Gen Isurugi
Isurugi Gen S3 E3
Kanji 石動言
Romaji Isurugi Gen
Gender Male
Saotome Academy
Track Director
Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 3
Seiyuu Yutaka Aoyama

Gen Isurugi (石動 言, Isurugi Gen) is a prodigal director in the world who works on Broadway. He also directed a Rock Musical called Two Princes: A String and Bow Concerto, which featured Otoya Ittoki and Natsuki Shinomiya of ST☆RISH. He is voiced by Yutaka Aoyama.

Personality Edit

Gen Isurugi comes off as a rather stubborn man who demands perfection in his work from idols.

Appearance Edit

Maji LOVE Revolutions Edit

In preparation for the upcoming Triple S, Gen made an offer with Shining Saotome to have two members from Shining Agency appear in his upcoming rock musical, Two Princes: A String and Bow Concerto. After coming to a decision Shining Saotome decided that the rock musical would be the first of ST☆RISH's cross-unit project and had Otoya Ittoki and Natsuki Shinomiya partake as the leading roles in the musical.

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