Haruka's grandmother
Haruka's Grandmother
Nickname Obachan
Age 75
Gender Female
Relatives Haruka Nanami (Granddaughter)
Anime Debut Season 1: Episode 1 (cameo)
Seiyuu Hikari Yono

Haruka's Grandmother is Haruka Nanami's grandmother and the one responsible for teaching Haruka how to play the piano. She is voiced by Hikari Yono.

History Edit

Due to having a frail body as a child Haruka was raised by her grandmother at her home in the countryside. Haruka's Grandmother taught Haruka how to play the piano and helped foster her love of music. When Haruka decided to become a composer her Grandmother supported her and has encouraged a number of times.

Personality Edit

Haruka Encouraged by her Grandmother

Haruka being cheered up by her grandmother.

Haruka's grandmother is a warm and caring person. She shows a deep love for her granddaughter and was concerned when Haruka wanted to attend Saotome Gakuen due to her weak body. Due to their close relationship Haruka's Grandmother is able to pick up subtle changes in Haruka's mood, being able to notice that her granddaughter was upset about something. She is shown to be one Haruka's greatest supporters and always looks forward to listening to some of the music she composes.

Appearance Edit

Haruka's grandmother is an elderly woman with lightly tanned skin, with some noticeable wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. She has light brownish-gray hair and hazel eyes.

Plot Edit

Maji LOVE 1000%Edit

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