Season One

Episode One

Otoya meets Haruka

Otoya helps a fallen Haruka.

In episode one, he is the first one to meet Haruka, who is late for the entrance exam and the guards won't let her in.  When Haruka gets pushed by one of the guards he helps her up and persuades the guards to let Haruka take the entrance exam.  Ren comes along and assists Otoya in persuading the guards.  When Otoya optimistically tells Ren that he and him are in this together, he is shot down when Ren tells him that they aren't.  The guards are then told to let Haruka in by the Principal, and Otoya holds up his hands in the V-sign.  Otoya meets Haruka again and is excited to learn that they are classmates.  Tomochika takes a bit of an interest in him when she says 'So this is Lifesaver A?' he quickly introduces himself as Ittoki Otoya.  Tomochika hastily introduces herself before Haruka can and Haruka properly introduces herself.  As Otoya tells Haruka how he is glad that she was able to take the entrance exam, Natsuki who is immediately entranced by Haruka's cuteness, lunges to tackle her with a hug.  Masato appears, yanks Haruka out of the way and shoves Otoya into her place, causing Natsuki to land on Otoya instead.  Otoya yells at Natsuki to get off him and trips after he does so.  After Natsuki introduces himself, Otoya asks him if he could call him 'Na-chan' which Natsuki happily accepts saying that it sounds cute.  He is also excited to find out that Ringo Tsukimiya, a professional idol, is their teacher.  He is later seen in the school canteen eating with Natsuki.

Episode Two

In episode two, he is shown in class putting up his hand for students going down the idol course.  When Ringo-sensei announces that romance between idols and songwriters are forbidden in Saotome, he is shocked along with his classmates.  He is paired up with Haruka for the recording test and appears excited and happy.  Haruka is then asked to play an arrangement on the piano, but she gets confused causing whispers and gossips to go about the classroom.  Otoya immediately stands up for Haruka, but is shot down by his classmates.  He later finds Haruka sitting out in the rain depressed and places his school jacket over her to keep her warm.  He tells Haruka that it will be okay and that all she has to do is study and read scores.  When Haruka tells him that she's never composed before, he replies optimistically saying that he too has never written lyrics before.  Otoya tells Haruka that she came to Saotome for a reason and that she can't give up.  He also tells her that he's been singing as long as he can remember and singing cheers people up when they are feeling blue.  Otoya says that when he makes his debut, he hopes that the songs he sings will make people happy when they listen to them.  He fills her up with confidence by telling her that he will try and write some lyrics and Haruka telling him that she will study musical compositions and scores.  'Let's do our best together!' he says and Haruka happily agrees.

Otoya is later seen in his room listening to various artists to gain inspiration for lyrics.  He has no clue. He starts to make a fuss disturbing his roommate, Tokiya who tells him to be quiet. Otoya then asks Tokiya how he writes his lyrics. Tokiya is reluctant but gradually gives in to Otoya's pestering. Tokiya's explanation gets extremely complicated for Otoya to understand and he goes off to ask the others. He first goes to Natsuki and asks him how he writes lyrics.  Natsuki tells him that they are like 'little stars that transmit pretty words into your head and all you have to do is remember them' and Otoya finds this explanation pointless.  Syo tells Otoya that those who aren't geniuses like Natsuki only have effort as Natsuki proceeds to take photos of him with the frog cap on. Otoya goes to Ren and asks him the same question. Ren tells him that he lives to love beautiful ladies and that the words that come out of his mouth are usually love songs. Otoya doesn't get it at all. He then turns to Masato and tells him that he is the only one who could help him.  Masato gives Otoya an idiosyncratic phrase 'Dam of the Heart' which Otoya finds it hard to follow.

Otoya and Haruka's assignment

Otoya and Haruka complete their group assignment.

When Haruka goes outside for she doesn't know what to come up with for composition, she hums a tune which Otoya takes an instant liking to it saying that he feels it in his heart. Haruka modestly tells him that she was just humming, but he brushes it off saying that what she did now was 'fine composing'. He too had no ideas for lyrics and had also gone outside to think about it. He tells Haruka that thanks to the tune she just hummed, he came up with some lyrics already. He slowly sings some lines he thought up and Haruka compliments that those lines make up pretty good lyrics already. He then asks if they could continue on like this which she happily agrees. Otoya and Haruka continue composing and writing lyrics using her piano skills and his guitar. When he gets a scratch from playing the guitar, Haruka hastily treats the scratch. While studying he is seen looking at his bandaged finger and telling Haruka in his mind that he is putting his feelings for her into lyrics. The song develops into 'BRAND NEW MELODY' and Otoya sings it with full confidence in the recording studio and slightly gets distracted by Haruka when she smiles at him.

Episode Three

In episode three, Otoya and Haruka celebrate the fact that they both pass the recording test.  He is later shown with Tomochika entering the classroom with files and are shocked to find out that Haruka has become a victim of bullying in their class.  He and Tomochika vigorously erase a gossip about her written on the blackboard.  He tells Haruka to not let the bullying affect her.  After Haruka is unable to bring herself to play the piano again, he tries to get Ringo-sensei's help to stop the bullying and the misunderstanding, but is turned down when Ringo-sensei tells him that the world of idols and songwriters is a competition and that they would have to stand up for themselves.

Otoya is later seen getting ready to do some baking.  When Tokiya asks Otoya what he's up to, Otoya tells him that he's going to bake a cake for Haruka hoping that will cheer her up and that Natsuki has agreed to teach him.  He later meets up with Natsuki who has also dragged Syo with him.  Syo tells Otoya that he's about to see what hell is like when baking with Natsuki. At first he appears excited when Natsuki starts cracking eggs into a blender but starts to get confused when Natsuki adds the rest of the ingredients into the blender.  When Natsuki adds other ingredients; fermented soy beans, fermented squid, Tabasco sauce and chili sauce into the mixture, his jaw is dropped opened with disgust as Syo yells at Natsuki to stop.  After Natsuki finishes baking his cakes, Otoya and Syo are shown trembling and clinging onto each other at the sight of Nastuki's cakes.  Natsuki asks Syo to be the first to try it and Syo shoves Otoya in front of him and he eats the cake. Otoya's face turns blue due to it's disastrous taste and mentally apologies to Haruka that he can't give her any cake before passing out.

Otoya is later seen with Syo frantically pulling Natsuki away from Haruka to prevent her from tasting Natsuki's disastrous baking.  He is then seen in class holding up his hand in a V-sign and smiling at Natsuki who also holds up a V-sign, as Haruka confidently plays the piano, for she has managed to prove to their classmates that they have misjudged her skills.

Episode Four

In episode four, Otoya, Natsuki and Masato are practicing their dance routine for an upcoming test.  He does a couple of stretches as Natsuki asks Haruka for her opinion on their dance.  Haruka tells them that it got her 'toes tapping' making Otoya excited and confidently says that they'll pass the test.  Masato shoots it down when he tells them that they lack the tempo and Otoya tells Natsuki that they'll have to watch out for that.  He, Natsuki and Haruka witness Ren with his fangirls passing by the courtyard.  After hearing one of Ren's phrases, he says 'only he can get away with a line like that.' After Natsuki describes Ren as being fonded over by the 'goddess of love', Masato orders them to focus on their dance practice. When Hyuga-sensei threatens to expel Ren if he continues with his frivolous attitude, Otoya and the others appear shocked.

Otoya then reveals that Ren and Masato are old friends since they are both 'heirs to corporations', and describes them as polar opposites.  After Ren rips up his lyrics assignment and lets the pieces drift in the wind, he helps Haruka retrieve the ripped pieces and return the lyrics to Ren.  Ren then performs his lyrics assignment 'Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart' (To the Ends of the Earth, Believe Heart) for the whole school and Otoya with the others join him in the recording room dancing to his song.

Episode Five

In episode five, Tokiya asks Otoya whether Haruka made Ren write the lyrics he ripped up.  Otoya tells him that he admires Haruka and that when she was gathering up the pieces of Ren's lyrics, her feelings reached him that way.  He also says that she always tries her best especially when it comes to music.  Otoya is then seen in the classroom when he shows Haruka and Tomochika a magazine where it features Hyuga-sensei who is well known for his role in a hit TV series, the 'Prince of Fights'.  They spot an advert asking for auditioners to star in a movie with Hyuga-sensei and Otoya tells Haruka and Tomochika that Syo is a huge fan of Hyuga and wouldn't miss it.

After learning that Syo is acrophobic, Otoya suggests that they help Syo overcome his acrophobia so he can audition for the part.  When Syo is placed on the edge of a plank high above the school grounds, Haruka asks Otoya whether it is ok to cure Syo like this and he replies maybe.  In the other attempts of curing Syo of his fear of heights, Otoya is seen cheering with the others.  When Syo gets petrified of all the training they had made him do, Otoya starts getting a little worried and says that they may have went a bit overboard with the training.  He also wonders how Syo came to be scared of heights and Masato implies that Syo may have went through something terrible in his past which makes Otoya curious.  He also witnesses Saotome's hypnosis on Syo to find out what caused his acrophobia and is startled when Syo begins to verbally re-enact how he came to be scared of heights under Saotome's hypnosis.

He is later seen outside the school the next day when Syo reveals that the role for the movie was going to be the Prince's younger sister and has therefore decided not to audition because of that.  He later witnesses Natsuki tackle Syo into a lolita dress and Hyuga-sensei mistaking Syo for a girl.

Episode Six

In episode six, Otoya is seen with Tomochika, Masato and Haruka.  Haruka tells them that she is going to see a live concert of HAYATO, an idol she admires.  Otoya and the others express their concern for Haruka as she gets lost really easily.  He is later shown barging into Ren and Masato's room telling them that they're not going to believe this.  He runs to Ren's TV and turns it on showing a live footage of Natsuki (as Satsuki) performing 'Orion de SHOUT OUT' (SHOUT OUT at Orion) on stage.  Thinking that Satsuki is still Natsuki, Masato asks Otoya why Satsuki is on stage which Otoya replies that he also wants to know.  While watching Satsuki's performance, Otoya describes his performance is full of intense.  After Syo reverts Satsuki back into Natsuki, Otoya is seen with Ren and Masato watching Syo angrily shout at Natsuki through the live footage with confusion.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, Otoya is shown in the classroom watching Haruka playing the piano in awe.  When she is praised by Ringo-sensei, he smiles and gives a thumbs up.  He is later seen talking with Natsuki, Masato and the guys from S-class (excluding Tokiya) and is shocked to learn that Tokiya has been kicked out of S-class.  Otoya shows his concern for his roomate saying that he has always made a huge effort and doesn't know what to say to him.  He is then seen practicing with Tomochika on a talk show set in a studio and gets excited when they are told about a Summer Camp to decide their graduation partner.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, Otoya is seen getting excited about the camp when they arrive at the island.  He is then shown running up to Haruka asking to talk to her for a while.  Otoya slightly blushes upon seeing Haruka in her beach clothes.  He tells her that he loves her... music that she writes, describing it as kind and crystal clear, and that he wants to sing her songs.  Just as he leaves, he finally manages to tell her that he's going to write her name down as his 'desired partner'.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Otoya runs up to Haruka and asks to talk to her.  He first apologises to her for bothering her during the camp, but Haruka shakes it off telling him that she's fine.  He then tells her that he is seriously thinking of no one but her as his songwriter.  Otoya also informs her that he has already turned in his form with her name on it.  He confidently says that with his singing and her music, they will definitely create a dynamic combo and that he was filled with a lot of confidence and was able to sing naturally during the recording test when they were paired up, and that he found it super fun.  Otoya then tells her that he thinks that he's the closest to her and if he's her partner, he will be able to sing a fantastic song for their graduation audition.  He suddenly grabs her hand briefly but quickly releases it after realising it.  When Haruka is lost with her words, he kindly tells her to think about it and that she doesn't have to give him a direct answer now.  Haruka ponders through her time with Otoya and that she has to repay his kindness somehow.  He is later in his room pestering Tokiya on who he's going to choose for his graduation audition partner.  During Haruka's song, 'Maigo no Kokoro' (My Lost Heart) he is seen lying on his couch gazing up at the ceiling and in the classroom getting excited and waving at Haruka.

Episode Ten

In episode ten, Otoya and the guys who enlisted Haruka as their songwriter are called together by Haruka.  He is shocked to find out that the other guys also chose Haruka for their graduation audition.  When he realises that Tokiya has also chosen Haruka, he gets pretty mad and demands why Tokiya didn't tell him that he was going to choose her.  Tokiya shoots it down by telling Otoya that there was no need for him to tell him which Otoya replies 'You're so cold to me...'  Haruka finally shows up and reveals that she has written a song for the six of them to sing together.  Otoya immediately accepts Haruka's idea of getting them to debut as a group.  However, Ringo-sensei and Saotome tell Haruka that she can only choose one of the them or otherwise they will be cut from the program.  Otoya and the guys protest but are shot down by Saotome.  He is seen in a flashback from Haruka trying to help her, but Haruka brushing him off saying that she was kind of selfish and that he doesn't need to worry about her.  Otoya is then in his room staring at the song Haruka wrote for him and the other guys and proceeds into trying to think of some lyrics.

Otoya finds Haruka in the practice room and tells her that even if it's going to be a group audition or not, it is always going to be her for him.  Haruka apologises to him saying that she's always leaned on him and caused him nothing but trouble.  Otoya tells her that she didn't cause any "trouble" and that he's worried for her and reveals that he has already thought up some lyrics for her song saying 'Lyrics.  You don't have them, right?' but is interrupted by Syo and Natsuki's arrival.  When Syo makes a blunt comments on the lyrics Otoya has written so far, Otoya tearfully tells him that he did his best, and Natsuki cheers him up by telling him that they'll work on it together.

Otoya is then seen with the other guys performing their group song to persuade Saotome to let them debut as a group so Haruka won't have to choose just one of them.  Their song is titled 'Maji Love 1000%' and Saotome allows them to work as a group.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Otoya is seen in the music room with the other guys (minus Tokiya) and Haruka.  When they are pondering over Tokiya's tardiness, Otoya tells the group that Tokiya has a "part-time job" which he is very busy with, but Haruka tells them that he will turn up eventually.  When Masato questions about Tokiya's "part-time job", Otoya shoots down the question saying that he doesn't know, but that Tokiya leaves straight after classes and doesn't come back till late evening and sometimes in the early mornings.  He also says that he's surprise that Tokiya doesn't even collapse from exhaustion.  When Tokiya finally turns up, Otoya and Natsuki excitedly tell the others to get started and together, they write 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future) from a newly arranged piece by Haruka.

At the end of the song, Otoya says that the song is fantastic and that they'll come slammin' in first place.  He is later seen in the practice rooms with the other guys (minus Tokiya) and Haruka practicing.  Otoya's phone is on the towel and viabrating as Tokiya is trying to call him which he fails in doing so.  Otoya later tries contacting Tokiya, but fails to get through to him.  Otoya finally gets a hold of Tokiya in his room but before Tokiya can tell Otoya where he is, Tokiya's phone runs out of battery and he is cut off.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, after finding out that Tokiya is HAYATO, Otoya and the guys angrily think of why Tokiya didn't tell them and that it made sense to why he has been absent constantly.  He agrees with Natsuki's question, 'Why did Tokiya still attend Saotome Academy when he already debuted as HAYATO?' and wonders what Tokiya was thinking.  He also appears shocked with the other guys when they find out that Haruka knew about Tokiya and HAYATO all along.  He then tells everyone about the phone call he had with Tokiya before they got disconnected.

He is then show in his room making another attempt to contact Tokiya, but there is no answer.  He then dials Haruka's number and stares at her contact picture.  When Tokiya finally makes it back to Saotome Academy, Otoya and the other guys angrily confront him and demand answers from him, Otoya yelling 'Why didn't you tell us, Tokiya?'  During Tokiya's apology for betraying the group, Otoya softens slightly.  Everyone forgives Tokiya and allows him to debut with them as a group for their graduation audition.  Otoya optimistically shouts 'All right!  Let's rehearse for the audition!'

Saotome then announces the group's debut and names them ST☆RISH.  He appears surprised and shocked to learn that he and the other members of the group has already passed the audition after Saotome listened to their first song, 'Maji Love 1000%'.  Otoya is immediately overjoyed and excited about their debut as well as the other members, but is shot down when Saotome tells them that Haruka cannot be their songwriter.

Episode Thirteen

  In episode thirteen, Otoya and ST☆RISH vent out their fustration and anger that Haruka cannot be their composer and agree that they won't debut unless she writes their songs.  Haruka quickly brushes it off by telling them not to miss this chance and not to worry about her, which makes him more concerned.  On the day they are suppose to rehearse for their debut, ST☆RISH purposely do not turn up as they still bear a grudge against Saotome for excluding Haruka.  Otoya angrily mutters that he cannot rehearse when he's feeling like this and that they are suppose to have their debut concert.  He then suggests to try negotiating with Saotome again, but the idea is shot down as the guys know that Saotome will not listen.  Their conversation is interrupted by Tomochika who informs them that Haruka has ran away.

With the help of Tomochika, ST☆RISH locates Haruka at her grandmother's house and travel there to convince her to return to the academy by singing 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future).  Otoya tells Haruka that she can't give up and after each member of ST☆RISH tells her that they need her, Otoya holds out his hand for Haruka and says, 'Let's go home... together...'  When Haruka tearfully declares that she'll be the only one to write the songs for ST☆RISH, Otoya tells her that she is right and that they don't want any composer but her.  As Haruka weeps, Otoya is seen kneeling down in front of her with the other guys surrounding her.   Saotome appears out of the blue as usual and reveals to them that the whole thing was just an act.  He never intended to cut Haruka from the program and that it was actually a test to see whether she was worthy enough to be their songwriter.  After he announces that Haruka from now on will write their songs, Otoya and the rest of ST☆RISH happily celebrate.

He is later seen with ST☆RISH in a group huddle then hi-fiving Haruka as they proceed go on stage where they finally make their debut with 'Maji Love 1000%'.


Season Two

Episode One

Otoya Embarassed by Himself

Otoya embarrassed by his own words.

In episode one, Otoya makes his first appearance when he finds Haruka stranded in the middle of the woods, having had lost her way to the dorms.  He grabs her shoulders causing her to scream and panic which startles him.  He tells her to calm down and that it's only him, making her relieved.  He asks if she got lost and points out the directions to get to the dorms for her when he suddenly remembers that he has an appointment and runs off.  He is later seen in the main hall with Masato and Ren.  He comments on how the Master Course feels similar to their days in the academy and how he is looking forward to their new life, with Masato agreeing.  When Ren sees Otoya daydreaming, he asks him what he was thinking of.  Otoya attempts to brush it off but accidentally reveals that he is happy to be near Haruka since she was sleeping under the same roof as them.  Tokiya warns him that as idols, they are not allowed to fall in love which Otoya claims to be aware of as the rest of ST☆RISH turn up.

Haruka later shows up and reveals to ST☆RISH that over the holidays, she had written each one of them an individual song.  When Otoya is given his song, he appears happy with the other guys; Ren saying that he couldn't ask for a better gift, and Syo saying that they will have to write lyrics worthy enough for Haruka's songs in return.  Saotome appears out of nowhere and welcomes them to the Master Course.  He introduces them to another idol group called QUARTET NIGHT, who will be their mentors.  QUARTET KNIGHT introduce themselves through their song, 'POISON KISS'.  Otoya jumps back in surprise when a hologram of Kotobuki Reiji, one of the members of QUARTET KNIGHT appears before him.  At the end of the song, the holograms become the actual people themselves which Otoya along with Syo exclaim that they just turned into real people.  Otoya and Tokiya are assigned to Kotobuki Reiji.  When Otoya refers Reiji as 'Kotobuki-senpai', Reiji is surprised at first, then laughs and tells Otoya and Tokiya to call him 'Rei-chan', calling Otoya 'Otoyan' and Tokiya 'Toki'.  He is also shocked when he learns that he and Tokiya are to share a bunk bed which makes them slightly uncomfortable, since they have been told that they are to share a room with their mentors.

Episode Two

In episode two, he is shown with ST☆RISH walking out of the dorms after dance practice.  He along with Syo complain that all that dancing made him feel like wanting to die.  They hear Cecil singing from a distance and he spots Haruka following Cecil's voice and exclaimed 'Nanami?'  Cecil kisses Haruka's hand, and the sight of it causes Otoya's jaw to drop open and along with ST☆RISH gets mad.  When Cecil attempts to kiss Haruka, he is seen with ST☆RISH charging towards Cecil and Haruka in a fit of jealousy and with Syo and Ren, they pry Cecil off Haruka.  Otoya asks Haruka whether she knows Cecil which she replies saying that she has encountered him several times in her dreams which makes ST☆RISH confused.  He is even more surprised when he learns from Saotome that Cecil is a Prince whom he had scouted.  

Otoya seemingly has warmed up to Cecil after Cecil reveals that he knows everything about each and one of ST☆RISH.  When Cecil proceeds to make another attempt to kiss Haruka, Otoya is seen lunging with Masato, Syo and Natsuki shouting 'No!  No!' and he along with Syo and Masato pry Cecil off Haruka once more.  They are interrupted by the appearance of Camus, the last member of QUARTET NIGHT who tells Cecil that he has been assigned to him.  He is then seen outside the agency doing idol training with ST☆RISH.  He is amazed how Cecil is fast and quick-witted, getting all the words on the plates right, unti Masato tells him that he got everyone wrong as the words changes the complete meaning if you look at it differently.  At the end of the day, Otoya seems concerned for Cecil but Syo scoffs and doesn't care about him.

Episode Three

In episode three, after Syo announces that he was invited to star in the 'Prince of Fighting' two-hour special, he was happy for him.  After Ren asks Syo whether he will be playing a character's younger sister again, Otoya along with Natsuki cheekily compliments that Syo looked good in a dress and that his hard work had paid him off, which Syo angrily shouts that he will be playing an unmistakable man this time.

When Syo gets flustered about not being able to make the jump. Otoya, along with ST☆RISH and Ai watch him vigorously train from afar and shows his concerns for him.  Ai explains that Syo is too eager and stiff which has affected his determination to accomplish such a scene.  He is not seen in the rest of the episode.

Episode Four

In episode four, Otoya is seen entering Masato and Ren's room with Natsuki and Syo where excitedly tell Masato that they have heard that he has been invited to audition for the main role for an upcoming historical musical drama, The Singing Swordsman of Justice.  He asks Masato if he can read the script and he imagines that he and ST☆RISH are the characters in the story.  Natsuki and Ren are the antagonists, Ren, an evil warlord, and Natsuki as his bodyguard.  Syo is a vengeful villager who tries to attack the warlord and is nearly slayed.  Masato is the protagonist and saves Syo.  Otoya is another villager who helps Syo up after Natsuki and Ren leave.  They both tell Masato that because of the warlord, life has been difficult for them.  Tokiya comically plays the hero's lover.  The imagination ends there.

Otoya comments saying that the play is interesting.  He tells Masato that they will help him practice which Masato declines the offer, making Otoya annoyed.  When Natsuki suddenly acts out a lovey-dovey part of the script, Otoya reads out the scene with excited eyes, 'The protagonist grabs her by the shoulders, and they embrace passionately.'  When Masato gets extremely tense about that scene saying that an embrace naturally occurs only once and that how is he suppose to pull it off with a girl who will be playing the hero's lover at the audition.  Otoya tells him to relax a little, but Masato brushes it aside saying that an embrace is not to be taken lightly.  Otoya says that he has to be able to do this scene as it is crucial for the show and has a worriedsome look when Masato still refuses help.  He is seen in Masato and Ren's room again, with the other members of ST☆RISH, staring at a piece calligraphy writing Masato wrote which reads, 'Embrace'.  He tells the group that he can't believe Masato wrote that and left with Natsuki saying that Masato is really troubled about that scene.

Otoya is then seen in the practice room with ST☆RISH and cheerfully welcomes Masato back.  When Masato asks what they are doing, Otoya tells him that they can't just ignore him when he is troubled and that they have decided to help him, which Masato reluctantly accepts.  Cecil shows up and asks what they are doing and Otoya invites Cecil to join in, explaining to him that they are helping Masato audition for the play.  When Ren says that they are just the audience, Otoya laughs it off.  As they watch Tokiya (who volunteered to play the hero's lover as he is the most experienced out of the group), Otoya gets excited and says 'All right.  Now he tightly embraces the girl!' causing Masato to stiffen.  On Masato's second attempt, Otoya is seen with his arm around Cecil cheering alongside Syo for Masato to overcome the hurdle, but Masato fails.  Otoya is shown with a worriedsome look on his face asking what they should do since the audition is already tomorrow.  When Cecil asks them why Tokiya is playing the role of the girl since there is already Haruka.  Otoya and ST☆RISH exchange looks of surprise as they had forgotten that Haruka is the only girl in the dorm.  He along with Natsuki decide to get Haruka to play the lover, thinking that it may make it easier for Masato to accomplish the embrace, but Masato shoots down the idea saying that he doesn't want to cause Haruka trouble and leaves to practice on his own.

After Masato passes the audition with flying colours, Otoya and ST☆RISH congratualate Masato for landing the role of the hero.

Episode Five

In episode five, Otoya is in the practice room by himself singing 'TRUST MY DREAM' while playing his guitar.  Unbeknownst to him, the rest of ST☆RISH are watching him from afar, complimenting that he has improved a lot.  When Natsuki mentions that Otoya disappears sometimes, Syo thinks that he's doing voice training.  Tokiya is surprised and exclaims 'Without telling us?' and Masato says that they've got to keep up with him.  Otoya finishes the song and is surprised to find ST☆RISH behind him.  He asks how long they've been there and Tokiya reminds him that if he doesn't hurry, he'll be late for his recording which Otoya frantically exclaims 'OH NO!'  Otoya is then seen at a TV station with Cecil and Camus, Cecil's mentor.  Camus informs them that they will both appear on a variety show together. When Cecil gets worried, Otoya boosts his confidence by cheerfully tells him that he can do anything on a talk show like what he did during the card game in episode two, and to have fun. He optimistically tells him that they'll make it a blast.

Cecil and Otoya Acting

Otoya and Cecil doing impressions on TV.

During the show, when the host asks Cecil to do impressions, Otoya frantically objects saying that Cecil is still not familiarized with Japan. When Cecil gets flustered, Otoya whispers to him, telling Cecil that he can do impressions of animals, people or anything else. Cecil comes up with an impression and tells Otoya not to worry and proceeds to do the impression. Cecil performs an impressive impression of Shining Saotome, causing Otoya to stiffen slightly when he turns to him and tells him work good and hard. Otoya thinks 'Why did he have to do an impression of him?  It's pretty good too.' He proceeds on with the show and playfully asks Cecil 'Okay President. Tell me how I can become big like you?' in which Cecil, replies like Saotome would, 'Oh that's impossible! You won't grow anymore at your age!' Offended, Otoya shouts, 'You mean my height?! I was asking how I can become big as an idol!' Cecil covers by replying, "Well, Japanese is very complicated." Otoya exclaims, "YOU'RE COMPLICATED, CECIL!" making the audience laugh. The show is over and Otoya runs backstage with Cecil panting, saying that it was a load of fun and praises Cecil for his performance. When Cecil says that everyone was laughing a lot, and if that was alright, Otoya tells him that what he did was great, Camus shoots Otoya's praise down by telling him that Cecil has been receiving instructions from him so the show was naturally successful. As Cecil walks away with Camus to talk to the director, Otoya smiles and says 'What a weird guy.' after Cecil thanks him for the good work.
Otoya Helps Orphange

Otoya plays with the kids at the orphanage.

On her way back to the agency, Haruka gets lost as she had gotten over-excited by a magazine featuring Syo and Masato she was reading. She coincidentally spots Otoya being dragged into a school by small children. Curious, she peers through the school gates and his spotted by one of the kids, thinking she's a suspicious person. Otoya is alerted of Haruka's presence and is surprised. When the kids go back to class, Otoya introduces Haruka to the school's principal who tells Haruka that Otoya has told her a lot about her. Otoya, embarrassed quickly brushes it off by asking Haruka what she was doing here. He is surprised to learn that she got lost again. After the principal leaves, Otoya tells Haruka that he grew up in that school as an orphan.  He lost his mother fifteen years ago and he doesn't know who his father is.  He admits that he visits the school time to time, even after he left to go to Saotome Academy, which explains why he disappears from the agency so often.  Otoya tells Haruka that he loves this place and that it is his home.  He also tells her that he hasn't told ST☆RISH about it not wanting them to worry.  He then informs Haruka that the school is going to hold a bazaar and that the children always look forward to it every year.

He then takes Haruka into the school and shows her what the kids are up to.  The kids show Otoya and Haruka some monsters they have made.  Haruka asks if they are making a haunted house to which Otoya excitedly tells her that the bazaar this year is haunted house themed.  Haruka panics and asks if they're going to run the bazaar in the haunted house.  One of the kids yells back saying that no one would go in if they did and that the bazaar is outside.  A little girl suddenly asks Haruka if she is Otoya's 'girlfriend', startling them both.  When they are lost with words, the kids take that as a yes and start yelling 'Way to go Otoya nii-chan!'  Embarrassed, Otoya asks what they are talking about and one of the kids tells him that he is blushing.  When one of the kids calls for Otoya's help, he tells Haruka that she can go back to the agency first, but the kids protest and Haruka agrees to stay and help.  When Haruka gets back at the agency, she informs ST☆RISH about Otoya and they show their concerns for him.  Otoya is then seen running down the hallway with a box of old toys to donate for the bizarre and bumps into Tokiya.  Otoya tells Tokiya about the bazaar but Tokiya tells him that he has work that day but wishes him luck.

Otoya and Haruka visit the school again where the haunted house is completed.  A kid shoves Haruka towards Otoya and tells them that they are their first customers.  Haruka and Otoya are standing at the doorway into the haunted house surprised and confused.  When Haruka asks what's going on, the same girl who asked Haruka whether she was Otoya's girlfriend explains that haunted houses are great for couples and Otoya asks what they are talking about.  The kids whine and protest them to go through.  He gives into their pleas and tells them that right afterwards, they're next.  He gets startled when he sees a black aura around Haruka.  'Do you not want to go with me?' he asks.  Haruka quickly brushes it off saying that she's fine as the kids cheer her to go in.  Well, she's not.  Once Haruka and Otoya are in the haunted house, the drawings of monsters and ghosts terrify her.  Otoya asks her whether she's okay, which she brushes off again.  There is a loud bang causing Haruka to scream and she darts behind him.  As she peers out, Otoya tells her that it was just a sound effect.  She timidly comes out, embarrassed.  Otoya holds out his hand and asks Haruka to give him her hand.  He takes her hand and tells her that she will be fine so long as she is holding his hand and asks if they could stay like this till they reach the exit, which she agrees.  Haruka describes Otoya's hands as big and warm.  She tells Otoya that she has calmed down in which he replies, 'R-really?  That's good.'  When Haruka isn't looking, he is shown panicking, 'I can't calm down at all!'  He and Haruka then venture into the haunted house.  Halfway through, there is another sound effect which scares Haruka.  She screams, and Otoya at that point, suddenly places his arm around her and pulls her in closer.  He smiles and tells her to calm down which she agrees.  

As they continue through the haunted house, Otoya with his arm around Haruka thinks to himself that he can't believe that this is kind of situation is happening right now with Haruka and wishes that they would never reach the exit.  His thoughts are interrupted when he sees a bright light at the end of the haunted house.  He and Haruka find themselves in a colourful room filled with drawings done by the kids.  Otoya says that the haunted house isn't scary at all and Haruka says that the room is cute and she would love to go back through the haunted house again and again which Otoya agrees.  Haruka then discovers a note from the kids and shows it to Otoya.  Haruka tells him that the kids are really like his family and that he is always cheerful, kind and warm.  She wonders how he became that kind of person and was glad she came here, saying that she now understands him better than before which made her happy.  He tells Haruka that he is willing to tell her more and says 'The truth is, I...  I...  I...' and before he could confess to her, a ghost drops down in between them startling them both.  The sight of the ghost makes both Haruka and Otoya scream and he ends up not confessing to her.  The kids celebrate their strategy which is revealed to have been thought up by Cecil surprising Otoya by his presence.  Cecil tells Otoya that he finds it fun and that he will also help out with the bazaar.  Otoya happily accepts Cecil's hand.

On the day of the bazaar, no customers show up.  Otoya is seen at the entrance trying to advertise the bazaar with several kids but with no success.  Haruka comes running up and informs Otoya that there is a flea market on the other side of the station.  When the kids start feeling down, Otoya tells them to cheer up by singing his lyrics he wrote from the song Haruka gave him, 'SMILE MAGIC'.  As Otoya sings, the kids shout 'Go go Ota-nii!' making them motivated.  He thanks Haruka in his mind for understanding him and his desire to get her to know him more.  When the song is over, customers show up at the bazaar thanks to Otoya's singing.  He thanks Haruka and tells her that her songs are the best.  Haruka tells him that it was the power of his singing which drew people towards him and says it feels them up with strength and energy.  The rest of ST☆RISH (minus Cecil and Otoya) turn up enexpectedly dressed in bear costumes surprising Otoya.  Natsuki tells Otoya that they had finished work early and have come to help and Tokiya tells Otoya not to be like a stranger.  Otoya apologises to ST☆RISH having had wanting to tell them but Tokiya brushes it off saying that it is fine and asks how long they are supposed to be dressed as bears.  Otoya smiles and thanks his friends for going all the way for him.

Episode Six

In episode six, Otoya is seen with ST☆RISH when Ren announces that he will be appearing on the Japan Boy's Collection fashion show.  Otoya is confused, turns to Tokiya and asks what the Japan Boy's Collection is.  Tokiya, shocked exclaims, 'How can you not know about that, working in this industry?'  He explains to Otoya that it is a fashion show which features 'real clothes' for young men.  Otoya asks what it means by 'real clothes' and Syo explains that they're practicial clothes that aren't too cutting-edge to wear.  Otoya finally understands and then says that he's glad that they are doing pretty well lately and is confident that they might be able to win the Utapri Award.  He is not seen in the rest of the episode.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, Otoya is with ST☆RISH when Natsuki informs them that he has finally gotten a job, a grauvure ad (lipstick ad) where he is going to model for.  When Natsuki describes his job as mature, strong and manly, Otoya is skeptical about the word 'manly' as he pictures Natsuki tucking into a sundae.  He and ST☆RISH agree that the words Natsuki used to describe his job do not fit Natsuki's image he is the complete opposite from those words.  When Haruka and Syo discuss about Satsuki, he asks what's going on, and Syo replies saying that ST☆RISH should know about Satsuki as well.  After Haruka and Syo explain about Natsuki's Gemini Syndrome, Otoya along with ST☆RISH exclaims in shock, 'His personality changes when he takes off his glasses?!?'  He gets worried saying that they can't tell Natsuki about this as he never remembers being Satsuki.

Otoya is then seen with Syo and Tokiya at a TV station supposedly on a talk show.  He and Syo express their concerns for Natsuki after Haruka notifies Syo through text that Natsuki's photoshoot has started.  Tokiya warns them that if they keep worrying, it will affect their own work.  When Natsuki becomes Satsuki and makes another attempt to kiss Haruka, they are interrupted by Otoya, Syo and Tokiya's arrival.  Assuming that he is still Natsuki, Syo informs him that they have finished work early and have come to cheer for him.  Satsuki turns around causing Syo to freeze, and Otoya asks, 'Natsuki, where are your glasses?'  He also freezes when Syo shouts that it's Satsuki.  When Satsuki attacks Haruka by knocking the glasses out of her hands when she attempted to revert him back to Natsuki, Otoya frantically shouts 'Nanami!' and Syo ends up playing a game of cat and mouse with Satsuki.  Otoya remembers the glasses and retrieves them.  Syo eventually gets cornered and Otoya sneaks up behind Satsuki telling him in his mind that he will bring back Natsuki.  Satsuki however catches him and Otoya freezes.  He gets startled when Satsuki somersaults onto a wooden canopy.

Otoya follows Satsuki and is shown scrambling up onto the wooden canopy clutching Natsuki's glasses.  Syo yells at him to be careful.  Ren and Masato's arrival briefly distracts Satsuki and Otoya uses this as a chance to put the glasses back on.  Satsuki catches him and knocks him off, causing him to drop the glasses.  Otoya luckily doesn't fall off the wooden canopy and lands near the edge slightly injured.  When Syo nearly succeeds in putting the glasses back on Satsuki with the teamwork from Ren and Masato, Satsuki dodges Syo and flips off the wooden canopy much to Otoya's shock.  When Otoya and ST☆RISH try to catch up with Satsuki who has dragged Haruka along, he and his friends are locked on the roof by Satsuki and he is heard shouting through the door asking Haruka if she is alright.  After Satsuki is reverted by into Natsuki, he is later seen with ST☆RISH, Cecil and Haruka watching Natsuki's photoshoot, which goes extremely well.

The next day after the photoshoot, he tells Haruka that Natsuki is still Natsuki and ST☆RISH agree with him.

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

Episode Eleven

Episode Twelve

Episode Thirteen

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