Kiryuin Van
Kiryuin Van S4 E1
Kanji 桐生院ヴァン
Romaji Kiryuin Van
Birthday December 12
Height 176 cm (5' 9)
Weight 62 kg (137 lb)
Gender Male
Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 13
Seiyuu Takahashi Hidenori (英則高橋)

Kiryuin Van (桐生院ヴァン, Van Kiryuin) is a new member of HE★VENS, a seven-person boyband group (changed in Maji Love Revolutions) under Raging Entertainment and is the oldest of the group. He is voiced by Takahashi Hidenori (英則高橋, Hidenori Takahashi).


Van has shoulder long hair which is brushed back with some of it is over his right eye.. His eyes are brown.

He wears a personalized HE★VENS uniform.


His appearance in episode 13 of season 3 left the impression that he has a bigheaded personality.


One of the four newest members introduced after the anime-exclusive boyband group HE★VENS's comeback in Season 3, under the Raging Entertainment agency. He, along with the six other boys will be competing with ST★RISH and QUARTET★NIGHT on getting to perform at the Opening Ceremony on Triple S. In the sixth episode of the fourth season, it is revealed that Van fell in love with Haruka right after he heard HE★VENS's song for the first time.


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  • Like every other HE★VENS member, Van has a designated theme color. His is cobalt blue.
  • Van's ST☆RISH counterpart is Jinguji Ren.
  • He is the first person from HE★VENS to confess to Haruka and the first to ask for an answer
    • He is the third person to confess in the series (the first being Cecil in the second season and the second being Reiji in the third season, though this is debatable since he played it off as a joke.)