Season One

Episode One

In episode one, he first appears as HAYATO in Haruka's flashback, she was very ill and his song saved her when she first heard him sing 'Nanairo no Compass' (Seven-coloured Compass).  He finally appears at the end of the episode outside the gazebo when Haruka chases a cat who took her hankerchief.  When she sees him, Haruka at first believes that he is HAYATO and tells him that she is a huge fan of him and that she loves his songs, but he shoots her down by coldly telling her that he is not HAYATO and introduces himself as 'Ichinose Tokiya'.

Episode Two

In episode two, is the continuation of Tokiya being mistaken for HAYATO.  Saotome appears out of nowhere and explains to Haruka that Tokiya is the identical twin brother of HAYATO.  When his roomate, Otoya, is having trouble coming up with lyrics for the recording test, he appears over Otoya, clearly agitated and tells him that he cannot focus with him being noisy.  Otoya, who remains optimistic and friendly pesters him for advice for writing lyrics and Tokiya reluctantly gives in to Otoya's plea.  He tells Otoya that he is only going to say it once and proceeds to explain the steps of writing lyrics.  Tokiya's explanation starts getting too complicated for Otoya to follow that he loses concentration much to his annoyance.

Tokiya is then seen watching Otoya singing 'BRAND NEW MELODY' in the recording studio through TV.  After the song, he is walking out of the school building, supposedly feeling degraded, and confused about himself.

Episode Three

In episode three, Tokiya is the recording studio, having had just finished a recording test.  He walks down the corridor and bumps into his teacher, Hyuga-sensei.  Hyuga-sensei tells him that his singing is perfect, but he wouldn't listen to his song.  Tokiya gets confused and asks why.  Hyuga-sensei replies that there is something Tokiya lacks; his songs do not have any heart.  Tokiya then bumps into Haruka and they exchange looks in silence.  He is then in his room when Otoya prepares himself to do some baking.  He asks Otoya what he is up to and Otoya explains that Haruka is feeling down, due to his classmates misunderstanding her skills and has decided to make her a cake to cheer her up with Natsuki's help.  Tokiya asks Otoya what he thinks of Haruka and Otoya replies saying that Haruka is outgoing, cheerful, strong and always tries her best and that he admires her for that.

Episode Four

In episode four, Tokiya is in the school building when he spots Haruka running about the school grounds searching for the missing pieces of Ren's lyrics assignment as he is closing the window. He is later seen listening to Ren's song on top of the school, 'Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart' (To the Ends of the Earth, Believe Heart) and bumping into Haruka in the school corridors where they exchange looks in silence.

Episode Five

In episode five, Tokiya asks Otoya whether Haruka made Ren write the lyrics he ripped up.  Otoya tells him that he admires Haruka and that when she was gathering up the pieces of Ren's lyrics, her feelings reached him that way.  He also says that she always tries her best especially when it comes to music.  He is later on his way to the school's tuck shop when he bumps into Haruka (who went to buy some water for Syo).  He asks her what she is doing and she replies that she is helping Syo overcome his acrophobia and he compliments that she is a caring person and says it must be nice for Haruka to have time to spend worry about others.

Episode Six

In episode six, Tokiya bumps into Haruka, (who was on her way to see HAYATO's concert) in the school corridor, causing her to drop her bag and the contents in her bag to spill.  As she gathers her contents, Tokiya picks up the HAYATO CD, stares at it for a while before returning it to Haruka.  After Haruka tells him that she is going to see HAYATO's live concert, he stands up and tells her to be careful on her way there before leaving. This confuses and agitates Haruka who had been told the same thing by her friends.  Tokiya is later seen in a dressing room in his HAYATO attire when his manager, Himura, comes to check up on him.  While performing as HAYATO on stage, Haruka (who is in the audience with Syo and Natsuki) comments that his voice is beautiful, but it doesn't seem to fill her with emotion unlike the first time she saw him, saying his singing doesn't have a heart.  Tokiya does a twirl on stage, which is caused by the injure that was revealed before and suddenly drops the mic in the process, shocking himself, the fans, his manager, and the band.  As his fans cheer for him to hang in there, Natsuki is accidentally reverted into Satsuki when one of the fans bumps him, causing his glasses to fall off and get crushed.

Thunder and lightning clash as Satsuki makes his appearance and the crowd disperses, except for Haruka and Syo.  Satsuki easily fights off the security guards and confronts Tokiya on stage.  He introduces himself as the 'dark side' of Natsuki and tells Tokiya, 'You're in the spotlight, but your true feelings hide in the pitch black shadows' and that it pisses him off.  He then tells Tokiya to listen to his song to show him what it means to have emotion, and not wanting to start a brawl with Satsuki, Tokiya nods his head then calmly tells the band to let Satsuki perform.  While Satsuki performs his song, 'Orion de SHOUT OUT' (SHOUT OUT at Orion), Tokiya is backstage watching his performance.

After Satsuki is reverted back into Natsuki (Syo placed Natsuki's Piyo-chan hat back on his head which has glasses), Haruka runs after Natsuki and Syo, but trips over a cable due to her klutziness.  Tokiya catches Haruka as she falls forward.  When they come face-to-face, Haruka gets embarrassed and over-excited upon being extremely close to her favourite idol until she notices Tokiya's bandaged ankle (she saw it too when he was 'Ichinose Tokiya').  'Ichinose-san...' says Haruka and Tokiya freezes having had been discovered.  Before Haruka could ask him anymore, she is interrupted by Syo who yells at her to hurry up.  As Haruka runs off to rejoin Natsuki and Syo, Tokiya watches after her silently.

Episode Seven

Tokiya is demoted from S-Class to A-Class and is avoiding Haruka. Later she try's to comfort him about the lack of heart in his songs, saying that she had a similar problem when the rumors about her circulated. He then coldly scoffs, for he feels that only he can understand his own emotions and tells her that they are not the same, saying he was tired of her talking like she understood him. He then leaves after telling her to leave him alone.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, everyone goes to Saotome's private resort for a break and to decide on their partners for the graduation audition.  Haruka is eager to ask Tokiya to be her graduation audition partner, but due to their conversation from the previous episode, she feels a bit awkward and vice-versa.  On her way to the beach house, she bumps into Tokiya and they exchange silent glances.  Tokiya is later seen in his beach house reminiscing about the conversation he had with Haruka in the previous episode.  He is later seen walking on the beach in the sunrise when Haruka spots him.  When he sees her, he tells Haruka that he had been thinking about her and apologises for hurting her.

He then proceeds to tell her about how, not long after he debuted, he lost his way. Then he was involved in an accident. While hospitalized he heard a small child singing Amazing Grace and joined in; he later sang with all of the hospital children as they asked him to sing. He then confesses that music is all he has and that he'll do anything to sing. Haruka then begs him not to give up, saying that she loves his songs. She then tearfully begs him to sing. This touches him, and makes him realize that he can indeed start over from he beginning. He tells her that he will try to start again, making her smile. As he gazes at her, his eyes fill with tears, and he genuniely smiles at her with love for the first time.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, having had been encouraged by Haruka during the school excursion, Tokiya is performing 'BELIEVE MY VOICE' in class which everyone (especially Haruka) enjoys.  He is later summoned to Saotome's office where he is praised for his improvements since the trip.  Saotome and Ringo-sensei tell Tokiya that his improved singing could get him back to S-class (in Episode seven, he got demoted to A-class due to singing still having no heart).  He later bumps into Haruka where they exchange compliments and when he leaves, Haruka flirtatiously twirls her skirt and at the same time gets over-excited when she realises that if she is partners with him, that would mean her dream of writing songs for HAYATO would come true.

Tokiya is later seen in his room when Otoya informs him that he has chosen Haruka as his partner and asks if he has thought of anyone.  Clearly annoyed, Tokiya refuses to tell Otoya of whom he is going to choose and reminisces through his conversation with Haruka during the island trip.  At the end of the episode, Tokiya finally decides to choose Haruka as his graduation audition partner, thus becoming the sixth person to enlist her.  Haruka is informed of this through Ringo-sensei and gets shocked.

Episode Ten

In episode ten, Haruka summons the guys who enlisted her as their graduation audition partner to the third music room.  Tokiya is the last one to arrive and Otoya gets annoyed that he didn't tell him that he was also going to choose Haruka.  Haruka finally appears and reveals to the guys that she wrote a song for the six of them to sing together as a unit.  She tells them that having to choose just one of them, she couldn't bring herself as each of them has helped her get to where she is now.  This is overheard by Ringo-sensei who informs Saotome of this.  Saotome agrees that a group debut is a good idea, but prefers Haruka to stick to the rules and just choose one of them, much to the guy's dismay.

Tokiya is then seen with Ren by the lake where they discuss about Haruka.  Ren asks Tokiya why he chose Haruka and Tokiya replies that she gave him hope.  Tokiya and Ren appear on the helipod where they convince Saotome to listen to Haruka's arrangement, Tokiya reminding Saotome of Haruka's musical talent.  After the song, Saotome tells them that he loves the song asks what the title is, leaving everyone clueless.  So Saotome names the song 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%) before leaving in his chopper, meaning that he has given permission for the boys to sing together for the graduation audition.

Tokiya is later seen in his penthouse fast asleep on the couch just as Himura enters to pick him up.  Himura spots Tokiya's cellphone on the coffee table flashing.  He at first assumes that Tokiya has a girlfriend until he unlocks the screen, revealing Saotome's name.  Shocked, he glances at Tokiya suspiciously.

Episode Eleven

In episode eleven, Tokiya is in his penthouse highlighting a script for a drama he is starring in as HAYATO.  His vision suddenly blurs, but he shakes it off.  Himura picks him up and on the way to the workplace, he informs Tokiya of a list of dramas, photoshoots, autograph signing, TV shows and commercials he has planned for him.  Unaware that his manager has discovered his secret, Tokiya is shocked and tells Himura that he already has plans and that he told him about it, but is shot down when Himura asks him what the 'plans' are, leaving him lost with words.

Back at the academy, while waiting for Tokiya, Syo comments on how everything isn't gelling up due to Tokiya's absence and Otoya tells them that Tokiya has a 'part-time job' where he leaves straight after classes and doesn't come back till late at night or in the morning.  Masato begins to get suspicious of Tokiya's constant absence until Tokiya finally shows up, clearly exhausted.  He apologises for being late and Haruka reveals that she has written a new song for them to sing.  They excitedly tell her that it is amazing and decide to write lyrics straightaway.  The song becomes 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future).  He is seen with the boys and Haruka by the lake where his vision starts to blur again.  He nearly passes out, until Otoya asks whether he is alright.  He assures everyone that he is fine and promises to meet up again at the same time for practice.  After everyone leaves (except for Haruka), Haruka asks Tokiya again if he is alright which he brushes it off, but when he stands up, he suddenly sways and falls against Haruka's shoulder.  She stands him up and touches his forehead, exclaiming that he's burning.  Worried, she tells Tokiya not to overwork himself which he agrees before making his leave.  As Tokiya heads back, a paparazzi is hiding in the bushes and takes several snapshots of Tokiya.

After a commercial, Tokiya is heading back to the car with Himura, who praises him for his hard work and tells him that he has a day off tomorrow.  By this time, Tokiya's exhaustion has reached it's limit.  When Tokiya collapses, Himura runs over and helps him up, but he tries to brush him off by telling his manager he has plans already and that he cannot break this promise.  Tokiya attempts to head back to Saotome Academy on his own, but he succumbs to his exhaustion and ends up passing out in Himura's arms.  Tokiya later wakes up to find himself back in his penthouse and checks his phone where he finds out he has a lot of missed calls from Otoya.  He tries to call Otoya back, but Otoya doesn't pick up, for his phone was on a towel which muffled the sound.  Tokiya quickly dresses and is about to leave when the president of the agency enters his penthouse.  He tells him that he still has a fever and that he has called a doctor.  The president also informs him that Himura told him that it was his fault that Tokiya passed out like that and reveals that he found out that Tokiya is a student at Saotome Academy.  Tokiya tries to explain to the president that he tried to inform him of this and apologises, only to be yelled at the president, who tells him that he should be on his knees thanking him.  Tokiya tells the president his desire to sing and is reminded of the HAYATO concert (see Episode Six) which was a disaster, but is interrupted when the president suddenly collapses due to a heart attack.  Tokiya frantically calls for an ambulance.

At the hospital, while the president is under treatment, Tokiya is in the waiting room reminiscing of the events that happened with Haruka.  He pulls out the score of 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future) and reads through the lyrics.  The president then calls for him and they have a heart-to-heart talk.  Tokiya is relieved that the president has survived the heart attack.  The president tells Tokiya that he knows that he is a nice guy then says he himself doesn't have any kids and that Tokiya has always been like a son to him and he didn't want to lose him.  He apologises for stomping on his feelings, then asks for forgiveness, but Tokiya silently shakes his head.  The president tells him that leaving his agency meant he was throwing HAYATO away, prompting Tokiya to say 'I'm going to be Ichinose Tokiya', (he was called HAYATO by Himura and the president) making it clear to the president that he no longer wants to be HAYATO, but an idol under his real name.  Hearing this, the president asks him if he is 'tired' of HAYATO and Tokiya tells him no, for he just found 'hope'.  The president finally gives his consent for Tokiya to leave his agency.

As Tokiya leaves the emergency room, he bumps into Himura, who had been notified of the president's heart attack.  He asks Tokiya if he really is leaving and apologises to him for ignoring his desire to sing.  Tokiya forgives him and just before leaving, Himura tells him not to overwork himself.  Tokiya catches a cab to get back to Saotome Academy and finally manages to contact Otoya.  Before Tokiya could tell Otoya his whereabouts, their call is suddenly cut short for his phone ran out of battery.  Unfortunately, there is a traffic congestion due to falling debris, causing Tokiya's return to the academy to be delayed.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, Tokiya is seen in Haruka's dream as HAYATO and himself as she pleads for him to come back quickly.  Tokiya is then seen in the taxi on his way back to the academy when he hears the news about his retirement of 'HAYATO' and him being a student at Saotome Academy.  The news is also heard by Haruka and the guys.  As they gather in a practice room, the guys are venting out their anger and distrust towards Tokiya for lying to them and believing that he is trying to make them look like fools.  They also doubt whether to still include him in their group debut.

After Haruka sees a white bird, similar to what she saw in her dream, she runs outside the dorms where she finds Tokiya, who has just arrived.  Tokiya apologises to Haruka for making her worry and tells her that he has returned to see everyone.  Haruka assures him that they'll surely understand, but they are interrupted by the rest of the guys who turn up and angrily confront Tokiya for lying to them.  'So, you finally show up, but it was just to whine to the little lamb?' says Ren.  Haruka tries to defend Tokiya, but Ren tells her to zip it and demands to Tokiya, calling him by his first name (he usually called Tokiya 'Icchi') to speak for himself.  Tokiya apologises, but Syo shouts at him that they are trying to make their debut, how everything is riding on Haruka's songs and how they've put so much work into it.  Tokiya continues his apology confessing that he hid the fact that he was HAYATO and lying to them all and begs for forgiveness.  He explains that his previous agency wasn't pushing his singing career and how he intended to give it all up and start over in Saotome Academy.  He says that he realised that he should just sing the songs the way they are and that it was Haruka's words that saved him.  Tokiya pleads to the guys to let him sing with them and that there is nothing false about the way he feels.  

Otoya calms down slightly, but Ren is still unconvinced and says 'Together?  Can we trust you?   You say this to us now, all this time...'  He tells Tokiya that he once said, "Each of us thinks we can sing the lady's (Haruka) songs best" and asks if his words are a lie.  Tokiya agrees that he thought of it that way before and tells them that he has changed because of Haruka.  He tells them that Haruka has always wished for them to sing, and that it doesn't matter whether it is just one person or who is the best.  Tokiya also says that it was his first time to realise this and that he'll never be able to meet anyone like them again, saying that he has finally found a place where he can sing.  He then turns to Haruka and tells her that there is something he has always wanted to tell her for the longest time; he loves... the music she makes and pleads to her to let him sing her songs.  Haruka tearfully agrees and the other guys forgive him with Ren saying 'So, are we finally at the starting line?'  Syo strangles Tokiya as his way of forgiving him.

Saotome, having had overheard Tokiya's apology through the security cameras then announces the group's debut and names them ST☆RISH.  They are called into his office where Saotome reveals to the boys that they have already passed the graduation audition (Saotome already had heard their song 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%)) and can debut straightaway much to their surprise.  Tokiya tells Haruka that they will be debuting as seven with her as their songwriter, but is shot down when Saotome tells the boys that Haruka cannot be their songwriter.

Episode Thirteen 

In episode thirteen, after Saotome tells ST☆RISH that Haruka cannot be their composer, Tokiya pleads to Saotome that he wants to sing Haruka's songs, but he ignores them.  He is then seen outside the school with ST☆RISH, Tomochika and Haruka, where the guys vent out their anger and frustration of Saotome's decision of excluding Haruka from the debut.  When the guys agree to not debut unless Haruka is their songwriter, Haruka pleads to them not to think that way and encourages them to go on with their debut and that she'll eventually catch up to them.  The next day, ST☆RISH purposely miss their rehearsal for their debut, still bearing a grudge against Saotome for what he said to Haruka the other day.  While Otoya and Syo are venting out how they really want to sing Haruka's songs, Tokiya says that Saotome may have already made his next move and Ren saying that he would burst in any moment.  The door suddenly bursts open and instead of Saotome, it is Tomochika.  She frantically informs ST☆RISH that Haruka has ran away.

After locating Haruka at her grandmother's house, Tokiya and ST☆RISH travel there to convince her to return to the academy by singing 'Mirai Chizu' (Map of the Future), one of the songs she composed for them.  After the song, Otoya tells Haruka that Tomochika told them that she might've gone to her grandmother's house and Tokiya explains that they have come to take her back.  After each of the members of ST☆RISH tell her that they need her, Tokiya declares that he wants to continue singing her songs.  Touched by their words, Haruka tearfully declares that she is done running away and agrees to be their one and only songwriter, and that she won't lose to anyone.  As she happily weeps, Tokiya is seen standing over her with Masato and with the other guys surrounding her and comforting her.

Saotome as usual, appears out of the blue and reveals to everyone that he never planned on cutting Haruka from the program and the whole thing was just an act.  It was a test to see whether she was worthy enough to be their songwriter and to teach her the importance of being a professional.  After Saotome announces that Haruka from now on, will write their songs, Tokiya and the other guys celebrate and agree to debut, now that Haruka is officially their songwriter.

He is finally seen with ST☆RISH doing the group huddle and hi-fiving Haruka as they proceed to go on stage and make their debut with their song, 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%).

Season Two

Episode One

In episode one, Tokiya makes his first appearance when he bumps into Haruka in the corridor of the Master Course dorms, causing him to drop his boxes.  He briefly scolds her for her klutziness before smiling and apologising that he cannot rub off the cold and harsh attitude of his.  He also tells Haruka that he looks forward to working with her in the Master Course.  He is later seen in the main hall with Otoya, Masato and Ren.  After Otoya accidentally reveals how happy he is to be near Haruka, Tokiya warns him that idols are not supposed to fall in love or otherwise they would be fired.  Natsuki and Syo show up with Natsuki blurting out how happy he is that they are under the same roof as Haruka, making Tokiya agitated that Natsuki doesn't seem to care about the 'no-love rule'.  Haruka finally appears and reveals to ST☆RISH that over the holidays, she had written each of them an individual song while thinking of them.  He appears amazed that she was able to compose six different songs and agrees with Syo that they have to write lyrics worthy of her songs.

Saotome appears and welcomes them to the Master Course.  He introduces them to another idol group called QUARTET KNIGHT who will be their mentors.  He watches QUARTET KNIGHT perform 'POISON KISS' as their introduction.  He and Otoya are assigned to one of the members of QUARTET KNIGHT, Kotobuki Reiji.  When Reiji gives him the nickname, 'Toki', Tokiya appears uncomfortable with that nickname.  Another member of QUARTET KNIGHT, Mikaze Ai, comments that Tokiya had a lot of work when he was HAYATO and Ren cheekily turns to him since he is the most experienced out of ST☆RISH.  Learning that they have to share a room with their mentors, Tokiya gets annoyed when he sees that his belongings have been pushed into a far corner and appears uncomfortable when he learns that he and Otoya have to share a bunk bed.

Episode Two

In episode two, Tokiya is with ST☆RISH wandering about the Master Course grounds after dance practice.  He is the first to hear Cecil's voice and stops in his tracks to listen to Cecil sing his song, 'Ai no Reincarnation' (Reincarnation of Love).  Tokiya and ST☆RISH spot Haruka following Cecil's song.  Cecil then makes his appearance, startling him and ST☆RISH.  When Cecil kisses Haruka's hand, Tokiya is shocked and furious along with ST☆RISH.  Cecil then attempts to kiss Haruka and ST☆RISH, in a fit of jealousy, comes charging up to them to separate them.  Tokiya shields Haruka from Cecil with Masato while the other guys pull him off her.  Otoya asks Haruka if she knows Cecil and when she replies that she met him several times in her dreams, she gets embarrassed and Tokiya and Masato stare at her with confusion.  Saotome appears and startles him, Masato and Haruka to explain Cecil's presence.  Saotome introduces Cecil as the 'Prince of Agnapolis' the land of music and that he had scouted him.  He tells ST☆RISH and Haruka that Cecil from today onwards will be joining them in the Master Course before leaving in his chopper.

When they have tea with Cecil, Cecil reveals that he knows every one of them and he tells Tokiya that his personality is like a reflection, reflecting his inner feelings and desire, much to Tokiya's amazement and surprise.  Cecil then declares that he has no desire to become an idol and is just here to sing Haruka's songs much to everyone's shock.  When Cecil makes another attempt to kiss Haruka, ST☆RISH are thrown into another fit of jealousy and separates them.  Tokiya sheilds Haruka from Cecil with Ren, while the others pull Cecil off her, until they are interrupted by the arrival of the fourth and final member of QUARTET NIGHT, Camus, who introduces himself as a Count who serves the Queen of his home country, Permafrost and that he will be the mentor for Cecil from today onwards.

They later go outside to do idol fundemental training where it is turned into a challenge by Cecil.  ST☆RISH is beatened by Cecil in a card game and he comments on how Cecil is so smart and fast until Masato realises that the card Cecil picked were all incorrect.  He doesn't show any sympathy for Cecil when he is dragged off by Camus.

Episode Three

In episode three, Tokiya is with ST☆RISH and Haruka when Syo comes running down the hallway and excitedly reveals to everyone that he has been invited to star in a two-hour special of the 'Prince of Fighting' series.  When Cecil asks if idols do more than sing, Syo gets agitated and explains that idols do a lot of work in order to get themselves recognised.  Tokiya, by that time, has been appearing in commercials and dramas lately, while Ren has been doing model work.  He is not seen in the rest of the episode.

Episode Four

In episode four, Masato has been invited to audition for an upcoming historical musical, The Singing Swordsman of Justice.  While ST☆RISH (minus Tokiya) reads the script, they imagine themselves as the characters in the musical.  Tokiya is comically imagined as the hero's lover.  He is later seen in Masato and Ren's room, where Ren shows the guys a writing Masato did the other night.  He had written the word 'Embrace' in large words, meaning he was indeed having trouble with that scene of the musical.  Tokiya is then seen in a practice room with ST☆RISH just as Masato returns.  Tokiya robes himself in a woman's kimono and tells Masato that he will succeed with his audition.  When Masato gets confused and shocked and asks why Tokiya is dressed like that, Syo explains that Tokiya is the most experienced and has agreed to play the role of the lover.  Masato finally agrees to let ST☆RISH help him practice for his audition.  Tokiya really gets into his character as the lover and Syo compliments his acting skills.  Masato freezes when he has to embrace Tokiya, causing him to get slightly agitated and orders Masato to start the scene over again.  The act goes well for the second round and Masato nearly succeeds in embracing Tokiya, but fails.  'I'm sorry Ichinose!' says Masato, 'I cannot embrace you.'  This shocks and offends Tokiya.  Being a perfectionist as always, he defends his acting skills saying, 'Wh-Why not?  My acting should be perfect...'  Cecil asks why Tokiya is playing the role of the woman which annoys him and he explains that there is no woman so he's doing it until Cecil mentions Haruka.  Remembering that Haruka is the only girl in the dorms, ST☆RISH decide to bring Haruka in to help Masato which is turned down.  When Masato tells ST☆RISH that he will do something about his acting, Tokiya and the other guys appear more concerned for him.

Episode Five

In episode five, Tokiya, Masato and Ren join Natsuki and Syo who are watching Otoya singing 'TRUST MY DREAM' while playing his guitar.  When Natsuki tells the guys that Otoya disappears sometimes, Syo assumes that he has been doing voice training and Tokiya exclaims 'Without telling us?' but is doubted by Ren.  After the song, Tokiya sternly reminds him of recording he has today and warns him that if he doesn't hurry, he'll be late, causing Otoya to flip and panic.  After Haruka discovers Otoya's whereabouts outside the agency, she informs ST☆RISH who immediatley show concern for Otoya.  He is then seen going down the corridor when he bumps into Otoya who is carrying a box of toys to donate for the bazaar his school is running.  He invites Tokiya to come along, but Tokiya tells him that he was work to do that day.  Tokiya is seen again at the gates of Otoya's school with the other guys dressed in bear costumes, clearly humiliated.  He tells Otoya to not act like a stranger and forgives him, then asks how long they are supposed to be dressed like this and Masato tells him that they have to do it for the sake of the children.

Episode Six

In episode six, Tokiya is having tea with ST☆RISH when Ren informs them that he will be appearing on a popular fashion show, the Japan Boys Collection.  When Otoya asks Tokiya what the Japan Boys Collection is, he exclaims, 'How can you not know when working in this industry?' clearly shocked to learn that there was someone who has never heard of the Japan Boys Collection since it is so popular.  He explains to Otoya that the Japan Boys Collection is a fashion show which features 'real clothes' for men and Syo finishes off the explanation that male idols, models and actors are mainly featured on this fashion show. He does not appear in the rest of the episode.

Episode Seven

In episode seven, when Natsuki informs ST☆RISH of his gravure ad job, Tokiya and the other guys are skeptical about Natsuki's job as it is extremely mature and Natsuki's image doesn't fit the job.  Ren comments that it is different from what he expected of Natsuki and Tokiya says that it is the complete opposite.  Haruka later shows up and informs Syo that Natsuki's job was actually meant for his other persona; Satsuki.  Syo and Haruka reluctantly explain the circumstances of Natsuki's split personality to ST☆RISH.  Tokiya, along with ST☆RISH is shocked when they learn that Natsuki's glasses are the trigger to his split personality.  Tokiya is immediately reminded of the HAYATO concert (see Season One, Episode Six) when he first encountered Satsuki.  He clearly remembered that Natsuki wasn't wearing his glasses that time and asks why his personality changes.  Syo replies that he doesn't know and Natsuki doesn't even remember anything that happens while he is Satsuki.  'So that's why Shinomiya-san never speaks about the concert...' says Tokiya.  Syo also warns them that once Natsuki becomes Satsuki, there is no stopping him and the only way to turn him back into Natsuki is to put his glasses back on. Tokiya is seen in a recording studio the next day with Otoya and Syo.  Syo recieves a text message from Haruka informing him that Natsuki's photoshoot has started and starts to worry along with Otoya.  Tokiya sternly tells them that worrying will affect their work and to focus on their job.  When Natsuki accidentally reverts himself into Satsuki and is about to make another attempt to kiss Haruka, Tokiya, along with Otoya and Syo interrupt him, and under the assumption that Natsuki is still Satsuki, Syo cheerfully tells him that they had finished their work earlier than they had expected and decided to watch his photoshoot.  When Satsuki turns around, Tokiya freezes in surprise.  After Satsuki attacks Haruka when she attempts to revert him back into Natsuki, Syo runs up to Satsuki, only to end up playing cat and mouse with him.  Tokiya watches Satsuki chase Syo around the roof then frantically calls Masato and Ren to join them on the roof as soon as possible.  Masato asks if something happened, Tokiya tells him that he will explain later and abruptly hangs up.  When Otoya confronts Satsuki (who somersaulted onto the roof of the wooden canopy), he tries to revert him back into Natsuki, but is knocked off, causing him to drop the glasses.  Tokiya saves Natsuki's glasses and hurls them at Ren who catches them and throws them at Syo who is catapulted onto the wooden canopy by Masato.  Syo nearly succeeds into putting the glasses back onto Satsuki, but Satsuki flips out of the way.  He grabs the netting from the wooden canopy and hurls it onto Tokiya, Masato and Ren, trapping them underneath.  Tokiya and ST☆RISH attempt to chase him, but are locked on the roof while Satsuki drags Haruka off.

After Satsuki is reverted back into Natsuki, Tokiya is with ST☆RISH watching his photoshoot.  The next day, after Natsuki informs Haruka that his photoshoot was a success, he goes off to practice and Tokiya and ST☆RISH tell Haruka of how surprised they are that Natsuki performed extremely well in the photoshoot with Haruka saying that Satsuki may have understood Natsuki a bit more.

Episode Eight

In episode eight, Tokiya, ST☆RISH, Haruka and QUARTET KNIGHT arrive at a private resort owned by the agency to break from work.  Tokiya informs the group that he'll be heading to the practice room much to everyone's shock.  ST☆RISH convinces him to have fun which he reluctantly accepts.  He is seen splashing Ren and Otoya in a stream.  As he dries himself, he comments that they are like kids with Ren agreeing with him.  When Ren asks Tokiya whether Saotome really needed Haruka's song desperately, Tokiya explains that Saotome is already planning for their next release.  Masato gets a bit concerned and asks if there is anything they could for her and Ren says composing is Haruka's job alone, explaining why she can't join in the fun.  They hear Cecil humming the song Haruka had recently written for him and he appears happy that Cecil has finally recieved a song from Haruka.  He is then seen ST☆RISH clearing up after lunch and praising Masato for his thoughtfulness for Haruka. Later that day, when everyone gathers for dinner, Haruka informs everyone that Cecil now wants to become an idol.  ST☆RISH decide to tease him after dinner and Tokiya commenting that it can't be helped.  He is later seen with ST☆RISH and Haruka admiring the starry sky.  When Haruka compliments that they are just like the star in the sky and she could stare at them forever, Ren jokingly interprets this as a confession of love, causing Haruka to get embarrassed much to their amusement.  They then hear Cecil singing his song 'Happiness' from the song Haruka had written for him and they join him on the bridge.  Tokiya and ST☆RISH suddenly start harmonizing with Cecil's song and they emit a strange light.  After the song, Tokiya and ST☆RISH exclaim that it sounded great and Haruka realises that the thing she was missing the entire time was; Cecil's voice.  He pleads to Cecil to become the seventh member of ST☆RISH, saying that she will write a song for the seven of them to sing together and the other guys agree.

Episode Nine

In episode nine, Tokiya is helping ST☆RISH prepare breakfast when Haruka turns up.  She apologies for being late and for making them cook for her, but they brush it off.  When Ren asks whether she slept well, Haruka goes all quiet and they realize that she didn't sleep at all.  Natsuki then goes off to fetch Cecil, but Camus informs them that Cecil has gone back to Agnapolis to succeed the throne and he will not be returning.  Tokiya and ST☆RISH go to Cecil's cabin where they find his song from Haruka and his pendant.  He is then seen by the stream with ST☆RISH, glooming over Cecil's sudden departure and wondering if he'll ever return.  They suddenly hear Haruka playing her newly arranged piece on the piano in her cabin and follow her music where they realize that the song she is playing is meant for the seven of them to sing together.  Tokiya comments on how she strongly believes that Cecil will really return and her desire to make him the seventh member of their group.  He then says that they have to respond to her feelings.

Haruka finishes the song and during lunch, she presents her newly arranged piece to ST☆RISH. After reading through the score, Tokiya comments on how amazing it is.  Later that day, they discuss Cecil's part until they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Saotome, who appears on a speedboat with Hyuga-sensei and Ringo-sensei. Clearly startled by Saotome's appearance Tokiya exclaims, 'He came so far up on a motorboat?!?'  Saotome announces to ST☆RISH that he has chosen a song for their next release and praises Haruka for her work.  Tokiya, along with ST☆RISH and Haruka plead to Saotome to give them more time after Haruka reveals that she wrote a song for ST☆RISH and Cecil to sing as a group.  Saotome is about to refuse when Cecil suddenly parachutes out of nowhere and declares to Saotome, his desire to become an idol.  Tokiya tells Saotome to listen to their song or otherwise he will regret it.  With Haruka at the synthesizer, ST☆RISH and Cecil sing Haruka's newly arranged piece and they emit a bright light, stunning everyone.  After the song, Tokiya comments that he never felt such energy before and Saotome agrees to let Cecil become the seventh member of ST☆RISH and names the song 'Maji LOVE 2000%' (Serious LOVE 2000%) before announcing the group's nomination for the Utapri Award and revealing their opponents, which turns out to be another idol group called HE★VENS.

Episode Ten

Starish and Haruka's Reaction

ST☆RISH's reaction to Shining Saotome's Decision.

In episode ten, is the continuation of ST☆RISH being nominated for the Uta☆Pri Award. Their opponents, HE★VENS, are from Raging Entertainment, which is ran by Saotome's rival, Raging Otori. Saotome tells Raging that both idol groups will sing songs both written by Haruka which Raging agrees on one condition; the idol group that loses will have to be disbanded. Saotome accepts the challenge making Tokiya and ST☆RISH worried, as they have just been renewed, now that they have Cecil. He is later seen back in the agency where Tomochika appears and shows them a magazine featuring both Saotome and Raging. When Haruka starts to get nervous, Tokiya and ST☆RISH assure her that they will definitely win, making her feel less pressured.

He is later seen with ST☆RISH and Haruka leaving a recording studio where they bump into HE★VENS. When one of the members, Otori Eiichi gleefully tells ST☆RISH that they will be disbanded at his hands, Tokiya gets tensed and angry with ST☆RISH.  However, Eiichi takes an interest in Haruka after learning that she is the composer for ST☆RISH and orders her to become HE★VENS's composer instead.  When Eiichi tries to take Haruka from ST☆RISH physically, Tokiya and ST☆RISH get angry and stop him, but Eiichi laughs it off saying that he loves the looks on their faces as he releases Haruka before leaving.

Tokiya is later seen with ST☆RISH in a practice room, clearly mad at what Eiichi tried to do to Haruka and together, they agree that they will not let HE★VENS take her away.  Tokiya leaves the practice room and is surprised when he sees Haruka.  She hands him a bag of items for him then quickly makes her leave, making him concerned for her.  Later that night, Tokiya is at the gazebo staring at his reflection in the lake.  He remembers Cecil telling him that his inner feelings are just like a reflection.  In a flashback, Haruka found him practicing late one night and him telling her that he was struggling on an assignment.  She spots a score sheet in his hands and she recognizes that it is the song she gave him in episode one. Tokiya confidentially tells her that he will make her song into a song that he can be proud of.  The flashback ends and Tokiya sings out his lyrics, 'CRYSTAL TIME' from the song Haruka wrote for him.  After the song, he spots Haruka walking across the bridge and sighing, making him even more concerned for her.

Episode Eleven

Tokiya singing Crystal Time

Tokiya performs Crystal Time.

In episode eleven, Tokiya is in the dressing room at a TV station with the other guys, discussing about Haruka.  After Syo comments on how Haruka has secluded herself in her room after the encounterment with HE★VENS, Tokiya explains that Haruka's arrangement depends on their dissolution and that she is suffering a lot of pressure from it.  He later bumps into Haruka having had finished his work early and seeing that she is depressed, he gives her a sheet of paper telling her where to go.  He informs her that he will be appearing in an advertisement and that he will be singing her song.  In a flashback, Tokiya is in Saotome's office where he is told that he will be appearing in an advertisement and how the judges for the Utapri Award will be including that.  Haruka goes to the location where Tokiya told her to go and remembers him telling her that taking breaks is also important as work.  When she arrives at the location, it brings her back memories of when she first saw Tokiya as HAYATO.  Tokiya's commercial finally starts and he sings the rest of his lyrics, 'CRYSTAL TIME' left off from the previous episode.  After the commercial, Haruka is left stunned and is knocked down by a passerby.  Tokiya appears wearing a scarf and glasses as a disguise, and helps Haruka up, who nearly blows his cover.

Tokiya takes Haruka to a festival.  Before they can try the stalls, Haruka's stomach suddenly growls which surprises him.  He buys takoyaki for Haruka and comments that it is shocking that she is very incapable of taking care of herself when she is serious with work.  When Haruka hesitates, he tells her that the takoyaki will get cold and shoves one into her mouth.  They later try out the stalls and whenever he smiles, Haruka starts blushing.  As they leave the festival, Haruka thanks Tokiya for taking her to the festival as she had a lot of fun.  She also compliments that the song Tokiya sang on the commercial was wonderful and that it was a little different from the songs that he had sung before.  Tokiya explains to Haruka about HAYATO being part of him, and how he needed to accept that part of him in order to sing her songs.  Haruka tells him that he is really amazing, and that she had no idea he had been working extremely hard.  When she then declares that she will make a song that would be able to beat HE★VENS and that she will not let ST☆RISH get disbanded, Tokiya asks what makes her say such words, Haruka goes all silent and he tells her to calm down.  She gets lost with her words and sinks onto the ground.  Tokiya catches her on time.  She bursts into tears saying that she lost sight of the most important thing and apologises that she failed as a professional.  Tokiya suddenly hugs her much to her surprise, and tells her to share the pain with him.

As they head down the lane, Haruka thanks Tokiya again for cheering her up.  He tells her that it was not only him who was worried.  The rest of ST☆RISH appear singing 'Dreamer's Symphony' they had written from one of Haruka's arrangements, and Tokiya joins in with them.  After the song, ST☆RISH tell her that they couldn't leave her alone when she was troubled and all they could do was to provide the best vocals for their songs.  Haruka bursts into tears and comments that the song was wonderful.  ST☆RISH reveal that they were planning on inviting her to watch fireworks with them and that they left it up to Tokiya.  Natsuki asks Tokiya what he had been doing all this time and Tokiya refuses to answer making ST☆RISH suspicious.  Ren places his arm around Tokiya saying 'Icchi, you'd better not be trying to get ahead of us,' while Cecil grabs his other arm, looking annoyed and jealous.  ST☆RISH then begins to interrogate Tokiya out of jealousy on what exactly he had been up to with Haruka, but they are interrupted by the firework display.

Episode Twelve

In episode twelve, Tokiya is with ST☆RISH where Haruka presents a newly arranged piece and complimenting that she has improved and they can win with this piece.  They are interrupted by Tomochika and Ringo-sensei who reveal that they have made their stage costumes for the Utapri Award.  He is later seen in the practice room with ST☆RISH, rehearsing their dance routine for the Utapri Award while Haruka plays the piano.  When Cecil doesn't follow the choreography, Tokiya and ST☆RISH are shocked when Cecil tells them that he knows no other dance besides the 'Agnadance' which he cannot shake off.  When Syo offers to help Cecil catch up with the choreography, Tokiya appears happy along with ST☆RISH for Syo never usually got along with Cecil.  The night before the Utapri Award, he and ST☆RISH secretly watch Cecil practice dancing, having had been worried for him.

On the day of the Utapri Award, Tokiya is in the dressing room with ST☆RISH getting ready.  Cecil suddenly starts spinning causing him and ST☆RISH to believe that he hasn't suppressed the Agnadance at all, but Cecil assures them that this dance is prayer to the Muses to wish them luck in their performance and Tokiya, along with Masato and Ren agree that they will have to believe Cecil.  After watching HE★VENS's performance of 'HEAVENS GATE' from an arrangement by Haruka through TV in their dressing room, Tokiya, along with ST☆RISH are left awestruck by the song.

Episode Thirteen

In episode thirteen, Tokiya and ST☆RISH are commenting on how HE★VENS's performance was amazing and that they could not believe that the song they just performed was an arrangement by Haruka.  HE★VENS barges into their dressing room believing they have won already, and Eiichi proceeds to make another attempt to take Haruka away, which is stopped by Syo.  He appears surprised when Haruka makes it clear to Eiichi that no matter what will happen, she will never stop being ST☆RISH's composer and that ST☆RISH sings her songs more wonderfully than anyone else.  HE★VENS then leave and when ST☆RISH ask Haruka whether she's alright with that, she encourages them to sing their hearts out and give it their all, even if it means for them to be disbanded.

ST☆RISH then hear their fans calling out for them and are filled with confidence.  Tokiya joins in Cecil's prayer to wish them luck with their performance and hi-fives Haruka as he and ST☆RISH proceed to go on stage to perform their hearts out.  They sing Haruka's newly arranged 'Maji LOVE 2000%' (Serious LOVE 2000%) and after the song, Cecil's pendant emmits the 'Happy Pulse' stunning everyone.  After the sensation of the 'Happy Pulse' everyone comments on how they have never felt this way before.  ST☆RISH is announced the winner.  When Raging Otori announces the dissolution of HE★VENS, Tokiya, along with ST☆RISH, manage to convince him to not disband HE★VENS as winning or losing doesn't matter to them, before requesting for an encore and for everyone to sing along with them.  They sing their debut song, 'Maji LOVE 1000%' (Serious LOVE 1000%) with everyone jooining in.

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