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Syo Kurusu
Anime | Child | Game
"An egocentric, stylish person."
Kanji 来栖 翔(くるす しょう)
Romaji Kurusu Shou
Also Known As Syo-chan (翔ちゃん), Ochibi (オチビ), Syonosuke (翔ノ助)
Age (game) 15(UN☆PS♪/R), 16 (SS), 17 (D/AS),
18 (ASAS)
Age (anime) 15 (Season 1), 17 (Season 2)
Birthday June 9
Horoscope Gemini
Height 161 cm (5' 3")
Weight 52 kg (115 lb)
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Kurusu Kaoru (younger twin brother)
Saotome Academy
Track Idol
Class Logo-SCLASS-small.png S Class
Units With 50px-STARISH-logo.png
With S Class
With Shinomiya Natsuki
With Mikaze Ai, Shinomiya Natsuki
With Mikaze Ai, Hijirikawa Masato
With Ittoki Otoya, Aijima Cecil, Hijirikawa Masato
With Jinguji Ren, Aijima Cecil
With Ittoki Otoya (Unofficial)
Instrument Violin
Roommate Shinomiya Natsuki
Original Playable
Fandisk Playable
Music Playable
Debut Playable
All Star Playable
Music 2 Playable
All Star After Secret Playable
Music 3 Playable
Anime Debut Ep.1
Game Debut April
Seiyuu Shimono Hiro (下野 紘)
Minase Inori (水瀬 いのり) (child) (anime)

Syo Kurusu (来栖 翔, Kurusu Shou) is a student of Saotome Academy, sorted into S Class. He is a member of ST☆RISH and the twin brother of Kaoru Kurusu. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono (下野 紘, Shimono Hiro).


Syo is a short boy with blond hair that is parted to the right, shaded with pink, and he keeps the bangs out of his eyes with red bobby pins. His eyes are blue, but in the anime, his irises are black. His ears are pierced, and he paints his nails with black nail polish.

He is probably the most uniquely dressed character in the series. This is because he usually wears much different clothing than the normal uniform. He wears a hat most of the time to make himself look taller.

He is described as a "stylish" person, and is also recognized as being very "cute". However he hates it when people call him that.


Syo aggravated

Syo gets angry when called short.

Syo has a lot of energy and has an up-beat personality. At times, he can be very hot-headed and a bit defensive, especially when it comes to him being teased about his height. When Syo was a child, he was hospitalized often due to his heart condition and cursed the body he was given. He was told that he would only live to the age of 12. Even though Syo was told this, he stayed lively, and even beat his odds by living longer than his life expectancy and is still living strong. Due to his heart problem, Syo had a great desire to make himself and his body stronger, so he eventually took up karate and is on-par with his idol, Ryuya Hyuga.


Young Syo and Young Natsuki

A young Syo being chased by Natsuki.

In the game, he actually suffers from a heart condition, to the point that he will collapse if he overexerts himself or if he gets too excited. Because of this condition, his physique is rather weak. After seeing Ryuya Hyuga on TV, he is motivated to become an idol despite his heart condition and highly idolizes the man, who has become his teacher in the S Class. Also, it is revealed that Syo has a younger twin brother, Kaoru. His twin can be very overprotective of him, swearing that he will always be the one to protect and look after him despite being the younger twin. In the game, he stated that their mother is an orchestra conductor who works mostly overseas and their father is a stylist in Shining Agency.

In the anime, Syo is a childhood friend of Natsuki Shinomiya, who caused his phobia of heights by chasing him with a net to the top of a tower, nearly causing him to fall to his death had he not grabbed him. Syo often competed in violin competitions against Natsuki.

he used to live in france with Shinomiya Natsuki.



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Song ChronologyEdit

Released on January 27, 2010
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1. オレサマ愛歌(ロンド) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on February 24, 2010
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. 無限のトリニティ (with Tokiya and Ren) Bee’ Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei
Released on June 30, 2010
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Welcome to UTA☆PRI world!! (with Otoya, Masato, Natsuki, Tokiya, and Ren) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Kikuta Daisuke
Released on November 10, 2010
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. コズミックRUNNER Bee’ Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on December 08, 2010
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. 熱情SERENADE (with Tokiya and Ren) Bee’ Agematsu Noriyasu Mori Haruki
Released on December 22, 2010
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. GO!×2ジェットコースター (with Natsuki) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
Released on July 20, 2011
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. マジLOVE1000% (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu
2. 未来地図 (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Nakayama Masato Nakayama Masato
Released on August 17, 2011
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. 男気全開Go! Fight!! Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
2. Changing our Song! RUCCA Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on November 11, 2011
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Triangle Beat (with Ai and Natsuki) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
Released on September 25, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. RAINBOW☆DREAM (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
Released on December 12, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Beautiful Love (with Ai and Masato) RUCCA Fujita Junpei Fujima Hitoshi
Released on April 24, 2013
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. マジLOVE2000% (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Iwahashi Seima
2. 夢追人へのSymphony (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Nakayama Masato Nakayama Masato
Released on May 29, 2013
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. TRUE WING Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
2. CHALLENGE! Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on January 29, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. 天下無敵の忍び道 (with Otoya, Cecil, and Masato) Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Evan Call
Released on April 8, 2015
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. マジLOVEレボリューションズ (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Agematsu Noriyasu Iwahashi Seima
2. サンキュ (as ST☆RISH) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei
Released on May 8, 2015
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Code: T.V.U (with Ren and Cecil) Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Fujima Hitoshi
2. すべてを歌にっ! Agematsu Noriyasu Fujima Hitoshi Iwahashi Seima
Shining All Star CD2
Released on September 30, 2015
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Tenkuu no Miracle Star (as ST☆RISH) - - -
Released on May 27, 2012
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. ファンタスティックmelody (with Otoya) RUCCA Fujita Junpei Fujita Junpei


Haruka NanamiEdit


Haruka Nanami

Syo first meets Haruka at the cafeteria, catching the lunch card she accidentally dropped. Later they meet up again when Syo falls out of a tree, and angrily tells her not to tell anyone of the incident. It turns out later on that he has acrophobia (Fear of Heights), and with it he cannot audition for the role in the movie with Hyuga-sensei. Haruka and the gang try to help him get over it, but they actually made it worse. It isn't until later that the headmaster interferes and hypnotizes him, that everyone finds out it was because of Natsuki chasing him at age five, up a tower and causing him to fall out of a window, with Natsuki catching him. Syo is the third person who requests Haruka as his partner for the graduation audition. It is shown in the anime he has some romantic feelings for Haruka. In the game, they show him developing feelings for her, as they both admire their role models a lot. In the second season, Syo is closer to Nanami, shown by him giving her one of his favorite DVDs, getting upset about Cecil's romantic advances towards her (along with the others), risked his life to save her from falling, and giving her one of his hats. Also, when Syo saves Nanami from falling, he pulls her into his arms and holds her as she cries due to being scared and tells her he is glad she's alright and wouldn't know what to do if anything had happened to her.

Kaoru KurusuEdit

Kaoru is Syo's younger twin brother who appears only in the games. Kaoru cares a lot about Syo and looks after him due to Syo's heart condition. Kaoru is shown to be very protective of Syo due to his condition and cares about his brother's happiness over his own and decides to stay at Saotome Academy to look after him. It should also be noted that Kaoru is studying to become a doctor, it's possible he's trying to become a doctor in order to find a way to cure Syo's heart condition. In the games, Kaoru is shown to be somewhat possessive of his older twin brother, saying he's the only one capable of making him happy. Syo loves his younger brother immensely, but doesn't like how protective he is of him. Kaoru affectionately calls him "Syo-chan," like how Natsuki does.

Natsuki ShinomiyaEdit

Natsuki is Syo's roommate, and in the anime, childhood friend. Natsuki claims Syo is as cute as Haruka, and though he loves him, Haruka is the one he needs. He enjoys dressing Syo up, petting him, and spending time with him, and for this Syo utterly loathes Natsuki. Natsuki is oblivious of Syo's uttermost hatred for him, but actually Syo genuinely cares for him. In the anime, Natsuki is the reason Syo is afraid of heights, after chasing him up a tower and Syo nearly falling out a window when he was 5.The two have pretty much the same relationship in the second season compared to the first, Natsuki is still fond of glomping Syo and still finds him as cute as ever, much to the latter's dismay, but Syo still cares for him greatly. Natsuki affectionately calls him "Syo-chan," "-chan" being an honorific used to express fondness, closeness, and affection and is more commonly used when addressing girls, but boys can be called it as well, possibly a more "cute" way to address a boy rather than using "-kun".

Ryuya HyugaEdit

Hyuga is Syo's idol. Syo was inspired by Hyuga while watching one of his movies. He is also the teacher of his class.


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  • In the game, he and Natsuki did not know each other in the past, unlike in the anime.
  • Kaoru, his younger twin, is taller than him. Coincidentally, Syo and Kaoru's voice actors are best friends in real life.
  • Syo and Natsuki's birthdays are on the same day, June 9.
    • The Kurusu twins share the same birthday as the Hitachiin twins from Ouran Highschool Host Club.
  • In the anime, he is the one with the acrophobia while in the game it is Ittoki Otoya.
  • As a running gag, he is usually forced to crossdress both in the anime and game.
  • Syo has been rated the best Otome character in B's Log.
  • Syo's star sign is the Gemini, the sign of the twins, coincidentally, he himself is a twin, with the other being Kurusu Kaoru.
  • As of the first episode of the second season, Syo is the only character to have his exact height stated in the anime, as stated by Ai, Syo is about 161 cm tall (which is 5 feet 3 inches; Ai also suspects that Syo is actually no more than 160 cm tall or less according to Ai's visual judgement.).
  • The average height of males in Japan is 170–172 cm (roughly 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 8 inches) Syo is 9-11 centimeters or 4-5 inches under average height.
    • He and Natsuki have the greatest difference in terms of height, being 25 cm or nearly an entire foot shorter than Natsuki.
  • Syo is seen to be very acrobatic, along with Ittoki Otoya
  • Along with being the shortest member of ST☆RISH, Syo is also the youngest member of the original group (Cecil is the youngest of the entire group as he is Otoya's younger half-brother through their mother).
  • Due to his heart condition, Syo had been told he would only live until he's 12.
  • According to Cecil in episode 2 of the second season, though Syo is small, he's very athletic and his cute looks yet masculine personality is his appeal, but his violent temper causes conflict with others.
  • As of the second season, it's been confirmed that Syo has gotten over his fear of heights, as he jumped into a tree chasing after Cecil in episode 2 and willingly jumped a great distance numerous times during a filming session that was incredibly high up and once without a safety cable in episode 3.
  • In the All Star Symphony Pack, Syo is stated to be from the Aichi prefecture. He is actually from Nagoya.
  • He had good results on Athlete Paradise Sagusa.
    • Athlete Paradise Sagusa is a sports-based variety show.
  • Recording stresses him out, but it is easier with trusted friends [Ai and Natsuki].
  • He has memorized all the lines to the movie, Space Superman Majindaa.
  • He hates wasabi.
  • His favorite food is dairy products.
  • In the 2015 "Ideal Husband" category of the "Top 20 Characters Otaku Want to Marry," Syo placed third overall, placing the highest of all the Uta no Prince-Sama characters that were on the list.
  • His overall appearance bears a striking resemblance to Finny (Finnian) from Kuroshitsuji.

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