST☆RISH which they had written lyrics to one of Haruka's arrangements during the camp.  When Haruka is surprised and asks what they are doing here, he tells her not to act so distant and that couldn't ignore her when she's troubled.  When Natsuki asks Tokiya what he has been doing, Tokiya denies doing anything, prompting the members of ST☆RISH to start interrogating him, Syo shouting 'Spit it out Tokiya!'  They are then interrupted by the fireworks display.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, he is seen with ST☆RISH, reading through a new arrangement by Haruka and praises her.  He also is amazed at the stage costumes Ringo-sensei and Tomochika made for their performance.  Syo is later seen in the dance room rehearsing the choreography with ST☆RISH and is shocked and confused why Cecil isn't following the choreography.  He stops Cecil and tells him to try again.  When Cecil still doesn't follow the choreography, Syo demands 'What is that weird spinning you're doing?' in which Cecil is immediately offended saying that the 'spinning' he's doing is his country's dance known as the 'Agnadance' and that it is the only dance he knows.  Syo immediately offers to help Cecil learn the steps and grins.  This surprises ST☆RISH as Syo never usually got along with Cecil.  He tells Cecil to not get flustered and that all he has to do is get his feet moving.  He is heard shouting at Cecil to stop spinning.

In the evening, Syo secretly watches Cecil who is practicing dancing at night as he was worried.  Natsuki joins him following the rest of ST☆RISH and Haruka.  On the day of the Utapri Award, Syo is seen in the dressing room getting ready.  Cecil tells him that he has managed to supress the 'Agnadance' which makes Syo relieved until Cecil starts spinning.  'He hasn't supressed it at all!' he screeches, but Cecil assures him and ST☆RISH that this dance is only a prayer to the muses to wish them luck in their performance.  Masato tells them that they have to believe in him.

He is then seen with ST☆RISH watching HE☆VENS perform 'HEAVENS GATE' which was also one of Haruka's songs.  After HE☆VENS's performance, they are staring at the screen dumbstruck and amazed.

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, it is the continuation of ST☆RISH being dumbstruck by HE☆VENS's performance.  HE☆VENS show up in their dressing room with Nagi commenting that the atmosphere is gloomy.  Syo, agitated, angrily asks 'What do you want?'  Eiichi tells them that they have no more business with them and proceeds to make another attempt to take Haruka away.  Syo gets mad and shouts 'Cut it out!' before running up to Eiichi and slaps his hand off Haruka, shocking everyone.  After Haruka declares that she will be no one else's but ST☆RISH's composer, this prompts HE☆VENS to leave them alone.  He along with ST☆RISH are boosted with confidence after Haruka tells them that they are like stars twinkling in the sky and that they sing her songs better than anyone else.  He gets excited when they hear their fans calling out for them and tells them to give it their all, even if it means they will have to be disbanded if they lose.

He is then seen joining hands with ST☆RISH and Haruka, Cecil leading a prayer for the muses to wish them luck on their performance, and hi-fiving Haruka as they proceed to go on stage to perform their hearts out.  They perform 'Maji Love 2000%'.  After the song, Cecil's pendant emits the 'Happy Pulse' spreading happiness to everyone.  Syo and ST☆RISH are slightly stunned as well as the judges and the audience, saying that he never felt this way before.  ST☆RISH are then announced the winners of the Utapri Award.  Just before Raging Otori could disband HE☆VENS, he and ST☆RISH convince him to not disband HE☆VENS as winning and losing doesn't matter to them.  Syo along with ST☆RISH request for an encore and asks everyone to join in with them.  They sing their debut song, 'Maji Love 1000%'.

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