うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ 劇団シャイニング
エヴリィ Buddy!
Every Buddy!
Kanji エヴリィ Buddy!
Romaji Evurii Buddy!
Translation Every Buddy
Type Shining Theatrical Troupe
Artist Kotobuki Reiji (Morikubo Showtaro)
Kurusu Syo (Shimono Syo)
Lyrics -
Composition -
Arrangement -

The third track in the Every Buddy! CD. It is the drama cd's theme song sung by Kotobuki Reiji and Kurusu Syo, who are voiced by Morikubo Showtaro and Shimono Hiro respectively.


R:Hands-on approach is my belief
A my pace policy
I don't need a buddy, no thank you
S:I won't be defeated in passion
If it is for the sake of justice
I am prepared to devote everything
R:When I say combi
S:I don't mean things but
R:The trigger
S:Is ready to be pulled
:There is no lie
:50:50 justice
R:Good luck!
S:Good luck!
:With that on your back
:Back to back we stand together
Three, two, one
Shall we jump out? ...Partner
S:Searching for the dishonest alibi
A bipolar character
It's going to be difficult oh, my god
R:An enthusiastic new face
Having passion but not knowing danger
No number of lives is enough
S:Being taught
R:Not teaching
S:But somehow
R:They attract each other
:With a discord of law
:This unevenness isn't bad
:Feel it
:Our compatibility is 0% but
Together we can protect the future
R:Everybody has them
S:Emotional scars
R:They don't cross
:When that happens
S:They can be misunderstood
R:And locked up
:As your heart aches...
S:Every Buddy
R:Every Buddy
S:You're not one person
R:And locked up
S:You're not alone
:50:50 justice
R:Good luck!
S:Good luck!
:With that on your back
:Put your courage into a bullet
And fire at the target
:"Bonds" of a two man cell
Let's go!
Let's go!
:Back to back we stand together
Three, two, one
Shall we jump out? ...Partner




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