マジLOVE1000% アイドルソング 神宮寺 レン
Dear... Burning my Lady!
Kanji Dear... Burning my Lady!
Romaji Dear... Burning my Lady!
Translation Dear... Burning my Lady!
Type Maji LOVE 1000% Idol Song
Artist Jinguji Ren (Suwabe Junichi)
Lyrics RUCCA
Composition Fujima Hitoshi
Arrangement Fujima Hitoshi

The second track from Maji LOVE 1000% Idol Song: Jinguji Ren, sung by Jinguji Ren, who is voiced by Suwabe Junichi.


Let’s dance! Tango!
Heart-beating rhythm, pure heart, seems to overflow!
So confusing, this jungle!
Shaking my love and dreams, inviting me to this deep forest!

Don’t look at me with such eyes! If you should wish it,
I’d discard my past from before this first love! Let’s begin, te amo mucho~ (I love you so much)

Dear my Lady! Burning Lady! So much that it’ll burst!
You’re the only one I’m thinking of!
Dear my Lady! Bunny Lady! Always,
Until you smile, I’ll sing of this passion!
Believe in this Dream!

Without stopping, Honey,
This love is no longer just this moment! Do you understand?
Chase after it! Hurry!
Dyed the colors of love, this dancing love awakens from the west~

For the sake of protecting, ah, your deep crimson lips,
I'd risk my life, my everything, with this intense playing!

Hey, without sheading a tear, are u ready? With an unpainted face!
You are my oasis!
Now, without wavering, are u Lady? Face it directly!
This dream, this melody is calling me,
To my very cells!

Dear my Lady! Burning Lady! So much that it’ll burst!
You’re the only one I want to enchant!
Dear my Lady! Bunny Lady! For eternity,
Seems so important, this love with you!
Believe in this Dream!
Believe in this Love![1]

odorou yo Tango
mune hazumu RIZUMU PYUA na HAATO afuresou da yo
tomadou yo Jungle
koi to yume yurete fukai mori made to izanau

sonna hitomi de mitsumenaide yo kimi ga nozomu nara
kako mo sutete hatsukoi kara hajimeyou Te Amo Mucho

Dear My Lady! Burning Lady! hajikeru kurai
kimi dake wo omotteru
Dear my Lady! Bunny Lady! itsudemo
kimi ga hohoemu made jounetsu wo utaou
Believe In Dream!

tomenai de Honey
kono koi wa mohaya setsuna ja nai shitte iru darou?
oikakete Hurry
ai iro ni somaru henseifuu ni mau koigokoro

kimi no shinku no kuchibiru wo aa mamoru tame naraba
inochi kakete ORE no subete hageshiku kanaderu kara

nee nakanaide Are U Ready? sugao no mama de
kimi ga ORE no OASHISU
saa yurenaide Are U Lady? massugu na
sono yume ga MERODI ga ORE no saibou made

Dear My Lady! Burning Lady! hajikeru kurai
kimi dake ni misetai yo
Dear My Lady! Bunny Lady! eien ni
sou taisetsu na no wa kimi to sono aijou
Believe In Dream!
Believe In Love![1]

踊ろうよ Tango
胸弾むリズム ピュアなハート 溢れそうだよ
戸惑うよ Jungle
恋と夢 揺れて 深い森までと  (いざな)

そんな瞳で見つめないでよ 君が望むなら
過去も棄てて 初恋から はじめようTe () amo (アモ) mucho (ムーチョ)

Dear my Lady! Burning Lady!  (はじ) けるくらい
君だけを 想ってる
Dear my Lady! Bunny Lady! いつでも
君が微笑むまで 情熱を歌おう
Believe in Dream!

止めないで Honey
この恋はもはや 刹那じゃない 知っているだろう?
追い掛けて Hurry
愛色に染まる 偏西風に舞う恋心

君の真紅の唇を 嗚呼 護るためならば
命 賭けて オレのすべて 激しく 奏でるから

ねぇ泣かないで Are U ready? 素顔のままで
さぁ揺れないで Are U Lady? まっすぐな
その夢が メロディが オレの細胞まで

Dear my Lady! Burning Lady!   (はじ) けるくらい
君だけに 魅せたいよ
Dear my Lady! Bunny Lady!  永遠に
そう大切なのは 君とその愛情
Believe in Dream!
Believe in Love![2]





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