Amakusa Shion
Amakusa Shion
Amakusa Shion S4 E1
Kanji 天草シオン
Romaji Amakusa Shion
Birthday November 4
Height 174 cm (5' 8)
Weight 55 kg (121 lb)
Gender Male
Saotome Academy
Track Idol
Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 13
Seiyuu Daiki Yamashita

Shion Amakusa (天草シオン, Amakusa Shion) is a new member of the idol group HE★VENS introduced during the Super Star Sports competition.He is voiced by Daiki Yamashita (山下 大輝 Yamashita Daiki).


Shion has messy light pink hair and purple eyes. He wore a personalized HE★VENS uniform consisting of a black jacket and blue and yellow shirt.


Amakusa is a rather quiet person and rarely talks. However, whenever talking about music he always mentions how "fate is written in the stars." He is extremely dedicated to HE★VENS. He is very hard on himself, as he believes he has to do anything to prove that he is a valuable member of the group, and responds to stressful situations by having emotional breakdowns. He was the last person to join HE★VENS and had issues with opening up to the other members. He eventually let down his guard and openly smiles and jokes around with everyone. He seems to be the closest to Nagi.


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