Tsukimiya RingoEdit

He and Ringo are friends since they shared the same composer after Ringo had graduated from Saotome Academy and the latter's own composer was unable to write songs for him. He often finds Ringo's playful personality irritating.

Haruki MoriEdit

Haruki Mori is Ringo and Ryuya's composer. Ringo's original composer was unable to write songs for Ringo because he didn't know whether to write for his female or male counterpart. Ringo managed to catch Shining Saotome in a trap and demanded that Haruki became his composer too. In the game, it's revealed Ryuya quit being an idol and singer because he blamed himself for Haruki's death. Haruki died from being hit by a car when he went back to get Ryuya's forgotten good luck charm before one of his singing events three years prior to Sweet Serenade. Ryuya and Ringo visit Haruki's grave alongside Haruka at the end of Sweet Serenade.

Hyuga Yamato Edit

Ryuya's first younger brother and according to Ryuuya's route in Utapri All Star, He said he has a younger brother but they're not that close. Ryuuya said every time they see each other they always ended up fighting. 

Hyuga Touma Edit

Ryuya's second younger brother and he always asking Ryuuya if his body is okay.

Hyuga Makoto Edit

Ryuya's third younger brotherand 10 years younger than Ryuuya, always hug Ryuuya and beg for buy sounvenir to him.

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