Hyuga Yamato
Hyuga Yamato
Hyuga Yamato S4 E1
Kanji 日向大和
Romaji Hyuga Yamato
Age 19
Birthday March 30
Height 188 cm (6' 2)
Weight 75 kg (165 lb)
Relatives Hyuga Ryuya (older brother)
Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 13
Seiyuu Ryōhei Kimura

Yamato Hyuga (日向大和, Hyuga Yamato) is a new member of the idol group HE★VENS introduced during the Super Star Sports competition. He is voiced by Ryōhei Kimura (木村 良平 Kimura Ryōhei).


Yamato has messy, spiky light blonde hair and dark orange eyes. He wore a personalized HE★VENS uniform consisting of a gray and blue hoodie and black fingerless gloves.


Not much is known about Yamato, although during his introduction he declared himself the strongest member of HE★VENS and that if anyone had a problem with that, they could come and get him. Yamato has a brash and confident attitude stating that he would defeat his older brother. He appears to be rather stubborn and hates being called Ryuya's little brother and will even punch them in the stomach.


Yamato is Hyuga Ryuya's younger brother. It was hinted by Ryuya in the games that he has a younger brother he is not very close with and who he ends up fighting with whenever they meet each other.


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  • Like every member of HE★VENS, Yamato has a designated theme color. His is yellowish-green.
  • His ST☆RISH counterpart is Kurusu Syo. This could be due to several reasons.
    • Yamato has declared himself the strongest member of HE★VENS, and it is very well known that Syo desires to be seen as 'manly' and 'tough' despite being the smallest in size among ST☆RISH.
    • Their connection to Ryuya Hyuga is one as well. Syo is a very devoted fan of Ryuya, who in turn is Yamato's older brother